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Klan Klang – The rest!

OK, last Klan Klang blog for awhile… These are the last few Klan Klang items that I bought in this tranche of buying stuff. Don’t worry, I have more Klan Klang items on order (not figures though), so there will be more Klan Klang in the new year! (Yeah, you guys can’t see the massive backlog I have right now… So. Many. Photos.)

First up, Klan Klang teaches!


Aww, isn’t that adorable?! The paint on this figure has been well done, and is neatly painted. 

Here she is without the desk obscuring her:


D’aww. Don’t think she felt like coordinating colours this day… I feel the orange and purple clash a fair bit with the pink. 



Hair seam is average, the spiky parts of her hair look good, and the paint neat. 



Hair looks good, but a bit plain in the middle. Also the pink of her hair ties could’ve done with going a bit further up into her hair. Decent enough though. 

Top of the desk:


Here we have some writing, but I can’t read Japanese. Talked to a friend on Discord, who helped me translate this to “Oi! You are not watching!”… poor Klan Klang, not getting the attention of the class!

Here’s the front of the desk:

I like the fact they’ve included a storage slot here – a fair amount of attention-to-detail has been put into this desk, which is nice. 

I was on the fence about adding this mini-figure to my order, as I didn’t feel it was very “Klan Klang”, but overall I’m glad I did – it’s a very cute figure, and a welcome addition to my collection. 

Next up, we have an acylic standee:


I love the detailed outfit, and the colours work well. The shading details in her hair are really good too. These acrylic stands are of a decent size, so they don’t get lost in amongst the rest of the rubbish on my desk. 

Here’s the back, even though there isn’t a lot to see:


And, lastly, a mini-shikishi board:


Not sure if the colouring is supposed to be like this, or it has gotten faded over time – the colours seem a bit overly red. I like the design, but wish she looked a little happier tbh. I like the more casual nature of depiction, which sets it apart from the other stuff I own. May end up tacking another one onto an order, if I see another at a convenient time, just to see if this one is indeed sun-faded. If this comes up for sale, it’s usually cheap, so would be perfect to be tacked onto an order. 

Hope all the Klan Klang didn’t get too tedious! 

Klan Klang – Keyrings!

So in a few of my orders I snuck in a few Klan Klang keyrings, so let’s see what ones I got…

First up, one of her in a casual outfit:

A cute keyring, decently painted, though I find her outfit a bit indistinct from the front, with all the bits it has. Do love all the tiny details on the back though. 

This keyring also came with a second part:

Queedlun Rea! Or however you want to spell it… Klan Klang’s conveyance. I like the chibi design, which fits with the chibi keyring. No design on the back, so you want to ensure this part always faces forward when on display. 

Second we have micronized Klan Klang:

The painting is a bit rougher on this one, but the design holds up. The back pattern hasn’t got any gold highlights though. Would be nicer if her headband was a bit of a darker shade – looks a bit sat-in-the-sun coloured, but I guess they matched it with her outfit to reduce the amount of paints required. 

Micronized Klan Klang with a strap:

This one was rather cheat-y by Banpresto – it’s the same mould and paint scheme as the previous, only this one has a lobster clasp attached, instead of a chain and a ring. This makes it better for an ita bag, as you then don’t have a long, dangly chain to deal with. The paint seems a bit neater on this one, but it’s probably luck of the draw a bit with these minor prize items. I do really like the design of the strap though – lovely shade of purple, and features a Queedlun Rea silhouette. I think the font choice also works well. 

Now for a macronized Klan Klang:

Again, the lighter shade is used here for her headband and ties. No particular reason to do so either… but hey. It’s probably been all sorts of shades in the show. I like the little smile, but I think the eyes aren’t as good as the other keyrings. The suit is painted well for such a small item, though it doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny. Nicely detailed though, and I really wanted Klan Klang in her suit, so definitely happy with this keyring.

What’s better than Klan Klang in her suit?

Klan Klang with some armaments! The eyes seem to work better for this one, despite being pretty much the same as the previous keyring. Paint seems a bit neater, but they’ve seemingly sacrificed line width detail for the closer paint, but I still think it looks good. I like all the little details on the armaments, and thnk they did a good job with these. 

I think the last one is my favourite of these, but none of the others are bad. I’d prefer if the strap one wasn’t a straight-up dupe of another keyring, but having a different attachment does help differentiate it. So now to Klan-Klang up all my stuff!

