Frome Comic Con

Went to the mini-con in Frome. Bought two items – one from the con, one not.

From the con:


This is supposed to be used as a bookmark, but knowing me, I’d break it if I used it like that, so bought it to add as a dangler on my study shelves. I used a small needle to thread the thread through the holes, In this shot, you can see a bit of the thread that passes behind it – I did it like this, so that I can ensure that Sonic is straight when I hung him. If he’s not, I can adjust the thread to fix it. 

A slightly further away shot (you can see a bit of the pole with my other dangling items on it): 


Thinking of adding another “dangly stuff” rod to this shelf, like the one on the left. If I do this, I’ll more than likely move Sonic to dangle off that instead. That way I can slide him to wherever I want, without having to re-tape him. 

And the second thing… novelty warning…


SOLAR NODDING TOILET MONKEY! Every house needs one of these!

Side view:


Unfortunately, if it gets too much sun, he’ll faceplant in his newspaper with a little “tick” noise. Bought this for £2 in Pink Planet. 

And that’s it for “stuff”. I have two pictures I bought, will upload those to the blog when I’ve had them framed (probably not any time soon).