Month: April 2023

Official vs Bootleg: Shiro Sniper Ver. – Pop Up Parade

This figure was my first Pop Up Parade so is the first release. Pop Up Parade is known for being a budget line, so how does a knockoff of a budget figure compare?


MSRP (without tax): ¥3,545
Price I paid for the official (inc shipping): ¥3,900 (£29.28)
Price I paid for the bootleg (inc shipping): $20.07 (£14.14)

The official I pre-ordered from Big in Japan.


Can you tell the difference? No? It’s hard isn’t it…
As is common with figures that come in clear boxes, the bootleggers have made their own card design with dubiously-sourced art. I’m not an art aficionado so I don’t know what was sourced from where. Interestingly, we have a photo of the bootleg crudely slapped on the bottom right of the box – interesting they didn’t go for promo art of the official product. The cutout is also of an interesting shape which is a surprising amount of effort for a bootleg box.

The official has some geometric shapes and the Pop Up Parade logo – the original Pop Up Parade boxes really were very generic.
The bootleg has photos of the bootleg figure – at least we’re not being sold a misrepresentation of the contents! We also have the NGNL logo and the figure title repeated. Honestly, this isn’t a bad-looking box all things considered.

For the official box we have all the legally required stuff and not much excitement. Gotta keep those costs down. The bootleg though… is a colourful clusterfuck of elements. It’s not a well put-together scene, but I still love it for its crazy composition.

Nothing for the official, a repeat of the image on the front of the box of the figure.

Not much to see here on either box. But we do actually have a JAN on the official – no barcodes on the bootleg.

Generic triangles for the official, a chequered grid with a gradient for the bootleg. Looking at this, I think it would be nice if Goodsmile did simple character-related motifs for characters that have them for the Pop Up Parade line. Doing a similar grid effect for the official card wouldn’t have been too complex.

Back of the bootleg box:
Again, I love this bit of design for the bootleg box. Would look better if it was just the official figure without the stand taking centre stage, but this bit works without being too chaotic like the back.

In terms of telling these apart, that’s easy. A lot of bootleg Pop Up Parades come in cardboard boxes, so that’s an easy tell. Though some aspects of the bootleg box I think it would be nice to carry over to the official just so it isn’t so generic and boring.

The blisters are very similar, though the bootleg one is an inferior plastic and not as sturdy.
We can see the bootleg figure doesn’t occupy as much of the blister as it should.


Mine isn’t as neatly packed as it was new, but the official comes with a baggie for the base and the bootleg did not.

Out of the bag:
The bootleg base is very clear compared to the official. The holes also also placed differently and it lacks the copyright. Instead we get extra injection mould marks.


She has the one accessory – a gun of some sort. Probably a bubble shooter? Kind of looks like a hairdryer too, but those don’t tend to have triggers. Or maybe she does have some heart-shaped bullets!

OK, let’s have a look at this thing:
From the sides the bootleg doesn’t look bad – the paint’s a little messier but not massively noticeable when not up close. The colours are also a bit different but not noticeably wrong.

On my bootleg copy there is a fairly noticeable ding. It won’t show on display, but shows that these things can have random defects.

The biggest difference is noticeable here – the official is painted black inside whilst the bootleg is cream inside and out. The plastic cast is also a bit wonky on the bootleg, but far from the worst I’ve seen doing this series.

Overall, the bootleg gun isn’t too bad – it has some defects but nothing major. If I replaced the gun on the official with this bootleg one, I’m sure casual observers wouldn’t notice.

Out of the box
Here they are, out of the blisters. We can see distinct differences in their poses – the difference between the base holes becomes much more apparent once she’s on the stand. Though we do have some bending/misassembly in the bootleg that changes some parts of her pose further.

Definitely seeing some grossness with the bootleg – shiny skin and lumpy hair. The hair looks deflated on the bootleg, as well as the colours being duller and less attractive. Her left arm is also posed differently.

Aiming at you:
The bootleg hair is trying its best… And lots of shiny on display on the bootleg body and clothing from this angle.

Figure close-ups

The bootleg hair doesn’t disappoint in sadness – the stray hairs are all melty and lumpy. We’ve also got scratches in the paint. However, moving onto her face, it’s not actually that bad – the print is definitely not up to par with the original, but the alignment issues aren’t as severe as other bootlegs I’ve covered. From a distance you wouldn’t be able to see that some of the lines are slightly off.
One thing you do notice, however, is the neon mouth paint – that does stand out along with the shiny skin plastic.

