Month: July 2023

NL Studio – Thanos – Jack-o pose

The meme, the legend… presenting Thanos in the Jack-o pose! This figure took the internet by storm in 2022 when NL Studio announced they were going to produce him. If you’ve not heard of this figure, oh boy, you’re in for a treat! Warning: eggplant ahead!

This figure was offered in 1/6 and 1/4 scales, both with a standard and a deluxe edition – the deluxe coming with two bodies, one “clothed” and one naked. I went for the 1/6 deluxe edition – with Thanos being a large chap in general I felt the 1/6 would be sufficiently large and wanting the two bodies, the 1/6 deluxe was pricey enough at CN¥1880 (US$265).

Shipping woes

Deposit went fine, replenishment (final payment) went fine, studio didn’t take long to dispatch. Then came the fun with international shipping. He was just under the limit for volumetric shipping so ended up paying for the shipping service so I wouldn’t have to pay an eye-watering amount for volumetric shipping – his shipping via SAL was CN¥560 (US$80), volumetric was clocking in at least double that. So I stumped up the cash, and waited. Then Chinese customs refused it. Arrggghhh. Then came an agonising 2.5 months wait for it to be returned to the agent’s warehouse and get stocked back in, not knowing for sure if it was going to happen.
Thankfully it returned and my shipping was refunded, whew. In the intervening time, EMS prices came down significantly so it cost “only” CN¥585 to reship via EMS. And another CN¥20 for the shipping service…
And if the shipping wasn’t cursed enough, EMS took 14 days, when other parcels were taking 7. But he arrived and that’s the main thing!


Let’s first see what number I got by flipping the base:
I think the universe is telling me he is indeed cursed. I hope the mail delay wasn’t him trying to Thanos Snap the other parcels he was shipped with.

Top view of the base:
The base is decently weighty which is pretty common for resin bases. As Thanos is known for his destruction they went with a destroyed piece of concrete with bits of twisted metal reminiscent of parts of a building. The metal parts look good, but the concrete/asphalt looks a bit bland in person and could’ve done with a bit more variance in shading. As it is, from certain angles it does look plasticky. It’s nice they have included some earthy bits though I think they could have done adding in some darker earth tones.

The sculpting is really nice, but the paintwork could do with a little work. Overall, it’s decent in my opinion.

The layered effect is really cool, but the dirt bits aren’t really selling themselves properly as dirt – the bits that have more definition between the dirt and surface paint do look better than the ones that seem to be blended.

Overall, the base is not cursed. Unless we’re counting the 66 on the bottom of it. The paintwork isn’t top-notch, but mostly does the job. I could see someone with painting talent adding in a bit more shading and definition, but I don’t think it’s a necessary thing. The figure does cover up a good chunk of the base when on display, so the greyness of it isn’t overly obnoxious.

Figure parts

Starting off with the sword:
The detailing on the sword is nice – everything is painted neatly. And it’s apparently a sword rather than a glaive but being double-ended it was a bit hard for me to tell XD.
Mine curves downwards at the ends – I don’t believe this is intentional, but will have to monitor to see if it bends over time. May have to unbend it or put it away if it becomes a problem over time.

Head and limbs:
As he has two bodies his legs, arms and head are all separate parts which connect using the power of magnets. His armour (barring the infinity gauntlet) has had battle scars and weathering applied which is nice attention to detail. We even have some dirt on the soles of his boots. No complaints with the parts here.

Let’s take a closer look at the head:
In my opinion the head has been done really well – he has a creasy face and they’ve managed to replicate that well. We also have some realistic-looking eyes and they’ve given his lips a different colour and sculpted his teeth.

Other views of the head:
His helmet has been really nicely done – the small details are painted well and all the battlescars in the sculpt.

The infinity gauntlet divides into two:

And we have a switch and two batteries:
I had to have the original batteries removed for shipping reasons, and one detail that was lacking attention was the direction of the battery compartment – the plastic part is actually the wrong way around. One prodding it with a bench supply later confirmed this fact. It’s a very minor detail and doesn’t affect anything – just gotta put the batteries in the opposite direction than labelled. The terminals are around the standard way.
Getting the batteries in there can prove a little interesting as the gauntlet magnet can “steal” them, so have to watch out for that!