Klan Klang – Chibi figures – Macross Frontier

Now for two chibi-styled prize figures of Klan Klang. 

First one is Klan Klang in her “Lovely Bomber” outfit:

Here she sports something other than her pink headband, and a prettied-up guitar. I love the vibrant blue of her hair, and her outfit works well, for its small size. 


Hair seam isn’t doing any hiding, but the sides of her uniform are neatly painted, and I like the shoulderpads she’s wearing. She also has blue hairbands to match her blue “Lovely Bomber” headband. 


Plenty of hair back here, and a nod to her usual hairstyle. 


Ah, Japanese translation, how we love thee. The logo is decently visible too, and her feet don’t obscure it too much, which is a nice touch. Her shoes look nice too. 

Now for a micronized Klan Klang:

Here she is in her micronized outfit. I think the cute face fits, but not totally sold on the skin tone. Her outfit is nice and vibrant, and features all the major features. Paint is a bit over the lines in places, but not excessively bad. Worst bit for me is the pink that doesn’t quite go to her right-hand-side of the headband. 


Hair looks good, has some shading and joins up well. She has some stubby ribbon bits, which I think are fair for the smallness of the figure and the chibi style. Her ears are nicely pointed, and look good pointing out of her hair. 


Her hair flows to the side on this figure, so we can see the back of her uniform… or at least some of it, thanks to the support. The support on this figure actually works well. The hair coming out from behind her headband is overemphasised on here, compared to some of her counterparts. Looks a bit odd like this, but not too offputting. She does seem to have pink glasses-cleaners in her hair though, than the sheer fabric she actually has. 


Base looks OK, and does the job. Fits Klan Klang, by being a representation of her headband though. 

Overall, I’m happy with both of these figures. Overall, I think the quality of the Lovely Bomber figure is higher, but I prefer the micronized version for her outfit. 

Klan Klang – midi figures – Macross Frontier

Today there shall be not just one figure, but two! You lucky blog reader, you. 

Both these figures are by Bandai – one blind box, one just boxed. 

First up, Klan Klang in a casual uniform:

Quite a cute figure, and I like the translucent blue base. The colours work well with this figure. There’s a small amount of shading, but nothing to write home about – the dark bit on the skirt looks a bit like a grease stain imo, but the hair is nice. 

Face close-up:

Not too much to the face, but looks OK. Here we can see some of the smaller flaws with the paint, but overall, pretty decent. 


Her hair is positioned so that it doesn’t foul with the stand, which was nice for assembly. The shaded ends of her hair show up well here, which is one of the things I like about this figure. I also like the little logo on her socks. Her shoes are also nicely detailed and painted neatly. 


Hair shading looks overly severe here – would’ve been nice to see more blending. Back of her clothes looks good though.

Top of her hair:

Some mould-blobbyness, but not too bad. The hair ties are translucent, which is nice to see. 

Overall, a nice-looking figure, competently painted, but could do with a bit more blending of colours in places.

Next up, half-age Klan Klang:

I accidentally ended up with two of these, so here’s just the one of them. She’s wearing her suit that she wears when she’s macronized in this figure, which is a mildly interesting choice. I like her in her suit though, so fine by me. On both of these figures, the paint is noticeably dodgy in places – here you can definitely see some paint errors on her legs. Again, she’s posed so you can see some of her long hair form the front. They have included some small details, like the SMS logo, but it’d be nicer if the paint job wasn’t quite so sloppy. 


Again, some derpy paint, but the sculpting and pose hold up. 


Her back is fairly obscured, so not much to see here like this. The main details are there though, but we’ll just have to admire the bows on her shoes. She was a tad fiddly to pose initially, but she’s fine once done. The clear stand holds her well, without being too distracting from the figure. Her hair ties are not translucent though :P. 

I think the first one is the clear winner, in terms of overall quality. I like the idea of the half-age figures, but their execution leaves something to be desired. I do like seeing Klan Klang in her suit, but the paint issues let the figure down as a whole. 

Klan Klang – Macronized ver – Banpresto

Now for a large Klan Klang! This one was an Ichiban Kuji prize figure:

And this figure certainly is large, to match her macro size! I love the shiny purple of her uniform, and the much more serious expression, to match her personality in macro mode. I love the bold colours of her uniform, which have been replicated nicely here. She does lack detailed shading though, due to her price status. 