Neck joint:
The bootleg is a bit gappier than the official but not too bad.

Side of the head:
Seams galore on the bootleg! The purple shading is also less subtle in spots especially by her ear. Both arms have a noticeable join at the shoulder.

Top of the hair:
What should be the topmost strand on the bootleg curls underneath the other hair strands and the parts are not as well put together as the official.

Back of the hair:
Mmm, the back of the bootleg looks gross – dirty and shiny on the blue part. The poor construction of the bootleg is fairly apparent back here too. The hair fades are more abrupt on the bootleg, plus they occur at different heights.

Side of the hair:
Here we can see where the bootleg’s hair is much flatter and lacks the volume of the official. All the hair strands seem to be present, just in a much more squished configuration. The green also extends further up the hair tips.

Closer look at those hair tips:
Yep, definitely not a match for the official. The green paint is pretty messy on the bootleg with the longer strand seemingly getting some overspray from the lower hair strand. Also the pink paint is nowhere to be seen in this area on the bootleg.

Holding the gun:
The bootleg holds the gun at a slightly different angle. But the most noticeable thing is the very melted finger – not going to be doing much trigger pulling with that! Just awful – makes her had looks like it is made out of wax. However, she does hold the gun well so if you can get past the mutant wax hand it’s still functional.

Left hand:
The bootleg’s fingers are less spread out and and blobbier. The skin tone and finish is also different. Due to the thinner cuff, the hand has been glued in at a different angle.

The bootleg is a very shiny plasticky affair – not very realistic-looking. The details have also been muddied by poor casting, leaving it looking a lot flatter. On the original you can see the detail of each button/popper whilst the bootleg’s are barely visible.

Bottom of the shirt:
The lack of definition is evident down here too along with a messier hem. Moving to the stocking, the bootleg’s is less glossy than the official, sports a visible seamline and paint slop onto the leg. Peeking out of the bootleg shirt we have some pallid, shiny leg.

Side of the shirt/leg:
The edge of the official’s shirt has a nice crisp, clean edge. The bootleg is less so, but not the worst crime against plastic. The bootleg has the same level of shiny on its leg and stocking – not the best look.

Stockings in their entirety:
In terms of pose the bootleg and official are very similar. Main noticeable difference is that finish. We also have a scratch on the bootleg.

Left leg:
Unfortunately due to my inability to focus the camera properly, the official shot is blurry but all the interesting action is on the bootleg anyway. With the bootleg, the toes are slightly less well-defined and there is a seam running down the front of the leg. And that scratch also shows from this angle.

Foot support:
The supports are pretty similar, though the bootleg’s is less transparent. Looking about the lug and peg that goes into the support the official is the same colour as the stocking but the bootleg’s is unpainted.

Whilst taking the bootleg off the base this happened:
Not the neatest paint job. It did go back into the base support and stay, so not a critical issue but wasn’t glued as it should be.


The bootleg has lighter and messier stripes that don’t quite got to the edge in all cases.


With the box, there is no mixing these up – clear boxes for Pop Up Parades. For the figures themselves, there’s some key tells like the deflated hair, shiny skin, semigloss stockings, bent finger and the clear base. Looking down the end of the gun, we can also see that the bootleg one is unpainted.
In terms of the quality of the bootleg, it’s definitely not the worst. It mostly lacks in the hair department but the shiny skin and shirt also look fairly bad. Though there’s also a chance the bootleg’s leg may bend over time – haven’t tested for that. I can see a less particular collector being happy with this bootleg despite its flaws as it doesn’t contain any hilariously bad issues like some other bootlegs.

Treasure Chest Monster Octopus Girl – Snail Shell

This figure was an instant preorder for me – I like monster characters, especially of the aquatic variety. I did have some small reservations as I didn’t think Tomato Girl came out as well as it could’ve done. I don’t actually own Tomato Girl, but haven’t been that impressed by the photos I’ve seen. However, for an octopus girl I was prepared to risk it.

I preordered this before orders in Japan were available so didn’t get to get the AmiAmi scroll. Would’ve been a nice bonus to have.

So let’s see what we got!