Gauntlet turned on under photography lighting:

Gauntlet under room lighting:
So under very bright lighting you only see the large stone light up – but under normal conditions the second photo is more accurate.
It’s a neat feature, I don’t think it’s the best it can be but is neat for people who like lighting effects.


OK, here’s where the cursedness will begin – time to show off the bodies!
First up is the body that sports a rather fetching metal thong.

Here it is from the front in its chickenlike glory:
Yeah, these bodies look rather funny without the head and limbs attached. The skin texture has been well done, with multiple colours of paint. We’ve also got his speckled skin texture replicated along with the lines that run across his body.

From above:
The thong consists metal straps that fit with Thanos’ style and I like the work that’s gone into imagining how a metal thong would work. It also slightly presses into his skin – much prefer this than some of the “bikini bites” some Japanese figures get where the clothes dig very deeply into the skin. We’ve also got a little bit of asscrack on show :). And plenty of muscles to admire.

Getting close to the thong:
A little bit of “skin webbing” going on here, but not enough to be noticeable. And two very pert buttocks. Thanos definitely didn’t skip bum day. Is that a thing? It should be a thing :P.

From the back:
Lighting went a bit bad on this photo so has ended up coming out a bit different. But this is what we get to see from behind.

Let’s flip him over:
The body sculpt and painting is really nice – plenty of shading and detail to his body. And painted male nips! C’mon Japanese manufacturers… give us more like this. Well, you don’t have to make them purple.

Closeup of his pouch:
Shiny enough to reflect my lighting! If you don’t want the full Thanos experience, this leaves at least something to the imagination. Reasonably spacious, but I think he’d be in trouble if he got an erection in this thing – trouble with metal is it doesn’t really flex.
If you didn’t want to think about erect Thanos, you came to the wrong blog – don’t worry, you won’t have to use your imagination for too much longer.

Arm muscles:
These look a little odd in the way they don’t quite meet, but this bit isn’t very visible once assembled.

And now for the naked body – if you want to leave Thanos’ nether regions to your imagination, this is where you’ll want to get off of this ride.
Now for some untrussed chicken:
From the front both the bodies are similar – only the lack of a thong.

View from above:
Above is also similar, only we’re now treated to a full view of asscrack.

Let’s lower our angle:
Aaand here is where we get a full view of his balls and butthole. The butthole does look a little crater-y – not the best sculpting here. They have gone full ham on the ballsack giving it shading and texture.

If we go lower, we can start to see the penis:

Let’s flip him over:
So this is what the posing pouch was hiding! I think from this we can ascertain he’s a grow-er rather than a show-er. For the rest of the body it’s the same as the clothed one.

Looking down at the offending article:
There is a dimple representing the hole. I think the hole could have done with a little bit of dark shading to make it more hole-like. We can also see he has an oval penis rather than round.

From certain angles this makes it look kind of weirdly flat:
Whilst penises can be oval I feel like this one is a bit too oval which makes it look deflated from certain angles. I’d associate Thanos being girthy in every direction. We have plentiful vein sculpting and shading though.

Full twig and berries:
Looks good from this angle, and is plentiful in the size department without going crazy.

Naked body from the sides:
With him unassembled, we have a glimpse of the twig from the sides. He’s got a vey bendy back but the pose kind of necessitates that.

OK, that’s the bodies checked out on their own – time to put on some limbs!

“Clothed” body

Clothed might be an exaggeration for the body sporting the thong. But it’s the easiest way of distinguishing it.
If you just want a Jack-O Thanos without the full nakedness, this one delivers. The pieces all fit together well, and he looks good with his head just above his arms at a slight angle.

