Elf Saint Sora Loyes – ODD

In celebration of ODD being whitelisted, I’ve decided to review one of my ODD figures that I’m yet to write a review/article for.

So today we have Elf Saint Sora Loyes, Arrested and Charged. The Future Fantasy series storyline is that beings with beneficial abilities/properties are captured and their DNA taken. From the DNA, clones are made which are placed in machines which the super rich can buy and take advantage of them. So that gives them an excuse of why there are so many copies of the same figure :}. And also places them firmly in the NSFW+ section for MFC.

The buying

This was one of my early preorders on Superbuy. I didn’t have a specific list of Taobao sellers, so I picked one who seemed to be legit. Fortunately for me they were, and 9 months later after some fraught checking for the final payment I was able to settle up and receive my goods:
Thought it was cute they used the loyalty card to censor the image.

I was reading on hpoi how she weighted “20 catties”. After some research I found out that a “catty” was 500g, so that makes her 10kg… and sure enough it was 10kg shipped weight! ODD figures don’t shirk on the weight – and most of it is the figure’s container. The vending machine is very heavy.

Being ODD’s first figure, this order was a gamble. But I was willing to risk it for such a relatively unique figure. Between it being ODD’s first and the fact distribution was limited to China, not many people followed me down the rabbit hole for this one.

The figure

Let’s admire her in her full glory:
Assembly for this figure was a pain – getting all the parts to sit right was a challenge, and I actually broke one of the parts in the process – one of the tubes to her chest snapped when I was tying to bend it – it did say in the instructions ODD uploaded to heat and bend it so I was expecting more flex, but nope. Fortunately the break isn’t very visible and is hidden behind her during display. And I’m unlikely to ever sell this figure.

She doesn’t have the happiest expression…. but neither would I if I was trapped in vending machine. There’s a good amount of detail in the eyes and the mouth is sculpted, which I appreciate. The hair sculpt is a bit on the chunky side, but we have some shading here albeit minimal. Bearing in mind this is the first figure from a new brand, I think it’s pretty solid. We have an ear tag detail – would’ve been nice to have some numbers here instead of the line of circles, so have to make up your own mind what it means and why she has it.

Let’s follow the ring around her neck:
It magnetically clips to the back of the vending machine – assumedly this is some kind of health monitor to ensure we don’t accidentally kill our elf. The sculpt and paint on this part is a bit on the iffy side, but overall I don’t find the flaws distracting.

Looking to the other side:
We have what seems to be an intercom, if we want to talk to our elf. I like the way they’ve connected it up to the panel for the milking cable to give a sense of realness to the construction.

The body paint is nice, with the pinkish highlights. Gives a fair amount of depth to her body. Getting the milking cups to her nipples was a massive pain – they didn’t naturally sit in the right place out of the box and I had to white tack them to her nipples to get them to stay. Can see a bit of it on her right boob. Now they’ve been in that position for a few years, they do stay there now (and probably don’t need the white tack any more). She has a pair of decently sized milkers.

Restraining bar:
Augh, this thing. It does the job it needs to, but can be one of the more annoying parts to get right when putting her together. It goes under her arms and has some tack to attach it to her back so it doesn’t move around whilst you’re getting her into the machine. If you do get it just perfect it can wedge up against the walls. It helps prop her up by leaning on the two rests. In some ways it’s nice she’s not “marred” with pegs or divots, but on the other hand it would’ve made assembly easier. Nice for people who may want to display her outside of the vending machine, a pain for the rest of us 😆.

There are a fair amount of shading accents on her body – some people may find the effect rather unsubtle, but personally I like it. She does have a bit of “webbed leg” going on, but nothing too drastic for a figure like this. Looking close the paint on the ankle restrains is a bit messy but it’s not visible when not up close. They have given her bands around her legs – no real explanation for them, so enjoy the eye candy?

Blood draw:
This part plugs into her leg – this close up you can see where I didn’t quite get it flush with her leg. A plastic band is painted on her leg, pretending to be what holds the line into her leg.

I wonder what they could be harvesting here 🤔. Her toenails are nicely painted. The ankle restraints simply sit atop the holders in the machine. The dildo is held magnetically in a hole in the base so is securely attached. So you could leave this part off if you wish, but there is a hole in the mirror for it. Nice of them to have a shield to prevent the machine door from getting dirty.

More of the mirror:
It allows some viewing of what you can’t see from the front, but with the dildo there’s less to see.

OK, now we’ve looked at what’s doing the vending, what can we vend?
Saliva: ¥CN 50 ($US 7)
Pussy juice: ¥CN150 ($US 21)
Urine: ¥CN 50 ($US 7)
Milk: ¥CN 100 ($US 14)
Blood ¥CN 400 ($US 50)

(USD rates based on exchange rates in June 2024 if you’re reading this in the future).

So, uh, what do you fancy? A nice cup o’ wee? And do they serve it warm or cold?

Interestingly the selection dial has the options in English:
All of these controls are static – no moving parts here.

Once you’ve made your selection it’ll go into the cup below the dispenser:
Cup handily labelled “elf juice”. So you don’t mix it up with your coffee. This cup is a separate part so you can also display it elsewhere but I decided to tack it down after moving the vending machine a couple of times and having it fly off across the floor. The ridge does help it not fall if you’re sliding it around but greater movements will send it flying.

Agh! Where did she go?! Getting her back out for photos wasn’t too bad, though I did break part of the blood line :/. Yeah, wouldn’t recommend disassembling unless you have to, and leave the blood line in or very carefully pry it instead of pull. When moving it, she does stay in place with the amount of resting points she has.
The details inside the machine are good – enough details to give it a sense of realness, but maybe the vent at the back could’ve done with a bit of shading. The silver parts of the milking wires magnetically connect like the health monitor – they have similar but larger square slots behind the panels. The lighter pink inside gives a good contrast to the outer hot pink.

The handle has magnets on the back to hold the door shut. On mine, the handle is a bit loose when the door is open, but shutting the door pulls everything tight.

Here she is out of the machine:
The health monitor does come off, just didn’t fancy taking off her head to do so. Her genitalia look somewhat odd when she doesn’t have the dildo in there.
The silver part of the blood line is not supposed to be here…

A little bit of shading towards the ends of the strands, but nothing other than that. Is sculpted with a decent amount of detail though.

Here we can see how the bar tacks to her back. Yeah, this is how you’re supposed to do it. The little mark on the bar was there when I unpacked it – not damage inflicted by me. They have shaded back here and given her wrist restraints, though you won’t see those when she’s in the vending machine.

But what happens if we “unlock” the coin door?

The keyhole here is a button that you can press to turn on the light:
The light will show up any dust adhered to the acrylic door 😆

With the door open:
LED lights don’t photograph the best, but it’s quite a nice yellowy light.

The light itself:
A strip of LEDs allows you to enjoy Sora Loyes in the dark.

The panel also lights up:
I do like the light-up effect for these. Very reminiscent of a vending machine, though maybe not a modern one.

Lastly, a quick tour of the outsides of the vending machine:



There’s details to be found on all of the sides, which is much nicer than it just being exceedingly plain. The mark on the top was my fault.
The front-facing picture of Sora is creepy though – with the very round, blank eyes and drool. Feel like they could’ve made this cuter and fit in a bit more but it’s nice they’ve added some artwork to the sides. The vents here have deeper grooves so don’t look as flat as the one inside.

Overall, I think she was a strong start to ODD’s figure-making “career”. There are some bits that could be polished that would’ve made it a better figure but am happy with what I received. I’d prefer it if the vending machine wasn’t so heavy, but it does make it feel like you get your ¥CN 2000’s worth.

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