The box colours work well with the black and the muted blue. The tentacle designs are a nice inclusion to decorate the box instead of leaving it plain.
The box unfolds to reveal a lid, and underneath there is supposed to be the two pairs of ribbons tied in the middle. However on mine these were already untied as the proxy had done an inspection so wasn’t sure how they were supposed to go – there are photos from other users in the MFC gallery for her, if you wish to see the inside of the box. The figure and her accessories are in a cut EPE foam block, so everything is held securely. Which, based on the rough time that the figure I had her shipped with (ODD Lille – see previous blog), is a good thing!
Overall the box is good-looking and functional. Two very good traits for a figure box!


When I first inspected the figure, I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I was talking to someone on Discord who mentioned they sent theirs back for a break. What break? I inspected the figure more closely and:
Damnit. Some glue on the end of a sharpened BBQ stick later and I had it repaired. I left the figure for 24 hours to check if the glue was going to hold and luckily it did. Looks like there’s a QC issue where this bundle of tentacle wasn’t given enough glue and the slime pulls on it a bit, resulting in it separating like this. Fortunately it wasn’t as bad to repair as it may look – pull it down slightly, apply glue with stick, then hold in place for 1-2 mins. I held it longer than I normally would due to the weight and the slime potentially not helping! If you need to do this repair yourself, I’d recommend a long pointy object for glue application and to do a test fit before starting glue application – you have to push it in a certain way to go back into the right place, and the damaged paint should be fully hidden if it’s back in its original position.

Figure overview

The figure mostly comes as one piece, so didn’t do an accessories section – there is a small amount of assembly with putting on the treasure chest lid, sword, dagger and necklaces.
The figure comes with various paper bits, which are folded up like a sealed treasure map. I forgot to take a photo, so here is one by Toprharley:
Annoyingly, the loyalty card is slightly bigger than credit card size but did just fit in my card holder.

So let’s look at her set up:
Wow, certainly a lot to look at here – no shortage of tentacles and she has been hoarding some treasure. I love the shiny finish on the tentacles and the colours came out well. We also have plenty of slime.

A couple of other angles:
Colours so pretty… prior to getting her, I was worried she was going to be a bit too washed out but was glad to find out that was not the case, and I love her purple-blue hues.

The slime looks good, plus there is a good amount of ‘animation’ in the tentacles.

She also has tentacles back here, guarding the back of the chest.

From this angle you can get a feel for her size. She’s not a small lass! From here we can see she’s about as wide as she is long. But as a 1/3 scale, she wasn’t going to be small XD.

Figure close-ups

Now we’ve seen the figure in its entirety, let’s look at the smaller details.
Top of her head:
The shading nicely converges towards the middle of her tentacle ‘hair’. The spikes are also nicely shaded, but only one of them seems to have green speckles, which makes it look a little odd.

She has a cute face nested in the tentacles. There is some purple shading on her face.

Her body sculpt is good, but the shading is lacking in my opinion – she has painted nipples which is nice, but the body doesn’t have much distinction otherwise. I feel this is partly stylistic but I think would’ve benefitted from a bit more subtle shading around her chest/belly button.

She has very lean legs – not much in the way of muscle or fat here.

If you like your figures barefoot this is a part of the figure that may appeal. I like the way she’s spreading her toes on one foot to give her more character.

She’s not left unarmed to protect her treasure – she has a sword and a dagger to keep her jewels safe. Getting the sword into place was a little bit difficult – needed to use the light on my phone to find the hole it slots into. Once you know which way to direct it, it slots into the hole easily. If it won’t go, try rotating the sword. Both weapons look nice and are sturdy once assembled.

Chest lid:
The connector is pretty small for this part but feels decently sturdy once in place. The sculpting and shading has been nicely done on this part, though the metal banding could possibly do with more shading to sell the damage more. The wood finish is pretty shiny which is a bit of an odd choice to me.

Nestled gems:
She has a couple of these translucent balls – not quite sure what they are. I like the way she’s holding one instead of them just lying about the place. As for what they do and what they’re worth… who knows?

She comes with two necklaces to hang off of the chest ‘teeth’. They’re a little awkward to get into the right place, but do look nice when added.
With the chest having these green spiky teeth, I do wonder if it could protect itself if it wanted. Or maybe it’s some kind of trap set by the octopus girl herself? Maybe this is some kind of interesting couple? Monster and the Mimic? Whichever way, the shading is nicely done on these protrusions.