Time to swap some pieces:

Naked body

And now we have the version not suitable for guests:
With the limbs attached to the body it gives a greater viewing angle of his penis. Still requires selective angles to see it, and you don’t see it from the front. So whilst he’s exposed, it’s not immediately obvious. With my naked body, his left leg doesn’t attach snugly to his body though I could likely remedy this with some white tack. It doesn’t affect his display but when you put him down his leg does shift a bit – a minorly annoying defect which doesn’t exist on the other body.

Some more shots for some closeups of the goods:
Yep, definitely there and pointy. He might have an eye out with that thing :).

Display mode

And now for the final spin-around on his base:
He doesn’t have pegs to attach to the base – you simply rest him on there. So he needs to be displayed somewhere where he won’t get knocked, but he has a decent amount of weight so he won’t shift too easily. The sword slots into a hole on the base, but was a bit difficult to get into the right spot.

Overall, he’s a surprisingly good-looking figure – though that should be partially expected as he is pricier than other 1/6 resins I have. The figure isn’t flawless – if I could improve one thing it would be the paint detail on the base to make it a bit more lifelike. I’d say most of the issues I have are minor and he looks fine on display. And he can sit around, surprising anyone who dares go for a side view :D.

Official vs Bootleg: Eve Lovecall ver. – Pink Charm

Welcome to what will probably be the final Official vs Bootleg. However, this blog should deliver – not only do we have two bootlegs to compare with, well… you’ll see!

I will be comparing her both cast-off and clothed – if you’re not interested in seeing her unclothed, I can offer one (1) free click of the back button.

The two bootlegs are a hard and soft version – so let’s see how similar they are to each other and the original. Will she fare better than Hermaphroditos did?


MSRP (without tax): ¥18,000
Price I paid for the official (inc shipping): ¥22,030 (£144.42)
Price I paid for the hard bootleg (inc shipping): ¥CN165 (£19.05)
Price I paid for the soft bootleg (inc shipping): ¥CN175 (£20.20)


Looking at the outsides of the boxes, the hard version is very similar to the official – even including the copyright at the bottom. Only the shininess on this part gives it away really. The soft bootleg we’ve got a Japanese line added and a botched font choice for the main title. There isn’t any copyright in the corner (the sheet isn’t covering anything up here).
Looking into the boxes, the hard bootleg has a dark pink backdrop, the soft has nothing and the official is a very pale pink. The blisters are also different on all three.
And you’ve probably spotted the arm that’s escaped on the hard bootleg, plus possibly the escaping wings for the soft bootleg.
If the more astute of you have noticed the hole on my official box… that was done by a small Diablo figure (from the game by Blizzard) falling down off a shelf and managing to pierce one of his spikes into the box ><.

The hard version is a faithful copy though it’s slightly offset from where it should be. The soft ver we just have a low res photo of the official expanded to fill the space. In person you can clearly make out the jpg artefacts.

Again, the hard copy is the same as the official box, only with poorer print quality. Soft bootleg has the same as the left side jaggies and all.

Again, mediocre dupe for the hard bootleg.
But the soft bootleg delivers – we have an extra line about how the bra is removable and about the bonus postcard! I scanned the barcode here, it did scan but it was a bunch of meaningless numbers, nothing like a normal barcode. Interestingly under the barcode it says “cod-2022220301” – was this weird box designed on the 1st March 2022? Or maybe some other permutation of the given numbers?

Just varying shades of pink. Not much to see here.

Interestingly, neither bootleg nail the top design. The hard bootleg they’ve decided to edit one of the side photos and place it on the top of the box the cover up the lack of window. However, if you look between her hair and back you can see chunks of the background they didn’t remove.
The soft bootleg goes for a more similar design, but instead of the Pink Charm logo we have “Eve LOVECALL” in that dodgy font.

Blister front:
My official one is repacked, so may contain some inconsistencies from the original packing. But the bootlegs as they were on arrival – bits everywhere and all. For the soft bootleg they have provided more sections in the blister for the accessories whilst for the hard they’ve worked with what they have and put the panties on the figure seeing as there’s nowhere to store that. The chest strap is doing its best at hanging around the place, nowhere in particular.

