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Chestburster Victim & Facehugger Keyring – Aliens

Now for a bit of an interesting figure… one that’s part of the scenery…


This wasn’t a figure I was planning on getting, but saw it for a reasonable price, and decided to go for it. Thinking of posing this with one the xenomorphs in the same Eaglemoss series. 

The sculpt is surprisingly detailed, and the paint is mostly good, which is a surprise for an Eaglemoss figure. There are some parts where the clothing paint does go onto the fines, but most strands are OK. The clothes are well done, and are shaded well, and the blood isn’t half-bad. My biggest complaint with the figure is the skin colour feels a little too ashen, and could’ve possibly done with a splash of skin-coloured paint. 

Chestburster close-up:


A chestburster’s head… in full, gruesome detail. I think this has been done well, and we have the t-shirt pushing back from the wound. I feel there’s some inaccuracy in how this would look irl, but I think the artistic liberty does help the chestburster stand out. I feel a little more detail in texture could’ve gone into the hair, but I don’t think this is a big thing, and the paint is nice on the hair, with the strands on the victim’s forehead. 



The sides of the figure look nice, with the alien wall texture continuing around the figure. 



Was quite impressed with this – they’ve actually textured the back, so if you have this at an angle where the back shows, it will still look “the part”. The paint here is also nicely and subtly shaded. 

Due to the subject, I don’t think this figure will be especially popular, but it is nicely done, and would look nice in a diorama. 

As a small added bonus, here’s a keyring by Tsudaka Hobby that I picked up in a Suruga-ya order:


It did come with the key loop, but I removed this to more easily place it in an ita bag (featuring all my favourite things). The legs and tail are very flexible, so they’ll bend if caught on anything. The black wash is OK, but I wish they left a little more on to soften the effect. The bottom of the facehugger is also sculpted decently well. I like this keyring, and glad I got it. 

Lala Deviluke & Misc Straps

First up is this mini-figure of Lala:

This figure has her wearing Peke, in his normal dress-form. Her hat was a pain – she now has a small blob of tack under it to keep in in place. It can balance on its own, but has a tendency to roll off eventually. Bad Peke! 

Her face is nice and detailed, and I like her hair. The paint on her dress is OK, but looks a little blobby. 


The parts on the sides of her hat look really good, though the purple band isn’t particularly neat. Hair looks fine fromthe sides. 


Her hair looks good from the back, hat looks plain, not that there’s much detail to go back here. 

Overall, this figure is OK for a trading figure. 

Now for some dangling doodads that I bought around the same time. First up, Migi with some popcorn:

Migi, the bucket and the popcorn are painted nearly, and look good. I love this little strap, and glad I bought it.

This one is Hatchiyack from Dragon Ball Super:

This isn’t a character I’m familiar with, but I loved the design and the bright colours. The painting is neat, and he has a decent amount of detail in the sculpt. 

This is helmet of 

Senkou Kishi Road/Flash Knight:

Again, not a series or character I’m not familiar with, but I loved the metallic purple colouring, plus the gold colour matches well with the purple. Painting looks neat from the front, but a bit iffy on the sides. Overall, an interesting-looking strap. 

Klan Klang – Keyrings!

So in a few of my orders I snuck in a few Klan Klang keyrings, so let’s see what ones I got…

First up, one of her in a casual outfit:

A cute keyring, decently painted, though I find her outfit a bit indistinct from the front, with all the bits it has. Do love all the tiny details on the back though. 

This keyring also came with a second part:

Queedlun Rea! Or however you want to spell it… Klan Klang’s conveyance. I like the chibi design, which fits with the chibi keyring. No design on the back, so you want to ensure this part always faces forward when on display. 

Second we have micronized Klan Klang:

The painting is a bit rougher on this one, but the design holds up. The back pattern hasn’t got any gold highlights though. Would be nicer if her headband was a bit of a darker shade – looks a bit sat-in-the-sun coloured, but I guess they matched it with her outfit to reduce the amount of paints required. 