Gooey slime:
Liquidy parts on figures often look bad, but I’m glad to report the slime looks slimy. It is rubbery to the touch. I’m really happy with the way the stretchy slime parts came out.

Also really happy with the way the suckers came out – they’re actually sucker-shaped unlike Idol Cthulhu’s. The bottoms of the tentacles nicely transition to paler colours. If she grabs on, she isn’t going to be easy to shake loose!

Back tentacle:
Just admiring the shiny finish and the speckles :). The purple sheen really adds to the figure.

Gem decorations

She comes with some gems to decorate the base with:
A fun way of making a boring base not boring! However they will likely go all over the place when setting them up – the bits vary in size a lot so you may find the smaller and larger bits pinging off in various directions as you pour out the gems. Initially they do start plastic-wrapped, but the ones in the hessian sack the bag burst at the bottom, so pulling them out just ended up with a plastic bag in my hand XD.
These photos is with roughly half of the hessian sack contents, with none of the extra golden ovals (whatever they are? Not sure).
If you buy this figure, I would suggest putting it where you intend to display then pour the gems out carefully a bit at a time to cover the base. Putting them back in the bag after the photo session was a mildly time-consuming process.
I’d say they’re worth the effort though – it does a good job of decorating the base.


She’s a big beast, and here she is displayed in my cabinet:
Whew, just fits on the shelf! At ~8kg I wouldn’t recommend trying to display her in a detolf lest it breaks the shelf. This cabinet is a shop display cabinet so is designed to be able to take a good amount of weight.
I haven’t put all the gems on the base – there are a lot of them! So I’ve left the extras in the bag and displayed it next to her. To get the gems on the base, I cupped my hand and poured some into the larger spaces available on her base. From there, I spread them out before pouring more. Some went flying, but not too many.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this figure and glad I got her. Some may find her rather small for a 1/3 but I was expecting it to be like that. The paint is mostly great, though I’d like to see a tad more shading on her body. The manufacturing flaw with too little glue on the tentacle is not great – I’m not the only person that had them separate – but easily fixable. And if you squidge out any glue… hey, more slime! There are some parts that should’ve probably been sculpted to touch like the tentacle going through the chest teeth, but they don’t stand out enough to bother me.
I think most people will be pleased with this figure so long as it survives the journey, though it does have its imperfections. Whichever way, it’s nice to have a monster girl that isn’t some kind of cat.

Wind Messenger Lille – ODD

This figure is an original character, and is made by the company ODD. They’re a Chinese manufacturer with 3 released figures, and more on the way. All of them, well, odd. You have been warned :P. There will be uncensored genitalia photos.

Each of their figures comes with a backstory – this character is member of a winged race, and was captured as her eggs are delicious and nutritious. The backstory doesn’t go into how nutritious, just that they are.

The mythical creatures are captured then cloned and placed in machines to take advantage of them. In Lille’s case she’s been put in gachapon machine and kept in heat so she continuously lays eggs. An interesting concept for a figure, for sure.

If you’re interested in the full story, I paid for a translation which can be found in the spoiler below

In our future world, the development of technology is booming.

ODD is a technological company. They can create a virtual, imaginary world. In this world, they catch some of fantasy creatures, “transform” them before selling them for the nobles for visual enjoyment.

The legendary white-winged wind messenger, who would control wind elements, was a teenager girl from the Wing Race. Wing Race was a special existence in the alien world and they all had three pairs of wings on their back and their head. Therefore, they were misunderstood as angels by human beings for a period of time. The relatively special girl in the race was nominated as a white-winged wind messenger. The race was known as being romantic, peace-loving and they had been living a really quiet life with no fights.

Very few people knew that there was only 0.0001% chance of becoming “special girls” after the teenage girls of the race became adults. The white-winged wind messenger was the only existence like that since thousands of years ago. Every month, she would ovulate once, just like what the females of other races would do before their periods.

There was a high nutritional value in the unfertilized eggs of the white-winged wind messenger and they were usually shared by her kins. However, whenever she was lack of money, she would also secretly sell some of her eggs for human nobles, and these nobles were usually very generous in buying her eggs.

The target of ODD was the famous pharmacist of the mainland – Lille.