Blister back:
Yeah, these bootleg blisters aren’t doing too well! Both of these bootlegs travelled in the same shipping box, but we have more woes with that hard bootleg…

A mixed bag as far as the boxes go – the bootlegs are easy to pick out as bootleg if you know what you’re looking for. Someone may be fooled by the hard bootleg’s box but the soft bootleg one looks noticeably bad so a regular collector would be able to smell bootleg.
With both of these, a gander into the box will quickly reveal them to be bootlegs – ignoring the crapness of the contents, they’re also packaged differently – the official has most of the accessories in a separate tray but neither of these bootlegs do. Or the censoring paper.


Panties, strap and armbands:
Forgot to get the armbands out for the official, but honestly there isn’t too much to see with them – you get two sets – one with slits for the chest straps and ones without if you want her bare-chested.
The hard bootleg comes with the two straps like the official, and the armbands. No loose hard panties – they’re already on the figure!
The soft bootleg however… we don’t get any armbands and instead get a whole band to wrap around her.
So quite a different selection here, when it comes to the loose accessories.

Got the order wrong when taking these photos, so the soft bootleg’s wings are in the middle.
Neither set of bootleg wings manage to emulate the same glossy sheen as the official pair.
The soft pair are easily the poorest of the three – very transparent and not much of a blend. The hard ones fare a little better but not exactly attractive. Both bootleg pairs have dark bands by the pegs which the official doesn’t have.

Overall, the bootleg accessories aren’t inspiring confidence, especially that soft bootleg “rubber band” for the chest cover.

But wait… didn’t the soft bootleg say something about a postcard? Yes, yes it did:
The colours are somewhat off on the bootleg, but not the worst. They have removed the copyright though.

It said postcard, but there wasn’t any attempt to provide postcard markings back here. Well, I guess most people are going to only use it as an art card anyway.

Which it feels more like:
The first thing that became noticeable upon picking it up is how robust it felt compared to what your average postcard feels like. It’s 6g, so you could still use it as a postcard if you wished (international stamps are usually for up to 20g). For me, the plain back is preferable as the addresses I have sent to don’t follow Japanese format so the postcode boxes are an annoying waste of space. UK postcards just have lines which is much more convenient use of space.


The official is definitely the superior fur – fluffier than the hard bootleg, less bits falling off than the soft bootleg and does a better job of covering the base than both.
The fur on the hard bootleg isn’t even attached:
Yeah, nothin’ stopping that one from floppin’ around.

Yeah, quite a variation on the bottoms. The official has some gridding to add rigidity to the base which the bootlegs lack. The hard bootleg is the most similar with one metal peg. With the soft bootleg we have an extra support hole which is actually used.

Surprising amount of variation for what’s basically a white disc with fur on top. The official definitely has a more premium feel to the bootlegs.

OK, that’s enough looking at the various parts, let’s get these disasters out of their boxes!


As they were:
First things first: yeah, both of the hard bootleg’s twintails were snapped off in transit so they won’t be present for this review. Reallly couldn’t be bothered to glue them on at the time XD. But looking at this atrocity, I’d regard it as a waste of perfectly good superglue.
Uff… well, where to start? Let’s start with the hard bootleg’s right leg – not sure what happened there, but she seems to be severely sunburned or something. But just on the top of one leg. On the back we have a dimple on her lower back from poor casting (I thought the one on the shoulder was also unintentional, but I’ll realise what this is later). And her legs don’t fit together properly with her body. And a lean.
Moving over to the soft bootleg – ouch her poor back! She’s severely leaning backwards as well as having very bent arms. A weird banana-y look.

Let’s get them all dressed up with all their accessories:
In terms of assembly, putting the wings on the bootlegs was surprisingly easy – usually it’s an absolute nightmare putting wings on bootlegs, but these ones weren’t hassly at all. The official is probably the most hassly out of the three XD. Putting the band on the soft bootleg was a bit of a pain and the chest straps on the hard one can randomly fall off. As well as the hard bootleg’s right arm – yeah, there was a reason that thing was floating around the box. Stare at it too hard and it falls off :/.
And yeah, we again have a couple of drunken bootlegs who can’t stand up straight… sigh.

