Had this one shipped from France, from an MFC user. 

This one I had been wanting for a short-ish length of time. Saw it in someone’s loot posts, and was like “man, I really wanna get that one”, but wasn’t hugely available, and the size potentially made shipping awkward. So I filed it into the “possibly at a later date” pile. 

Then at a recent point in time I was browsing the new posts in the User Sales thread on MFC, and found someone selling stuff in euros… this one among other stuff. Asked for a shipping quote, it came up reasonable, so I bought it. 

A week or so later:


Yep, I really like this one!

And from the back:


Especially love her hair 🙂

During the day, my husband sent me “📦📦📦📥”, so I joked about putting my parcel in his in-tray. 

And thus I found out he can get very close to his in-tray and not notice there’s a figure in it:


He collected some paper out of the printer, I asked if he liked the contents of his in-tray, only to find out he didn’t see it!