Micronized Klan Klang with a strap:

This one was rather cheat-y by Banpresto – it’s the same mould and paint scheme as the previous, only this one has a lobster clasp attached, instead of a chain and a ring. This makes it better for an ita bag, as you then don’t have a long, dangly chain to deal with. The paint seems a bit neater on this one, but it’s probably luck of the draw a bit with these minor prize items. I do really like the design of the strap though – lovely shade of purple, and features a Queedlun Rea silhouette. I think the font choice also works well. 

Now for a macronized Klan Klang:

Again, the lighter shade is used here for her headband and ties. No particular reason to do so either… but hey. It’s probably been all sorts of shades in the show. I like the little smile, but I think the eyes aren’t as good as the other keyrings. The suit is painted well for such a small item, though it doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny. Nicely detailed though, and I really wanted Klan Klang in her suit, so definitely happy with this keyring.

What’s better than Klan Klang in her suit?

Klan Klang with some armaments! The eyes seem to work better for this one, despite being pretty much the same as the previous keyring. Paint seems a bit neater, but they’ve seemingly sacrificed line width detail for the closer paint, but I still think it looks good. I like all the little details on the armaments, and thnk they did a good job with these. 

I think the last one is my favourite of these, but none of the others are bad. I’d prefer if the strap one wasn’t a straight-up dupe of another keyring, but having a different attachment does help differentiate it. So now to Klan-Klang up all my stuff!

Food Keychains – Daiso

No trip to Japan is complete with a visit to Daiso. And I noticed the food items on ball chains, and had to buy some. I limited myself to three, so here are the three I picked.

First up, a fried egg:

Mmm, nicely fried. 

Back is plain:

Rice n’ stuff:

Not sure what the pink stuff is, but it does spring onion and seaweed. 


Also some egg in this one :). I like the fact this one includes chopsticks too. 

All three look tasty, but can confirm they are not. Well, they don’t have much taste to them… lol. But they do look really good, and only cost ¥108 each. 

Crane & Rabbit Gachapon

And now for the last of the random gacha. First item today is a crane origami gashapon:

These were in various colours, glad I got a blue one, as I like the colour blue. This crane has a soft rubbery feel, and does look like a paper crane. 

And lastly, a gashapon from a set called Cage la Usagi, which translates to Rabbit Cafe:

A cute little gacha, but probably not one I’m going to display. It’s nicely done, but doesn’t really appeal to me. I’d like to see more of the rabbit. Might have somewhere where I might sneak it into at some point, but this one is likely headed to the drawer of trading figures. 

Hresvelgr & Ram – Frame Arms Girls & Re:Zero

Another couple of gashapon today. 

First up, Hresvelgr:


Here we have one of the Frame Arms Girls creeping out of their box. This series is ordinarily model kits by Kotobukiya, so this is what these are based on. The boxes for model kits often look like this – a plain cardboard bottom, with the artwork printed on the lid. 



Aww, cute face. The reason I went for one of these gacha was because they looked so cute in their boxes.



Paint’s a bit messy, but does the job. 


Top of the box isn’t a replica of the model kit boxes, but does a good job of replicating the feel. 

Ram from Re:Zero:


At the time I went to Japan, there was a lot of Re:Zero merch about the place, but I haven’t seen the show. I decided the gashapon looked pretty, so decided to go for one. And I got Ram. Personally, I prefer Rem, due to the blue hair. Overall, the paint on this gashapon is OK, but a bit blobby on her hair. 

Other photos:


I think this gacha has been sculpted decently well, and would make for a nice charm. 

Parasyte… and parasite!

More gacha, and something a bit different. This blog will focus on the gross. 

First up is a Parasyte charm:

The outside of this charm is pretty nifty, but the print in the middle spoils it – it’s not very high-quality, and it shows. Would be nice to have more contrast in the print, and a bit of a higher resolution. I’d also settle for a Migi-themed charm, without the pic. Migi’s eye has been nicely done. 

Back of the charm:

Some details on the digits, and a big ol’ logo. I like the dangling blade part too. Just a shame the front ain’t so pretty. 

