DreamX Studio – Rei Ayanami

DreamX are producing a line of these Evangelion undressing figures. As I’m not collecting Asuka or Mari I’ve skipped on those, and just gone for the Rei. There are some more coming, but not decided if I will order them or not.

She does come with both a long-haired and short-haired head but I have only taken photos of the long-haired one.

So here she is:

The tape player is just a “bonus” accessory – it doesn’t have a place on the figure, but you can put it on the base for a more messy dressing scene. Or you could get a table prop to put it on.

The figure itself I’m really pleased with – the shine on the plugsuit is good and the blue hue of Rei’s hair is mesmerising. The paint is a liitle off in places, but that won’t really show on display. She was smaller than I expected, but that’s more because Rei herself is petite. She does have translucent hair, so that will put some people off but I’m not bothered by it. The glasses took a little bit of adjusting to get in her hands, but they sit well and she’s not at risk of dropping them. She has a nice skin tone too. Face could maybe do with a little more shading, but not a dealbreaker imo. Overall, I’d recommend this figure to a Rei fan. It’s an unlicensed figure though, so may not be easily obtainable.