Her face has been sculpted decently well, though I think her mouth is a little on the big side. We have the SMS logo on her uniform, but it looks a little elongated. Her chest is large like it is in the anime… but looks like they’re defying gravity a bit. Most of the black lines around here are neatly done. 


Here we can see she has her hand on her hip and is leaning forward slightly, to suit her stance. I like the way her hair curls around her body on this side. There’s a seam in her hair by her shoulders, but it is decently blended imo. 


Aand that’s some platforms to be using for piloting! Obviously doesn’t bother her, though… I like all the detailed creases in her uniform, and the hair down the side of her face is sculpted well. 


Here we can see some dodgy painting, but not too bad overall. She holds the helmet well, but I seem to recall there was some hairdryer action to get her to hold it in the first place. I’d recommend warming her hand to get it in there, as I think there’s a high chance of accidentally scraping some paint. I do wonder how comfortable a helmet is with all that hair though. 


Here we see they’ve done plenty of details on the back of her suit too, which really helps complete the design. The hair looks good, and is nicely out of the way so you can appreciate the detail they’ve put into this figure. 

Hair close-up:

Here we can see the sculpting is done well, but her hair ties are not translucent on this figure – not unexpected for a prize figure. I like the way they’ve done the hair underneath her headband though. 


I like these little bows on the back of her heels – that little bit of girlishness that stays with her in macronized form. The sculpt isn’t too detailed, but they do the job. 

Overall, I do like this figure. I think it definitely has a prize figure feel irl, but it was very reasonably priced when I bought it (and I was able to kindly ask the store I bought it from to pack it so it fit into SAL small packet, which was awesome). Overall, I’d recommend this as an affordable version of Klan Klang, though shipping might be a bit high if the store doesn’t pack it tightly. Thankfully my local mail service isn’t too brutal with parcels, so her box wasn’t even dented on arrival. 

Klan Klang – Micronized Ver – Alpha x Omega – Macross Frontier

And now for some Klan Klang… as I went out and bought a whole bunch o’ Klan Klang figures & merch…

First up, we have the micronized version of her by Alpha x Omega:

And she’s very cute! Only Alpha x Omega produced any kind of premium scale figure of her, and thankfully this one is a nice one! They also did a macro version of her, but Santa’s told me I’m not seeing that one until Christmas… 

I think the pose works well – it gives off the playful vibe that micronized Klan Klang has. I can imagine she’s running up to one of the other characters and gesturing towards them. 

I like the way they’ve done her outfit – her jacket is overlaid on her dress(?), which gives her outfit some depth. Her boots are also sculpted at the top – they’re not a separate part, but there’s some depth there so it doesn’t look like she’s got painted-on boots. 

The shading in the paint is all very nice, and helps add detail to the figure. The details are also painted cleanly, which is especially important for the gold edging. 


She has a very cute face, and her mouth is painted well. Here we can see the jacket – the gold paint mostly holds up close-up – if I had to nitpick, the ends of the gold piping on the jacket edge are a bit dodgy. The creases work well, and she also has a small pocket here. Her hairband is done as a separate piece, which helps it feel like a band. They’ve even included some sculpt details in her ear, which is nice to see. 


The pink-blue border holds up well, and I love the contrast between the gold and the blue on the erm… tie bits? I like the way the ribbon she’s wearing curls nicely down and helps emphasise her movement. We can see a bit of a seam close-up here, but it has been blended well, and could potentially be regarded as a seam in her clothing, as would exist in a real dress. 


I live her playful, stretched out pose. She’s also got an interesting heel design going on there… I love the little pink ribbons on her cuffs. The base holds her well but personally I would’ve preferred for her front foot to actually be on the base, instead of her being “midair”. 


Here we can see she’s got the “SMS” on her ribbon, as well as the base. Nice attention to detail there. Her hair flows well around her body, and is well-shaded. Contrast is probably a bit too high in the photo… the figure is fine. 


Here we see she’s got a small gold detail on her back, so they haven’t neglected the back of her outfit. There’s also an intentional seam on the jacket, plus a paint detail on the back of her boots. 

Hair close-up:

Here we can see they’ve done her hair ribbons in translucent plastic. I think they could’ve done with a tad more paint/dye, but they do the job. 

Overall, I’m really pleased with this figure and glad I got it. I think this is a solid figure for Klan Klang in her micro form, which is good… as there aren’t a lot of figures of her. It was nice to be able to get a figure that wasn’t a prize figure for her. 