Figure close-ups

As per tradition, let’s start with the face:
Yeah, neither of these bootlegs are nailing it. The official has a soft, gentle look that the bootlegs cannot replicate. The hair has a nice, gentle sheen to it, and her hair pieces are sharply cast with a smooth colour transition. Moving to the hard bootleg, we have a bit of a shocked mouth, no gradient in the hair and some very sad hair accessories that don’t even match. And onto the soft bootleg – one very shiny face, neon eyes, and I think this one is blank between the ears. The hair does have some shading to it but isn’t as nice looking as the official. The hair accessories are better on this one vs the hard, but not as good as the official.
The bootleg collars are also terrible-looking – in this category the soft bootleg’s is the ugliest in my opinion.

Top of the head:
Hard bootleg photo is blurry but you’re not missing anything here. There is some shading up here on the hard one whilst the soft is lacking. However the hard one lacks pigtails…. which are still on the floor ¬¬. The official doesn’t have the most blended additional hair strand, but the soft bootleg shows how bad it can get when there’s little to no care taken.
Both bootlegs appear to be missing the stray hair strand that goes over her shoulder on the official – though the soft one does have one, it’s just not visible at this angle.

The original one looks nice, but the bootleg ones manage to look somewhat gross with their off textures. Neither of the bootleg ones match nicely with the arm straps. We can also see how the bootleg arm pieces don’t fit well either.

Back view of the straps:
The official clips in nicely, the hard bootleg doesn’t and the soft bootleg is still a rubber band. On the ends of the official band we have silver clasps painted to transition the band from clear to white. There is no painting on the bootlegs despite having this feature moulded into their respective bands.
The shoulder gouge is still there, taunting me.

The textures of these match their bra strap counterparts. The bow painting goes from bad to wtf on the bootlegs – little to no attempt was made on soft one.

Back of the panties:
Similar story back here from best to worst left to right. The hard bootleg’s aren’t massively far off, but the soft bootleg’s are noticeably smaller and whiter.
Can also admire the poor leg joints on the bootlegs here.

Now to strip off her little amount of clothing:
Her nipples are a lot more distinct on the bootlegs. The official’s body has subtle amounts of shading, the hard bootleg has none and the soft bootleg has fairly distinct shading. Both bootlegs have noticeably shiny skin. The official and hard bootleg have distinct belly buttons and the soft one just has a dark spot which makes it look a little odd.
(Yeah, the hard one still has its panties on in this shot – I had some issues removing them at first and wasn’t sure if you actually could).

Bodies from the side:
The original has a decent amount of arch to her back, and the hard bootleg is pretty similar, though we do have a distinct seam running down the side of the body. The soft bootleg is leaning in to her full soft designation and is really leaning back.
Looking at the hands, both bootlegs have excess plastic in her fist but the soft one they haven’t attempted to even give it a hole.

Closeup of the bow detail on the leg:
Some mediocre paintwork on display on both the bootlegs here. The ties aren’t too bad considering the rest though. The soft bootleg definitely seems to have a silver paint overspray issue on the leg band. Here you can definitely see how the pieces were all cast “on the wonk” on the bootlegs – everything is just a little off.

The official is a bit more distinct in this region than the bootlegs, but not a lot in it. It’s not a figure for people who like detail. The chain between her legs has a tendency to pop out with the bootlegs – potentially somewhat fixable if you took the time with a hairdryer to bend them.
The hard bootleg on mine has a horribly-painted leg piece – looks so strange, surprised they went with this even if it is a bootleg.

The chains on the official can be a little fiddly, but once they’re in they should stay in. The bootlegs… well, good luck in getting them to marry up with the holes. And then not having the limbs falling off! Surprisingly the chains are painted OK on the bootlegs.

Crotch close-up:
None of them have much detail down below – if you like your figures with sculpted labia minora, this is not one for you – just a majora visible here. The official has dark pink paint to represent the inside of the genitals but neither of the bootlegs have bothered.
Here you can see how I failed with the leg chain on the official – it does go in, but easy to miss pushing it in the hole as you assemble the legs.

