ODD Mastermind – 10cm edition

Marketed as just an ordinary brain, we have the Mastermind from ODD. This figure comes in two sizes – this small 10cm edition and a 30cm edition that’s not released yet. In imperial units, that makes it 4″ tall.

The box:
In ODD style, it’s pretty plain with some warning information on the back.

Inside the box was just the black EPE foam protecting the figure – no story card with this one. So we’ll just have to make up our own story of how this brain came to be – it it reminiscent of yours…? Let’s take a look to see!

The figure:




For the size, I’m impressed with the details and the paintwork. You can make out the brain’s components quite well and the wires are nicely patterned to give them that chunky industrial wire vibe. All the parts are nicely shaded to give them definition.

And it also has a light-up function:

It’s not the most impressive feature, but it’s a nice addition. Probably not going to use it much, if at all. I hope they go mains powered for the larger version as they tend to provide better LEDs with their mains powered figures, but we’ll see.

Overall happy with this smol brain and looking forward to the big one being released. But not looking forward to the shipping cost for that one! This smol brain currently displayed in one of my cabinets, but may sneak around the house to surprise unsuspecting guests.

So who’s smarter… you or the ODD Mastermind? [According to MFC, 70% are dumber and 30% are smarter]