VF-1 – Macross

This one was added to a small order. 

And it is small:

This is a gachapon toy of the VF-1 from Macross. Or Robotech if you prefer. It’s decently detailed for a gachapon figure, but does have a habit of falling apart. 


Logo on the gun is rendered well, and I like the little details in the sculpt. The paintwork is neat, but doesn’t have much detail to it. 




Engines are sculpted here, and you can see the VF-1′s feet. for when it is gerwalk mode. 


Here you can see the way it is twisting from not wanting to stay assembled. I like the little logo on the wing.


Here you can see a hole for the stand. There are two holes here, for an extra accessory you get with one of the other gachapon figures. I like the fact they’ve done the plating on the wings… even if it is obscured by copyright info… 

Overall, an OK little figure, but does have the disadvantage of liking to fall apart. Kinda wish Kinder Eggs had things like this, but this wouldn’t fit in a Kinder Egg. Hm. 

VF-31J Siegfried – 35th Anniversary Cosplay

As someone with an eye for the slightly unusual, this figure appealed. However, let’s start with the less unusual part:

She wasn’t too bad of a built but yeah… those stickers on her chest… They really don’t stick well, and the middle blob is actually her belly button. Yes, they sculpted it, then gave you stickers to cover it… Still considering peeling these stickers off and painting her, as it looks so bad. 

Her face was prepainted, but they give you a blank one, should you wish to paint your own, which I thought was a nice inclusion. 


I like the fact the hair is articulated, and the pink pieces in her hair. The headset looks good… but the bits on her hips are annoying. Not entirely sure what they’re supposed to represent, but for mine, on one side, it was hard to get it to sit right on the pegs that are there to ensure it articulates correctly. Also the stickers… they like to unstick themselves on this bit. If you look underneath the hip parts, you can see a sticker freeing itself – the parts that fold over on the stickers like to unstick. 


I like the look of the design back here, barring the escaping stickers. 

For balancing her, it’s a bit tricky with her small feet, but possible. Wouldn’t recommend – was a pain for these photos, so I’d recommend either displaying her with the VF-1 or fabricating some kind of stand/using putty to get her to stay.

And now for the pièce de résistance:

Here she is, riding the VF-1 in Gerwalk form! You initially make the plane in flight mode, but where’s the fun in that? She can be assembled into a walking mode, but it was such a pain to do the transformation, I couldn’t be arsed to change it to see what it looks like – and this is the main downfall of the kit. It pretty easily falls apart, which is so very annoying. The handlebars she’s holding can pop off, and then some of the associated parts can fall off. Some of the wing parts are also easy to knock off. 

The plane form is a bit flopsy from the ability to take it apart and “transform” it. 

And the stickers have the same issues as the ones on her body – they’ll peel and unfurl in places, especially for the ones that fold over a part. If you do want to paint it though, it comes with water decals, so you can use those for the writing after painting it. 


She does pose reasonably well on it, though getting her legs onto the stands is a bit of a challenge. Here you can see where one of her feet isn’t actually in place. D’oh. 


And here she is, standing almost properly. The nub on the foot stands does help to keep her in place whilst you pose her. I do like the way the legs are folded out for her to stand on. 


Booty shot :P. Looks OK from the back, not too much to see here. Getting the entire thing to balance can be a bit of a pain – at certain times, the plane did try to nosedive onto the mat. If you get the feet in the right positions, it should stand up OK though. 

Overall, I really like the unusualness of this kit, and it does look decent when built… if you ignore the stickers peeling off :/. I’d probably recommend this more as a kit that should be painted, rather than stickers due to this. And the not very helpful guide of how to stick them on – some are done during the build process, but the vast majority there’s some large pictures numbering all the stickers at the end – and one of them did require disassembling her to get it on properly. Some parts of the build were a massive pain in the butt, so I’d be prepared for the damn thing to fall apart at least once on you. 

I’d only recommend this kit, if you really want the end result. I wouldn’t class it as a particularly fun kit to build. 

Meiko & Sheryl Nome – Vocaloid & Macross Frontier

So theme of these two is…. gacha that aren’t usually gacha. 

First up is a Nendoroid Petit – I found a Goodsmile Company vending machine in Japan, and it vends Nendoroid Petits. There were 3 series to pick from, can’t remember what my choices were, but I went for the Vocaloid ones, as I’m familiar with some Vocaloids. So ofc, it gave me one of the ones I didn’t know, Meiko:

I remember this one costing a bit more than your average gacha, but being a Nendo Petit, this makes sense. From even a quick glance, it’s fairly obvious these are a fair bit higher quality than a gacha. 

