Month: August 2017

WSM Comic Con – Grid Alien

This is the first of three loot posts for the Weston-Super-Mere comic con. For once, we had a bank holiday weekend that was hot :O. And the first hot weather in ages! Enjoyed wandering around the con, a decent selection of stalls, but when I returned later on in the day there was a “knot” of people by the entrance to the dealers – think they were queuing for something, but it made it confusing to if they were restricting access to the dealer’s hall or not. Turns out not. Fortunately I didn’t try to wait in the pile o’ people. 

So now onto the loot! Here’s the alien, still in the baggie I bought it in:


RARRGGH! Here he is, escaped outta the bag: 


And a side-on view showing more of the figure:


Happy with the figure, thankfully seems to be in good condition. Tempted to mount the base on a shallow container with an LED in it. Time will tell if I actually get around to doing that. 

Ryuk keyring

Bought this from a seller on Facebook, after a minor mishap with the postage. 

Took a little longer to arrive than anticipated, but super-glad to have him:


Getting him spurred me onto sorting out the second hanging rail, seeing as the first one is full!

Here’s a pic of the new rail:


Not much on it for now, and I’ll possibly shorten Sonic’s string. Scissors may also move, so I have them temporarily mounted to the right for now. 


Had this one shipped from France, from an MFC user. 

This one I had been wanting for a short-ish length of time. Saw it in someone’s loot posts, and was like “man, I really wanna get that one”, but wasn’t hugely available, and the size potentially made shipping awkward. So I filed it into the “possibly at a later date” pile. 

Then at a recent point in time I was browsing the new posts in the User Sales thread on MFC, and found someone selling stuff in euros… this one among other stuff. Asked for a shipping quote, it came up reasonable, so I bought it. 

A week or so later:


Yep, I really like this one!

And from the back:


Especially love her hair 🙂

During the day, my husband sent me “📦📦📦📥”, so I joked about putting my parcel in his in-tray. 

And thus I found out he can get very close to his in-tray and not notice there’s a figure in it:


He collected some paper out of the printer, I asked if he liked the contents of his in-tray, only to find out he didn’t see it!

Makimoto Misae

Bought this one with Jungle Emmy, as I got a deal on the pair. Don’t know much about her, but she looks pretty. 

She was smaller than I imagined, but am happy with her size. Means she’s easier to place somewhere in my rather large collection. One of these days I’ll pay more attention to the quoted sizes :P. 


This figure was a bit difficult to photograph, as it doesn’t lend itself to being photoed from many angles. Think I did OK though. 


Other problematic thing was putting her together – needed to heat up her feet to get her on the base, and the clear blue bits are actually two pieces, so it was an interesting time getting them to stay together whilst slotting them into her scarf. 

Tried to fit her in the Gnedby, but that was a no-go with her smoke/scarf(?) trails. 

Jungle Emmy

Bought this one from an MFC user. This one’s an interesting figure – the clothes are kinda soft, and has a somewhat clean-but-detailed appearance. 




The back. Couldn’t get her to pose with the spear as per the art. 


Kiryuuin Satsuki

Have pre-ordered the re-release of the Figma Matoi, and was hoping they would re-release Kiryuuin too, so I could get for a reasonable price… but I came across someone selling her at a price I couldn’t pass up, so I have ended up with her prior to Matoi


Super-pleased with her, and excited for Matoi. I will aim to find a space for them together :D.

I have also displayed the Rending Scissors dangled from a thread:


And a zoomed-out shot:


Frome Comic Con

Went to the mini-con in Frome. Bought two items – one from the con, one not.

From the con:


This is supposed to be used as a bookmark, but knowing me, I’d break it if I used it like that, so bought it to add as a dangler on my study shelves. I used a small needle to thread the thread through the holes, In this shot, you can see a bit of the thread that passes behind it – I did it like this, so that I can ensure that Sonic is straight when I hung him. If he’s not, I can adjust the thread to fix it. 

A slightly further away shot (you can see a bit of the pole with my other dangling items on it): 


Thinking of adding another “dangly stuff” rod to this shelf, like the one on the left. If I do this, I’ll more than likely move Sonic to dangle off that instead. That way I can slide him to wherever I want, without having to re-tape him. 

And the second thing… novelty warning…


SOLAR NODDING TOILET MONKEY! Every house needs one of these!

Side view:


Unfortunately, if it gets too much sun, he’ll faceplant in his newspaper with a little “tick” noise. Bought this for £2 in Pink Planet. 

And that’s it for “stuff”. I have two pictures I bought, will upload those to the blog when I’ve had them framed (probably not any time soon). 

IKEA trip!

Ended up buying some more furniture. Got two of the glass Kallax inserts, which is what I visited IKEA for, and a CD tower – Gnedby – as I saw one in Bargain Corner, and thought “I could fit that in my house!”. The one in Bargain Corner was the wrong colour though, so one quick visit to the IKEA website later, we were off back into the storage area to pick one up in beech. 

First up, the Kallax insert:


Figures in the Kallax insert. Didn’t take a photo with the door shut, due to glare. Which is the downside. It’s nice having the extra shelf & door, but I don’t think I’m going to fill out the cabinet with inserts, as there’ll be too much glare. I may alleviate some of the glare with lighting, but not got anything planned at this stage. The second Kallax insert is still boxed, and am still debating if I’m going to use it or not. 

