Month: March 2024

DreamX Studio – Rei Ayanami

DreamX are producing a line of these Evangelion undressing figures. As I’m not collecting Asuka or Mari I’ve skipped on those, and just gone for the Rei. There are some more coming, but not decided if I will order them or not.

She does come with both a long-haired and short-haired head but I have only taken photos of the long-haired one.

So here she is:

The tape player is just a “bonus” accessory – it doesn’t have a place on the figure, but you can put it on the base for a more messy dressing scene. Or you could get a table prop to put it on.

The figure itself I’m really pleased with – the shine on the plugsuit is good and the blue hue of Rei’s hair is mesmerising. The paint is a liitle off in places, but that won’t really show on display. She was smaller than I expected, but that’s more because Rei herself is petite. She does have translucent hair, so that will put some people off but I’m not bothered by it. The glasses took a little bit of adjusting to get in her hands, but they sit well and she’s not at risk of dropping them. She has a nice skin tone too. Face could maybe do with a little more shading, but not a dealbreaker imo. Overall, I’d recommend this figure to a Rei fan. It’s an unlicensed figure though, so may not be easily obtainable.

LingZe Studio – Kaworu Nagisa

Here we have a spicy statue of Kaworu – I got the deluxe edition which comes with the naked lower half and 🍆. He also comes with his trousered lower half, so you can enjoy this half-dressed Kaworu if you don’t want to see what’s under the fold.

Here he is with the clothed arm and legs:

You can use the unclothed arm in this configuration too, which I prefer:

The paint detail on Kaworu is fantastic imo, but the EVA Mark.06 colours leave a fair bit to be desired – the finish is nice, but the colour choices are a poor match. The blue is far too light of a blue and the silver parts are more white than silver. The lower head spike also doesn’t quite match the rest of the blue parts, but not distractingly so. Definitely noticeable when assembling, but not attention-grabbing on display. However, if you are familiar with EVA Mark.06 the lightness of the blue is distracting. If you’re not bothered by this colour mismatch, then this is a great statue for Kaworu fans…. if you can get hold of one… I declined to buy when he went up for preorder, but did manage to snag one slightly over MSRP on Taobao after seeing photos of him on Twitter and kicking myself for skipping the preorder. A day or two later, the seller sold out of the 6 units they had.

And now for the spicy bits!

The nails are really nicely done and lifelike. Plenty of detail on the penis too, but doesn’t quiiite look like it belongs – probably needs a bit more of a skintone match near the base to make it match up with the body. All the penises have this in common. I swear his upper body fits in better than I have it shown here. I do like the “bonus” red details on his hips. The silver band might be distracting for some, but I kinda like it.

And now for a 🍆 brigade – he comes with a lot of options to choose from, so here they are:

Plenty to choose from! But I’ve gone with the one used in the intial photos. Maybe some day I’ll switch it up a bit. Am glad I was able to get this statue, as Kaworu isn’t exactly blessed in the figure department. I did want it when his POs went up, but I had so much on order at the time I couldn’t really justify adding to cart. But since then my orders got thinned out so I was able to pick him up on release.

Gentleman 18 Studio – Sukuna and Megumi

This one spicy? Yes. Very. Much spice under the fold. Warning: 🍆 ahead.

Gentleman 18 Studio did a really good sculpting and painting job on this one. It was a bit of a pain to assemble, don’t have everything in perfect orientation here, but some fiddling would likely get everything sitting just right.

I ordered the normal edition – this didn’t come with the medical bed and extra heads, but it did come with a drip and stethescope, but didn’t really feel like setting them up. Unfortunately did a bit of damage to the strap in Sukuna’s hand, but can’t see it so oh well.

Hope you enjoyed your lewd journey around this statue 🙂

Top cast-off for Kanno by Otherwhere

Instructions of how to cast off Konno – instructions under the fold as NSFW.

1. If they haven’t fallen off already, remove right arm and head

2. Twist around left arm and remove (it is on a round joint to allow you to do this)

3. Remove her tie – it pops off from the centre of the knot.

4. Unpeg top where tie was attached

5. Heat up top for a few seconds with a hairdryer.

6. Gently pull off top

7. Remove bra

8. Reattach head and arms, and display!