My main issue with the figure is the mic – it is a bit of a pain to get into her hand, then it very easily falls out. The mic is attached by a peg, but the hole isn’t quite tight enough to hold it well. 

Other views:

Overall, I think she’s a decent Nendoroid Petit, but don’t have any personal attachment to her. The clothes are sculpted well, and she has some nice shading on her hair. Just wish she’d stay in one piece once assembled.

Next up, Sheryl Nome:

Originally, this was an Ichiban Kuji prize, but one of the shops in Japan had a gacha machine vending stuff from Evangelion and Macross respectively. Blog about the Evangelion items here. So this was the one I got from the Macross gacha. I like Sheryl’s outfit in this figure, plus the shading in her hair. 

Without hat:

I really like her hat, but displaying her without it is a viable option, if you prefer to see her hair. It’s fully sculpted, so she doesn’t look like she’s missing anything without it. 

Other views:

I really like the piping around her hat, and her outfit looks good from all the angles. She does have some fairly noticeable seamlines in her hair though, so she’s best viewed from the front. 

Overall, really happy I have this figure. I didn’t know it existed, and is the kind of figure I’d want the moment I knew it existed… and even better, I already owned it on knowing it existed 😀

VF-31F Siegfried (Messer Ihlefeld’s) – Macross Delta – Bandai Model Kit

Now for my new “thing” – model kits! I bought two larger kits from one of my favourite series, and stuck this in on a Mandarake order on a whim. 

After a lot of bitching at stickers later, I had this:

Next time I’m totally going to be using my tweezers to help out with the stickers, and there will be a next time! The pictures were pretty easy to follow, despite me not reading a word of Japanese. You do need to look carefully to work out what’s going on though, if you can’t read what’s being said.

Here it is from the other side, similar angle:

Quite happy with the end result, but I would’ve liked to get that cockpit sticker a bit flatter. It’s amazing how the stickers transform it from being a boring, grey and white plastic model to something quite colourful. 

From the top:

Looks pretty neat from the top. Not sure if the logo is quite in the right place – I did centre the logo on the centre of the plane, but the wing does just touch that black line on the other sticker. Also you can see where the cockpit doesn’t quite align. 

Side shots:

Looks nice in profile. Some very small stickers with writing on, to tell you that it’s a VF-31 Siegfried. One cool thing about this stand is that the peg that goes into the craft is on a ball joint, so you can angle it however you’d like and turn it around. 

From the back:

Engines look OK, though lack of fire :P. The small block on the back of the stand can go into the bottom of the fighter, if you don’t wish to have it on the stand. I love the fact they provided a space for this block on the back of the stand, so you don’t lose it. What I love less is the fact that I ended up putting this block in during the building of this craft, then I had to get some hooked pliers to get it back out again :P. Wasn’t so bad as I had some on hand. I guess the instructions may’ve said something about what it was for, but oops. 

After completing it, I quite like this craft. It is very small (10cm/4″ from the engines to the tip of the cockpit), but it cost me the grand total of £4.08, so I can’t complain about the price. I enjoyed building it enough, that I’ve ordered some more. They’re quite quick to build (at least for a model kit), so if I’ve got an hour or so spare, then I can entertain myself with building one of these! 

Klan Klang – Pearl ver.

Today, we have the pearl version of Klan:

As you can probably see, her hair and dress are shiny on this version, and she sports the same expression and pose. Her eyes are also green instead of blue on this one, but anime couldn’t seem to make its mind up what colour her eyes are. 

Left side:

Here you can see the shiny finish on her hair and dress. Looks nicer on the dress than the hair. The pink of her headband is more of a hot pink, and personally I prefer the colour used on the normal version. 

Right side:

This side really shows off the shine in her hair. 


Glossy! Not sure the gloss really works for her hair, but the dress is nice as being pearly. 

So after reviewing them both, which do I prefer? My vote would have to go to the normal version. I like the headband more on the original, which looks kinda faded on the special edition (I checked pics – it looks like it’s meant to be like it is), and the gloss on the hair looks kind of odd. However, as my figure collection was Klanless, I have space for both of these Klan figures :D. 

Klan Klang – Normal ver.