The tights are supposed to be slightly skin-colour-shaded to give a sheer effect. I’m always a bit iffy about this design choice though it isn’t too bad on the official for this figure. The bootlegs didn’t seem to get the memo and are somewhat of a mess especially the hard bootleg.

With the wings taken out we can see how badly the bootleg holes were cast – the hard bootleg’s holes aren’t too bad, but we can see some spare plastic “dripping” from the soft bootleg. Who is busy leaning back into next week.
The gapping is so horrible back here on the bootlegs. They really don’t like keeping their limbs on. Here we can see where the “stray” hair strand got to on the soft bootleg – it’s there but hovering up in the air instead of resting on the shoulder. Looking at this I realised what the “gouge” in the hard bootleg is for – this is actually a slot for the hair strand to glue into, and indeed on the hair that’s missing from the hard bootleg there is a corresponding peg on the stray hair strand. It doesn’t look like that it was ever glued on the hard bootleg which is another reason the hair made a break for it.
The lower down dimple over the butt – no reason for that one – there is nothing attached in this location.

Amazingly, none of these look bad. We can see how all three figures have slightly differing stances though.

Sides of the shoes:
The painting is a little weaker on the bootlegs, but impressively none of them are an absolute mess. The soles of the boots on the bootlegs aren’t quite as flush as the original, but not something you’d notice unless you’re inspecting the figure.
There’s also varying amounts of gloss between the three but again, not massively noticeable.

Bottom of the feet:
Each of them attaches to their respective stands differently, so have different peg arrangements. The official is the most aesthetically pleasing with its singular hole for the metal peg. The soft bootleg is greedy with its attachment points with both a hole and a peg.


Whilst the boxes could easily be confused with each other, a glance at the contents would reveal their bootleg nature – neither bootleg is good enough to be passed off as the real thing with anyone with at least a passing familiarity with the original.
In terms of quality, these bootlegs are awful – both have issues with parts falling off and do not look great. The squidgy feature of the soft bootleg is a waste as it is so gross feeling. Maybe it could be cleaned up to be less gross, but official figures with this feature are much nicer to touch. So with the downgrade in looks as well as feel I don’t think the soft one represents a good purchase for anyone. If there are hard versions without the raging infection in the right leg, I can see someone displaying this however her limbs are prone to falling off and there’s a good chance she’ll be broken on arrival. The hair is also distinctly two-tone which will put some people off too.
Only use for these in my opinion is replacement wings if someone has the official and they’re broken/lost. The bootleg wings aren’t as nice as the originals, but would do to produce a complete figure. Otherwise the bootlegs are truly a waste of perfectly good plastic. So these indeed lived up to the Hermaphroditos bootleg legacy!

ODD Mastermind – 10cm edition

Marketed as just an ordinary brain, we have the Mastermind from ODD. This figure comes in two sizes – this small 10cm edition and a 30cm edition that’s not released yet. In imperial units, that makes it 4″ tall.

The box:
In ODD style, it’s pretty plain with some warning information on the back.

Inside the box was just the black EPE foam protecting the figure – no story card with this one. So we’ll just have to make up our own story of how this brain came to be – it it reminiscent of yours…? Let’s take a look to see!

The figure:
For the size, I’m impressed with the details and the paintwork. You can make out the brain’s components quite well and the wires are nicely patterned to give them that chunky industrial wire vibe. All the parts are nicely shaded to give them definition.

And it also has a light-up function:
It’s not the most impressive feature, but it’s a nice addition. Probably not going to use it much, if at all. I hope they go mains powered for the larger version as they tend to provide better LEDs with their mains powered figures, but we’ll see.

Overall happy with this smol brain and looking forward to the big one being released. But not looking forward to the shipping cost for that one! This smol brain currently displayed in one of my cabinets, but may sneak around the house to surprise unsuspecting guests.

So who’s smarter… you or the ODD Mastermind? [According to MFC, 70% are dumber and 30% are smarter]