Now from Parasyte to parasite:

This li’l guy is what it says on the top – Nybelinia Surmenicola. This dude likes to parasitise certain sea creatures. Bought this at the Meguro Parasitological Museum (as the bottom of it says), was a bit of a different museum to visit – kinda small, but interesting. 

And now for something that sorta fits the theme, another gacha, and this guy is called Chad the Gross:

This is his “normal” colours – the characters came in two varieties. This guy seems to be playing the cello, in his sparkly, see-through slimy glory. I love the colour of his hair, and the eyes stand out well. Was attracted to buying one of these because they reminded me of 90s/00s toys. And I don’t feel disappointed.

Other shots:

Looking at the figure stand, I’m not sure if they intended this to be a stool or a growth. I’m gonna go with growth, because that fits the “The Gross” theme. An hey, would be kinda cool to have another limb to act as a chair, no? 

Overall, I really like the colours on this guy, and he’s a cool, little, almost-nostalgic figure, so he’s going somewhere in the collection. 

Hope today’s blog wasn’t too scary!

Mediamon & “Sorry” – Digimon & Bekkon Robotonics

So… time for some gachas! 

This first item I got from a ¥100 random item gacha – no idea what I was going to get.

And I got Mediamon:

Overall, a decent gacha item, but not one I’m particularly interested in. I think he may have gone into my Drawer of Purgatory already (every house has one of those… right?). The quality seems decent, but I have no familiarity with the source material, so can’t pass too much comment about him. 

This gacha I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be, so I decided to grab an item out of it anyway:

Apparently this is some kind of mascot for Bekkon Robotonics, and this particular gacha item was entitled “Sorry”. Here we seem to have two cats with masks walking along… interesting mascot action!

Some more pics:

Well, now I have something for a “loljapanese” display. This one is also likely to live in the Drawer of Purgatory, unless I have room for a random display. Maybe I could squeeze these into an ita bag of some sort? 

So yeah. That was two random gachas I ended up with. Because I like shoving money into gacha machines. 

Fate/Stay Night keychains

Here’s four keychains based on characters from the Fate franchise – two of Medusa (Rider), one of Rin Tohsaka and one of Gilgamesh.

First Rider keychain:


This is a new piece of merchandise, based on the new movie (Heaven’s Feel). Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been liking Rider’s look on the merch that’s been coming out. Love her outfit on this keychain, plus her hair is nicely done too. 



Nope, not much to see here. The back print seems to have a decent feel to it, and doesn’t feel it’ll scratch off too easily, but isn’t covered (most Japanese print keychains seem to be like this). There are some translucenty black squares around the outside, but I don’t feel it brings anything special to the keychain.

Second Rider keychain:


Thought this one was quite cute, and I liked the fact it had an extra dangly bit. This keychain is metal, so it is a bit weighty. The print on this one is enclosed between the metal backing and clear sealant on the front. Not entirely sure what the gold cube represents, but hey. 



Nice brushed effect on the back. And some copyright text. 

Rin Tohsaka:


I got this in a convenience store, and can’t find any reference to this exact keychain on the internet – there is another very similar one that’s larger. Rin looks good on this keychain, and I also like it for this:


As the design is printed on the front face, it has a 3D effect, which gives it some depth. I like this effect, though the design isn’t protected with any kind of coating. 



Not too much to see here. Not hugely thick print, but deffo does the job. 


I got this in a blind box, so didn’t get this one by choice. Not a fan of Gilgamesh in this form – much prefer him in his armour, so I didn’t recognise who this was at first. Thinking I may try and sell this one. 


Nice logo on the back. Not totally boring! Also there’s an earphone jack, so you can attach it to your phone if you like…

And that concludes my Fate keychain collection! And now I get to stop typing keychain and resume being English. 

Mari… and a bit more Mari – Evangelion

Going to make this blog a twofer. These two items I got from an “Evangelion” vending machine – it wasn’t any specific series, but rather just random small Evangelion figures in gacha balls. I was going to buy some more items from it the next day when I had more change, but sadly I forgot to store the location. D’oh. 