I was looking at this Klan figure, and saw there was two versions. Couldn’t make my mind up which I wanted, so I did the obvious thing and ordered both. Yep. 

So today we have the normal version:

I love her smiling expression, and the shade of her hair. She has a nice matte finish, which is a rarity for prize figures. Her dress also features some shading. The logo is rendered well on her hairband. 


I love the way they have her leaning forward slightly – it really adds to the pose. Her sideboob and armpit are sculpted well, and her fingers are nicely rendered. With the way they’ve done the hair on her head, it goes some way to hide the seam line.


Looks good on this side too. Love the splay of hair that’s on top of the ribbon. 


Some nice flows of hair, sculpted in a way so they don’t look plain. Her hair looks really nice from this angle, and her dress looks good. I like the bow on the back, and the fact she has some of her back revealed. 

She’s on the shorter side of things, as far as prize figures go, but she is a very nice figure. Certainly happy with her for the price I paid. 

Sheryl Nome – Banpresto SQ

This was the second of the two figures I got from the seller that contacted me on MFC:


And wow, what a figure she is. The outfit is what attracted me to this figure, and the amount of detail. She’s especially nice for a prize figure.

Her left:


That’s a mess of hair! A lot of different pieces plus some of her outfit.

Her right:

Her face captures that mid-singing moment. I do really like her top, but wish she’d picked some shorts that matched better with it, though both are well-presented here. No accounting for taste 😛

Her back:

Here you can really see the flowing parts of her outfit, which look really nice. The support on her left leg looks a little odd from the back, as she seems to be mid-step.

From the top:

Here you can see the bow/fascinator in her hair, and where all the strands meet up. Looks more natural than some more expensive figures. 

Now for some close-ups. Here is one of her upper half:

Slight miracle she hasn’t lost her shorts! I do love that top though. 


I do love her expression. Yeah, the end of the mic is broken – not been tempted to glue this yet. This was done prior to my owning of the figure (was mentioned by the seller). I may wait for it to be knocked off before gluing it though, as it doesn’t really show once positioned.

She even has a ring:

For a prize figure, she is very nice. My main gripe would be the skin – it could do with a bit of shading. Overall, she is a very nice figure, and glad I chose her.

Ranka Lee – N.A. version

In my large Mandarake order, this was the only thing that wasn’t Devilman-related. Have had this in my Mandarake wishlist for a few months, for when I was ready to do an oversized order. Note this is a cast-off figure, though she does have her nipples covered, even when cast off. 

Here she is, looking at her stand:


The top can be cast off, and the wings weren’t initially attached to the stand – the stand itself has two clear pegs to push them onto. 

Here’s a close-up of the heart on the stand:


I guess the stand is OP :P. 

And here she is on the stand:


She fits quite nicely on it, and I plan to display her on the stand. The first thing that hit me was her hair – it’s very green and to me, looks like a failed dye job. Looking back on the MFC pics, maybe some aren’t quite as distinct as mine, but one or two of the pics I looked at, there was probably some heavy post-processing. Other oddity for me is the hip crease – didn’t notice at first, but looking at it, I find it a bit strange, even if it would be accurate. 

Here is her back, with her top on:


I expected her to be holding her top, but she’s not. There’s not much flexibility in the top, so this is how the figure is meant to be. Her pose from behind has “life” to it, but she works better from the front imo. 

Now to cast her off:


Her head was quite tightly on, so I heated it some to ease it off. On mine, there’s a bit of a mark on one of the stars, and seems to be an error in manufacturing, as she was sealed. It probably is slightly more noticeable in the photo than irl. 

Right, now to put her head back on!


Her pose works really well for her cast-off option. She has a very nicely sculpted body. 

Here she is from the opposite side:


Lookin’ nice from this side. 

Her back:


She has a much cleaner appearance without the top form the back, and her pose looks a lot more like stretching. 

Chest shot:


That hair… Ah well, she’s got a nice belly goin’ on. 

I think this figure is a good demonstration that small boobs can and do work, and there’s not the need for all characters to have water balloons for a chest. Would be nice to have some more variety in anime, but hey, don’t think I’ll be particularly winning on that front. 

When I initially picked the box up for this figure, she was a lot smaller than I imagined, but opening her up and inspecting her, she’s a nice, quality figure worth the price. Haven’t fully decided if I’m going to display her with her top or not. Maybe I’ll switch her now and then.