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Klan Klang – Micronized Ver – Alpha x Omega – Macross Frontier

And now for some Klan Klang… as I went out and bought a whole bunch o’ Klan Klang figures & merch…

First up, we have the micronized version of her by Alpha x Omega:

And she’s very cute! Only Alpha x Omega produced any kind of premium scale figure of her, and thankfully this one is a nice one! They also did a macro version of her, but Santa’s told me I’m not seeing that one until Christmas… 

I think the pose works well – it gives off the playful vibe that micronized Klan Klang has. I can imagine she’s running up to one of the other characters and gesturing towards them. 

I like the way they’ve done her outfit – her jacket is overlaid on her dress(?), which gives her outfit some depth. Her boots are also sculpted at the top – they’re not a separate part, but there’s some depth there so it doesn’t look like she’s got painted-on boots. 

The shading in the paint is all very nice, and helps add detail to the figure. The details are also painted cleanly, which is especially important for the gold edging. 


She has a very cute face, and her mouth is painted well. Here we can see the jacket – the gold paint mostly holds up close-up – if I had to nitpick, the ends of the gold piping on the jacket edge are a bit dodgy. The creases work well, and she also has a small pocket here. Her hairband is done as a separate piece, which helps it feel like a band. They’ve even included some sculpt details in her ear, which is nice to see. 


The pink-blue border holds up well, and I love the contrast between the gold and the blue on the erm… tie bits? I like the way the ribbon she’s wearing curls nicely down and helps emphasise her movement. We can see a bit of a seam close-up here, but it has been blended well, and could potentially be regarded as a seam in her clothing, as would exist in a real dress. 


I live her playful, stretched out pose. She’s also got an interesting heel design going on there… I love the little pink ribbons on her cuffs. The base holds her well but personally I would’ve preferred for her front foot to actually be on the base, instead of her being “midair”. 


Here we can see she’s got the “SMS” on her ribbon, as well as the base. Nice attention to detail there. Her hair flows well around her body, and is well-shaded. Contrast is probably a bit too high in the photo… the figure is fine. 


Here we see she’s got a small gold detail on her back, so they haven’t neglected the back of her outfit. There’s also an intentional seam on the jacket, plus a paint detail on the back of her boots. 

Hair close-up:

Here we can see they’ve done her hair ribbons in translucent plastic. I think they could’ve done with a tad more paint/dye, but they do the job. 

Overall, I’m really pleased with this figure and glad I got it. I think this is a solid figure for Klan Klang in her micro form, which is good… as there aren’t a lot of figures of her. It was nice to be able to get a figure that wasn’t a prize figure for her. 

Alice – Queen’s Gate – Alpha x Omega

Saw someone selling their collection on MFC, and asked about buying this figure. One of the figure’s accessories was broken, so he charged the lower price for her. 

Here she is with her clothes on:


And here’s a photo of her with the unbroken gun that attaches to her waist:


Honestly, I think the guns look a little weird, so I’m happy to display her without them. They attach to her top, so you can’t display them with her, if she’s cast off. In this shot, the breakage that occurred during shipping also shows >< – her left cuff. Due to it being shadowed by her pose normally, the glued bit doesn’t really show. 

She has very nicely moulded hair, and I live her hair accessories. All are nicely painted and sculpted. 

Here is the gun from the side:


The gun has a peg on the back, which is how it attaches to her clothes. Bit of an odd way to attach. I think it would’ve been nicer if they had pegs on the sides, so that it could dangle downwards/backwards. 

So what’s she like without the gun?


The hole is visible, but not a biggie. Top looks nice. 

Top from underneath:


There’s a lot of nice detail on the top, and is a viable display option, unlike some cast-off figures.

Side shot:

Here are some pics of her top whilst she’s not wearing it:


Bit hard to take pics of her wearing it due to her pose, but it’s a very nice top, and clips together well. Have had issues with other pegged cast-off clothing, but this one seems to work. 

Some clothed shots that are probably NSFW:


Her clothing does nothing to cover her backside :P. Here she is from the back cast off:


Not much difference! A nicely-sculpted backside though. Her remaining clothes have some well-placed crease lines, and you can see where they press into her body. 

Now for the definitely NSFW:


Her chest isn’t super-visible from the front, but you do see more of her legs.

Side shots:


She has a nicely-sculpted, lithe body. I like the way her tail is joined to her body – a lot of demonic-type figures have the tail just kind of stuck there, but with ALice, hers has some form of attachment to her back. The guns she holds are also super-detailed. 

Chest close-up:


She seems to like to stay mostly SFW :P. Her expression looks good from this angle too. 

With this figure, I also like the way her tail curls around her leg, and was one of the things that attracted me to it. I also love the way her hair flows. She works as a cast-off or as a non-cast-off, whichever you prefer. I find the paint quality really good on her, but not sure if I’d pay full aftermarket price for her. If you like Alice, I’d say this is a solid figure of her. Well, erm, on the point of solidity – might want to ensure her dangling parts are still attached prior to buying.