So, first up, the Mari figure I got:

This figure wouldn’t be something I’d ordinarily buy, but once I got her out, I was like.. yep, I want this. I like the fact she has a guitar – it makes it a more interesting figure. I also like her happy expression – is almost infectious. She’s been neatly painted, and I like that her glasses have been sculpted as a separate part.


From the side she’s OK, a couple of paint flaws. The ear sculpt is rather basic and a little odd. 


The paint is neater on this side, which make it look better. I like her pigtails. 


Yep. Pretty plain back here. Not much to this view. Guess you could admire her pigtails? 

Overall she’s good for a gacha ball, even if she wasn’t officially a gacha figure XD. 

And now for the other Mari, a keychain:

I already had the Rei version of this keychain, so this one can match with it. 

Other views:

She’s an OK little keychain. The paint is decently done, and the sculpting is good. As I’m not a big Mari fan, she won’t be up front and centre in my collection, but she passes muster to be part of my keychain collection.

Devilman Keyrings

I had some promotional credit from a proxy service that I wanted to try out, so decided to go for a cheap item. I found these Banpresto Devilman keyrings on a “Buy it now”, and decided they were a good option. 

The proxying worked fine, with no issues, so that was good. 

Firstly we have this small Devilman keyring, that was already on one of my keyring display bars:

He was the smallest of the three keyrings, and of a decent quality.

Next up, a larger version of Devilman’s movie appearance:

With the larger size, there’s a lot more detail in the sculpt and the paintwork. I prefer the expression on the other keyring though. 

Devilman in his original cartoon form:

The sculpt isn’t hugely detailed, but gets the Devilman feel across. Logo on his belt is a bit squiffy. but his face is nicely rendered. Not sure if I’ll put this one on display, but it’s nice to have it. Might as well have one figure in his original appearance :P. 

Overall I’m happy I went for these keyrings. 

Accel World – Kuroyukihime

This is an “odds n’ sods” blog of two items. First up, we have a keyring of Kuroyukime:

She’s in her school avatar outfit, which has been rendered nicely in a simplified form. She was added to a Mandarake order, to fill it up to the customs threshold. Glad I added her. 

And another Kuroyukihime in figure form:

This one was in my Suruga-ya order, because she was cute and pouty :P. 

From the side:

Bit of mould markings. The arm with the shirt was a pain – it didn’t want to stay in. Finally got it in and staying though.


Her hair looks OK for a trading figure. She was pretty much order filler, but she’ll find a space among some of my other trading figures. The paintwork is OK, but she’s nothing special. 

And that’s my random bits featuring Kuroyukihime :). And I think I’ve finally learned to spell her name, with English letters at least.

Urban Mine – Evangelion, Gundam & Misc – Part 3

Now for the last of the Evangelion items. 

Let’s start off with a deformed-style Rei trading figure:

I don’t usually go in for this style of figure, but this one’s pretty cute, and well-done. The paint is really nice. The big *ahem* downside to this one is that her fat head doesn’t like to stay in the stand clip. Most of this kind of figure I’ve usually been able to find the sweet-spot where the figure will stay clipped in, but she loves to fall over if you move her. The shading in her hair is vibrant and attractive. Also she’s in her plugsuit, so that makes it more of a winner for me. 


Pretty obvious seam, but that’s pretty standard with these figures. Isn’t anything worth seeing on the back of her head, though the back of her body has been painted well, with the details you’d expect. I like this figure, and this will be going on display. 

Next, a keychain of Rei:

Here she is, very happy! It doesn’t look very “Rei” to me, but she’s still cute. 


Not too much to see here, but some shading in her hair, and her back has been painted well. 

She does pose well in front of a Nether portal:

I hung her here, soon after opening her. 

She comes with another part you’re supposed to connect her to:

She does look nice connected to this chain, but it’d dangle too much to go on the keychain bars. And she needs to guard the portal :P. 

Now here’s an interesting piece of Evangelion loot attached to my phone:

On the opposite side, it has Rei’s EVA:

The print is nice and vibrant, and a good design, given the space. Hence me attaching this to my phone. So what is it?