Lille was a pharmacist travelling across the mainland, her wish was to publish a book after collecting different kinds of herbs. She rescued and healed many people in every place she visited. And since she was so proficient in medicine and beautiful, many people in the fantasy world admired her.

However, she had encountered some troubles lately because of her fame. She had the habit of trying new medicines herself, and she entered a super long heat period after trying a new kind of medicine. There were some abnormalities in her body during her heat period, as she’d produce several eggs in a day which really disrupted her daily routine. On the mainland, too many people knew about her and there were people who wanted to be cured every day. In order not to reveal what she had been going through, she had to hide as best as she could. Once, she even laid several eggs when she was buying food outside and she even had an orgasm under everyone’s eyes. Her liquid and her eggs flew out from her underwear.

Sensing her underwear falling, Lille tried her best to control herself and slowly moved to a narrow alley. Every time she made a step forward, she could feel an egg flowing out in her vagina, and every time she could feel her sensitive spot being touched. At this moment, her vagina was both swollen and itchy, and such an overwhelming sensation forced her liquid to flow out like a spring, forming a trace on the brick-red ground.

“Doctor Lille, hello.” Someone was calling her. Lille raised her head and saw the mysterious girl of a squad that she once cured. “Oh…good morning!” Lille tried hard to utter a smile. “Doctor Lille, are you feeling unwell?” Since Lille’s face was so red, the girl probably misunderstood something. At this moment, Lille could feel another egg flowing out. She tightened her body and really wanted to end everything.

“Ah…um…yes, I think I have a fever.” Lille answered. An egg was already 1/3 away from her womb. With her tight body, Lille could feel waves of pleasure down there…

The mysterious girl smiled and caught Lille instantly with her specially made container. The biological code of the legendary white-winged wind messenger was stolen, and ODD quickly coned the “sample” of this girl of the Wing Race. A girl, whose character and memory was exactly the same as Lille’s was then created.

Report of tuning:

The eggs of Lille have great nutritional values and their taste is the freshest and the most delicious.

For this purpose, the tuner specially made a machine and put Lille inside. There is an aphrodisiac inside the machine which can make Lille stay in her heat period constantly and keep laying eggs.


So how is one of these delights presented? They have gone the Native route, so the boxes have hints to the content but no pictures.
Front, with a postcard for scale:
This box is chonk.

Side with the info:
We have some basic information about the figure, including its scale of 1/5, followed by some safety instructions. And 0-18 sad onions… that’s a lot of onions. The top hat head is ODD’s logo. To hint at the figure, we have the gacha dial and an egg sat on a cushion – both elements we’ll see in the figure.

Other side:
Crunch. Unfortunately my parcel had a bit of a rough journey on the train and there’s some severe ripping of the card here :(. The foam did its job however, and the figure didn’t get damaged.

The base is very heavy and is most of the weight of the figure. Most of the base comes as one piece – only need to add the chair sides and “lamp”. Oh, and the eggs. The chair is nicely detailed and the pink backdrop works nicely with the figure.

Chair side:
Here you can see some black marks at the top from where Lille was previously resting on this part – the black restraint part will end up leaving some marks here. I like the fact there are some small details here so that the chair sides aren’t bland.

Chair head:
This is likely where the aphrodisiac comes from, to keep Lille laying eggs. It does the job of looking like some kind of sprayer. If you don’t like this part it is detachable but will leave a hole in the chair where it slots in.

The eggs are pearlescent which makes them look special. Here we see the aperture that the eggs would leave the gacha machine by. The only gripe I have here is that there is no mechanism for the eggs to roll towards the dispenser… maybe there’s some kind of vacuum that kicks in to pull the eggs down? Maybe something to push them along? Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t make omelettes!

Dispensing hole:
At least the eggs have a gentle landing! You can place one of the eggs here, to make it look like the vending machine has been used. Here we can see they’ve added the detail of the aperture of where the eggs are dispensed from.

Machine front:
At the top there are charts showing her broodiness, temperature and heartbeat. The twist mechanism is fake and doesn’t twist. The coin return does push in – we’ll see what that does later. I like the fact there’s some gold detailing and mould details so it doesn’t look flat and boring.

We even have some mechanism details back here, which is a nice addition even if you won’t see them often.