Initially I wasn’t planning to use the shelf, but after rearranging the stuff I had, it made sense to use it,and put a good chunk of the small figures in there. I now have a few open spots for bigger figures in the spare room 😀

And now for the biggie, the Gnedby:


Apologies for the slightly pants pic. Fits really well next to the sofa, and the door doesn’t hit it, and Rei looks almost cosy in there :). It is wobbly without a wall bracket, so would recommend attaching it to the wall, if you have one. Has allowed me to move a bunch o’ figures, opening up their spots for other things :D. Will consider getting another one of these in the future, as their thinness means I can probably sneak them in another couple of spots in the house :]. 


Was browsing the MFC ads… and came across this fellow. He ordinarily comes with a Figma, but the pair is really quite expensive, and I don’t like the figma enough to justify the cost. 


This li’l fellow flew all the way from Spain, in seemingly record time. He was posted on the 10th, according to the tracking and appeared a mere 2 days later. Wasn’t home at the time, and saw the postie put the parcel in the box on the CCTV – it looked like the right thing, but wasn’t fully convinced as it was so soon since it got scanned in Spain. Came so quickly it didn’t even stop to get scanned on this side of the pond :P. 

Here’s a side shot of the fat bugger:


And one of his back:


And now the obligatory Japanese-figure-upskirt shot!


The most SFW upskirt you’ll see all week :P. 


And now for a “so random I couldn’t not order it”. Interesting designs on these guys, so might check out the manga & anime associated with these dudes. 

I’ve ordered a few of Kaiyodo’s small figures before, and never been disappointed, and this one didn’t break the trend. And now here for the randomness:


TADA! The guy on the left is bendy, and can be posed. The right hand one is statically posed, and apparently called Migi. Left hand dude was very sticky with plasticiser (not really a surprise, as he’s been in a sealed packet since 2003!), so he had to have a thorough bath. Love the way the veins have been painted inside/on an inner layer, as it gives them a much more “fleshy” appearance. 

Awesome little pair, if you like things like this 😛


And another Puzzle & Dragons figure! Lilith. 


Love her design, and the pose of this figure. Had to heat her hands up to get the scythe in them, but went in very smoothly after that. Texture on the scythe is a bit different, which is a nice touch. 

Pic of her with the scythe in focus: 


A nice little figure, which was cheap too 🙂 

Vampire Lord

With me winning only one item in the Urban Mines, I had a box to fill, so the next 3 posts will be for the figures that came with the JoJo prize figure.

First in line, we have Vampire Lord from Puzzle & Dragons. 


Bit of a pain to photograph with the sword. Main gripe with this one is the sword, in two respects: one, it gets in front of his face a bit and two, it’s a bit too much like a piece of plastic. Would be nice to have a little more detailing or something to give it a less “plastic” vibe. Other than that, he was good for the money imo. 

Talking about figures and gripes, one thing that I don’t have an issue with is his back:


This is how to do a plain back for a figure – looking at you Purgatori! 

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure prize figure

Another one from the Urban Mines… a JoJo “diorama” figure. 


This one looked nicer in person than I thought it might, and is detailed for a prize figure. Happy I bid on this, even though it was a pain to put together. Was also surprised that it was completely unopened & sealed – Urban Mine items rarely are, and the box seemed to be in good enough nick to be sold as a store item, so not sure why it went to auction. 

Here’s a view from the top, showing more of the figures:


A worthy “A” prize, imo. 

Rei Ayanami – Party Dress Ver

Bought this at the same time as Angela Balzac and thus got customs’d. Ah well 😛 Imo she was still worth it!


Here’s her face:


And her butt!


The velvety base is definitely a nice touch. She’s a bit smaller than I expected, but she’s well-detailed. Base has a few marks, but she was secondhand. If posed “right” on the base, the marks don’t show though. 

Angela Balzac

Here’s a figure I’ve been looking at for some time, without really knowing anything about the source material:


I like the base, and she looks good as a piece, but getting close-up there’s a couple of flaws – mostly the hair. OK for the money I paid, don’t think I’d want to pay full price for her (which would’ve roughly doubled her price). 

The alternate arm was a nice touch – both poses look good, but I can’t resist getting out the maximal amount of accessories :P. And one other nice advantage of the base: there’s a place for her weapon to rest. Some other figures I have could learn from this!

Sinon (Figma #241)

Bought this figure from a seller on Facebook, so this one didn’t have so far to travel to get to me. Sinon just after escaping her box:


And some posing a couple of days later:


She also comes with her rifle, which I added the strap and placed on her during the writing of this blog:


She’s now joined the shelf with Kirito and Asuna (ALO vers).

Picture of her on the shelf:


Pic of Sinon with her buddies (yeah, shelf needs a dust…):


Tyrande Whisperwind

Just a little one 🙂


Tyrande, from WoW. Saw the series 2 figures for sale in GAME for £10, decided the eBay prices probably aren’t going to go down much, so decided to pick this one up. Will probably pick the Illidan one up if I see it for a good-ish price. 

Happy with her, but these figures are a bit more than I really want to pay for them, lol. But man, I want ‘em. 

Rei Ayanami

Just a small post… this was an Urban Mine auction item, 100JPY bid. On receiving it, I’m glad I didn’t pay a lot for it.


A bit more detailed than I was expecting, but she doesn’t stand on her base very well, and she’s quite small. In the end, I chose to forgo the base and use some white tack to sit her in. She’s on top of a detolf, so the white tack isn’t visible, and it looks like she’s kneeling on the detolf top.