An extending ballpoint pen! More useful than the stylus I first wondered if it was. My finger suffices for my phone, but hey, a pen I might actually randomly need. I’ve left the nib protector on the pen, as I’m rarely likely to actually use this. It’s more of a decorative item that I can look at/fiddle with. Will keep it on my phone until it’s more annoying than soothing. Or it gets damaged badly. 

Time for a couple of different Evangelion characters. It can’t all be Rei! Just… mostly Rei :P. 

Here’s a figure of Asuka:

Cute! The card was a pain to get in place though. Love the plugsuit swimsuit! Would love to see this on a larger figure, and for the rest of the cast. Paint is good quality on her. 

Now for a Shinji. Funnily enough, I nearly bought this from someone, with some other Evangelion loot, but the asking price was too high. But he decided to pop up in my loot anyway!

A nice little figure. Not one I’d ordinarily choose, but will happily display now I have it. Love the angel details in the background. 

Some nice odds and ends! No real duds either, so I’m happy!

Urban Mine – Evangelion, Gundam & Misc – Part 1

So… this month I hit the Mandarake mines pretty hard. The next five blogs will cover this auction:


I bid on this auction, as I saw two of Rei Ayanami’s head, and Asuka’s in between. The rest I didn’t really pay much attention to, but I saw the bag labelled ¥315, so hey, if I didn’t bid much, I was probably onto a winner! I won the lot for ¥400, and with shipping it cost me £16.22. 

So… let’s see what I got. This blog will concentrate on the miscellaneous items, that aren’t Gundam or Evangelion-related. 

The first oddity that caught my eye, after emptying the bag of items was this dude:


But who could he be? So I turned him round and had a look:


Oh! Docomo! One of the mobile (cell) phone providers in Japan! I did some research, and indeed they have a mushroom for a mascot, and his name is Docomodake. Well, their branding went a lot more successful than whatever it was Orange tried to do many years ago in the UK… He’s a cute, well-made little guy. He definitely gets a spot on the keychain bar. 

Here’s a photo of his head:


Lots of brightly-coloured spots! The other keychain part that he’s propped upon will be featured in a later blog. An interesting and different item! 

Next up, three figures of Rio Rollins Tachibana from Super Black Jack. Never come across this series before, so can’t comment too much from that perspective.

Our first figure is of her in her normal outfit, looking like a dealer:


These figures are surprisingly well-made – the paint is very nicely done, and the poses are good. They all have a bit of a gappy midriff problem, but this is not too noticeable if you’re not up close to the figure. This one you can’t pick up by her upper half usually though – she likes to drop her legs! The detail in the moulds is also a bit higher than your average trading figure imo – the creases in her clothes have been done well, and the paint/decal on the cards is very crisp. 



She looks good from this angle, though less detail in her hair. You can see her cufflinks here – nice to see details like that. The support stand is on a ball joint, which makes it easier to manoeuvre into position. 

Now for Rio in a maid outfit:


She was a bit more of a pain to get on the stand, but she’s also very nicely done. Some white paint slop visible on her legs though, but it’s not a biggie. Her apron pins onto her skirt – this is OK when she’s displayed, but the pins aren’t that long, so if you pick her up, you can accidentally knock this off. 



Looks good from this angle. She has a standard rod stand though. 

Now for the third and final Rio:


Santa Rio! This was the first one of the three I assembled, and probably the worst one for midriff gap XD. Once I had this one open, I was decided I was going to keep all three of the Rio figures. I love her face and pose, and the quality of the paint job. The bent-over trinket in her hand is odd though, but pictures suggest it should be like that! There’s a nice use of pearly finish on her stockings. 

From the back:


The sack has been done well, along with her Santa hat. Love the high-heeled boots too. Very pleased with these three figures.

Also in the Super Black Jack theme, there was these playing cards:


I haven’t opened them, not sure if I will, as I don’t tend to get to play card games. I’d guess this would be a nice collectable for those who like this series though – very thematic. 