Easter egg:
The block that shows the price for a vend is a separate part which has a QR code on the back. I transcribed this so I could scan it – it wouldn’t on its own for me, and I wasn’t willing to put ink on the part to stamp it (and then invert the colours so it’d scannable).
20-30 minutes later of time wasted, and it turns out it is ODD’s QQ group number (which is roughly what I was expecting – I knew it would be a waste of time going into it lol). QQ is a Chinese chat app that has discussion groups. Resin manufacturers often use them to communicate about upcoming releases. Unfortunately foreign people can no longer sign up for QQ (I tried… multiple times). However, they are increasingly active on their Twitter, so you can go there for ODD news.


Laying an egg, on my floor:
The skin shading is very nice on this figure in my opinion – I like the way they’ve used the dark pinks to accentuate her skin. Her chest is large without being excessive.
The figure comes with a smaller egg with some green putty which you can place in her vaginal opening so she’s laying an egg. In the second photo, you can just see the green putty.

Without the egg:
If you don’t want the egg, her genitals have been fully sculpted and painted. Looks a bit strange with her vaginal opening spread out like this with nothing to hold it in this position though. But I’m sure some people will prefer this view.

Side of the face:
The hair has a nice blend to it and we have two nicely painted small wings – all her wings have some shine to them, which makes them stand out. The sculpting is also detailed, giving them a feathery look.

Top of the head:
Hair looks nice at the back too. Here we can see the magnets that attach the cuffs to the chair – these attach tightly during assembly, so no worry of her shifting around. The wings are attached nice and flush to her body.

Her skin looks really nice on her back too – they’ve put in the work even though you probably won’t see this much. Her tail also fits nicely into her backside – this is a separate part.

Close-up of the tail:
The tail has decent sculpt detail and the same shiny finish as the wings, as well as the same pink accents. Here we can also see how the feathers have double layers in spots which is a cool addition. Her feet are also sculpted in detail.

The wings are definitely a stand-out feature of this figure – I love the detail in the sculpt and the shiny finish. The way they hang down gives them a lifelike feel too. Also love the fact they gave her more than one set, to give more interest to the figure.

Fully set up
Assembly wasn’t too hard – getting her in position took a little bit of trial and error – it’s best to align her cuffs first on the chair magnets before placing the leg restraints. The clear canopy was the hardest thing and takes a bit of jostling to get in the right place. Even then, I had it a bit wrong so it wasn’t quite sitting straight. With the large clear frontage you can see the figure clearly – no hiding what’s going on in the vending machine.

You can get a good look at her up here too. The canopy parts join here – the back part slots into the front into the grey part.

Taking off the canopy:
Certainly a lot to look at! This figure works well as a full display piece – the details on both Lille herself and the gacha machine work well together.

If you prefer her not laying:
I think this still works, if you prefer less egg in the way of the “view”.

I think the expression works really well for showing she’s laying but not really wanting to. The sculpted mouth works well too. We only have one open eye, but we do have a detailed iris within it. The black paint on her band does look a little bumpy up this close, but looks fine when viewing her.

I like the way her body is affected by gravity, making her look more realistic.

The sculpt partially follows the machine, which helps it fit in. Looks good on this side too.

Special feature

If we look at the bottom of the machine at the back, you may notice one of the holes is not quite like the other:
In that left hole, we can plug in a USB cable that’s provided with the figure so she can light up. If we press the coin return the gacha machine lights up:
The light works well and fits the theme of the figure. It’s bright enough to gently light up a small room and highlights the figure nicely.

With the cover off:


This figure is very well done in my opinion – it’s definitely not going to be a figure to everyone’s taste, but if this is up your alley and you have the coin, it’s a figure I could recommend. Bear in mind it comes in a *massive* box and weighs 12kg largely due to the solid base – it’s how ODD seem to roll. All three of my figures from them have very heavy containers.
As of time of writing, there are some stores on Taobao selling her for her second preorder period price – 2380rmb ($345 US). For international shipping she cost me 1000rmb ($145 US) via rail to the UK. If you’re willing to go ocean-based surface, you could go with a proxy that offers it and it would likely be cheaper if you wanted to risk it.
I am pleased with this figure, and bought her a table-stool (Oddvar from Ikea) to display her on, after realising I had nowhere to really put her due to the size. So now she’s proudly displayed on her own pedestal :D.