One last thing for this post, Yuo Hirasawa from K-on!:


In tiny charm form. I left this in the bag, but just prior to writing this blog, I took her out. She has a 2D guitar attached to her strap, as well as her head. May sneak this onto one of the keychain bars, or she may be relegated to the Trading Figures drawer. She was a freebie with an Ashai drink, so coupled with her size, she’s not really worth anything. 

So thus far, we’ve had 3 nice trading figures and a DoCoMo mascot… Probably not worth £16 to me, but at least a chunk of that. Let’s see what the next blog brings!

Urban Mine: Evangelion Extra Book

So.. this was a wildcard bid based on this picture:

I bid low on it, ¥200, and won it for ¥100. No other takers. I bidded it on because a) Evangelion b) T-shirt c) Possibly a figure thing. 

So, let’s see what was in there. 

First of all, the book and the box:

The outers… so far, so Japanese. 

So what was the “figure”? If you look closely at the 3rd picture (or read Japanese), you may have figured it out:

A cute little awakened EVA-01 strap. 

Here’s the back of it:

Was quite annoying to get the plastic copyright tag out of the way to photo this XD. He really is quite tiny, but he’s well painted. 

Now for the t-shirt:

Translating the text on the front of the “book” (we’d call it a magazine), it does say EVA wireframe T-shirt, and yep, it certainly is. 

Here’s a closeup of the EVA:

One dude being carried by another dude. A little difficult to look at, but I find it a cool design. 

Logos on the bottom corner of the T-shirt:

The T-shirt is slightly too big for me, but I think I can get away with it :P.It’s not particularly thick T-shirt material, but feels good to wear, so I’ll see how long it lasts. 

From what I can ascertain, the book details what you can “get” in terms of scenes from the Evangelion Pachinko machine, and some ads for other Evangelion merch. There’s some cool pics in it, but not much to write home about. 

Can’t complain for less than a fiver, including shipping. The T-shirt makes it worth it, and I have the awakened EVA hanging up in the bedroom currently. If you’re a size S T-shirt or UK12-14, this T-shirt should fit. I’m around UK10-12, for comparison. 

Devilman Keychain

This keychain was added to a Mandarake order, to round out up to just under the amount where I’d be liable for VAT (ah, the fun of being a European). 

So here he is, in his silver glory:

Anything that isn’t the head is sculpted OK, but the head doesn’t show up very well from the front. They went a bit too textured on the face, which makes it really indistinct from certain angles. He’s rubbery, as he’s intended to be a keychain… but he’s a bit big for that! Wingspan from tip-to-tip is 12cm, and he’s 10cm tall, from his feet to the top of his wings. 


This is the keychain piece. You’re supposed to screw this into him… somewhere. There’s no hole to do it – it’s supposed to be self-tapping, so I’m going to file this away somewhere, and am thinking of using thread to dangle him from somewhere.

And just for completeness, here’s the back:

Am happy with him, he’s bigger than I thought he’d be – I was expecting like a small, metal keychain, but he’s a bit larger and PVC, so should be easier to display. If he was smaller and metal, I’d probably consider using him as a keychain though. 

Non-genre Grab-Box (S) – other items

This post will cover half of the remainder of the items in the box. There isn’t a really good way to split these and end up with sensible-sized posts, so the splitting is arbitrary. So, uh, enjoy!

Evangelion ‘towel’


These are called “hand towels”, but they’re flannel-sized, and not the size us in the West would call a hand towel. Could possibly use it as a flannel. It’s not the highest of quality, and a bit thin in places, I like it’s Evangelion, but it’s not a design that says “Evangelion” to me, so it’ll probably live in a drawer. 

Nerv Vs Godzilla keyring


This is one of my favourite items in the box, and was one of the first things to go on my hanging rail. It’s been coated and feels like it’d survive punishment, but I don’t really want to risk using it as a keyring. 

IBM Kei Nagai sticker


Cool-looking sticker, that does have a transparent background. Not yet stuck it to anything, but reminds me of the Ethereals in WoW. Did look up the thing he’s from, but I remember it didn’t sound worth investigating further. 

MSGV: Phantom Pain


Decent-looking strap, have it hung up, but it is one of the candidates to be potentially replaced one day, as I don’t have any current interest in the MSG series. 

Japan Post


Apparently Japan Post have a gatcha series! And this is what I got in mine. Sadly, the way it’s been designed means that it’s very hard to get to sit on a figure’s head. Not exactly an item one can expect! 

Yo Kai Watch


This was some data sheets and some plastic pockets to store your Yo Kai watch faces, plus a shiny watch face. I’ve since seen a video of the Yo Kai Watch (thanks Nerd^3!), and decided I definitely don’t want one. The watch face is currently kicking around on my desk, and the pouches turned out to be useful for storing badges! 

Kirby & Waddle Do


Yep, Kirby badges. Not a lot to say about these. Never played Kirby, was kinda before my time, am one generation out, lol. Nicely made, but not really of interest to me.

Chibi ship

Yep, you read that title right:


This was in a gatcha capsule, and is a ‘chibified’ version of a real ship. The ‘instructions’ for it gave you facts about the real thing. Didn’t know you could chibify ships, shows what I know! 

AmiAmi Grab Box for Boys (S) – Hangables

These items fit into the ‘Hanged up’ category of MFC. Not quite as grim as it sounds – these are items like keyrings, phone charms and danglers. 

Titus Alexius

My favourite of the hanged up items I got. No familiarity with the character, but love the design, and this thing is big! The stand also makes it easy to display.

Mikasa Ackerman

I like Attack on Titan, so this was one of the first things to be added to my rails, when I added them to the study Kallax. 

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Not familiar with this anime, seen it mentioned on MFC. Initially was headed for the Drawer of Purgatory, but ended up on the hanging rail. 


These are… OK. Currently on the hanging rail, but may get “voted off” if I run outta room with quality stuff.


Not familiar with this character, but I like her design. She made it to the hanging rail 🙂 Man, that’s not a great pic I took…

Touwa Erio & Chieri Ogata

Bit of a crap photo, but I like both of these. Touwa went to the hanging rail, and Chieri hangs off the wardrobe in the bedroom. 


From a VN called Utawarerumono. Never heard of it myself. She hangs in one corner of the hanging rails, due to her size. 

And that’s it for hangables. Next will be the miscellany that came in the box

AmiAmi Mystery Box – non-figures

So here are the things that aren’t going to be gracing shelves. 

First item visible when I opened the box was this clear file:

It’s shiny and quite colourful, so I plan to keep it and possibly use it for filing paperwork for visiting Tokyo next year. 

Along with this were some Re:Zero game cards:

They all have the same card back, which looks like this:

Not sure what I’ll do with these. Can’t read ‘em. Third one along the top reminds me of Nui, from Kill La Kill though. 

Here’s an acrylic standee from Macross Frontier:

Had to do some research to find out she was called Matsuura Nanase. Not sure if I will keep this. 

Next up is a Sailor Moon charm:

Pretty, but I don’t have any attachment to Sailor Moon. 

Here’s a magnet from Brave Witches. The character is apparently called Karibuchi Hikari:

This particular magnet wasn’t on the MFC database, but there are others in the same set. 

Here’s a Precure Shikishi board. Had one of these before, but this is a different design:

They’re pretty, so I might put them up somewhere… when I can be bothered. Got some other pics to do first!

Here are some straps, this was a double-pack, and the characters are from Idolm@ster:

And this is Kotori from Love Live!:

Finally, for this post we have a playmat, for all your card-game-playing needs:

These characters are from KanColle. 

Mystery box finale coming tomorrow!

Aki Ross & Deadpool

Went for a trip to the cash point… decided to make a detour to the one place within walking distance that sells figures. Found two things that appealed to me.

First is Aki Ross from Final Fantasy. I haven’t played the FF games, but I liked the look of this character. Also she was cheap 😀


Second thing I bought was a Deadpool keyring:


Can’t go wrong with a bit o’ Deadpool!