Makimoto Misae

Bought this one with Jungle Emmy, as I got a deal on the pair. Don’t know much about her, but she looks pretty. 

She was smaller than I imagined, but am happy with her size. Means she’s easier to place somewhere in my rather large collection. One of these days I’ll pay more attention to the quoted sizes :P. 


This figure was a bit difficult to photograph, as it doesn’t lend itself to being photoed from many angles. Think I did OK though. 


Other problematic thing was putting her together – needed to heat up her feet to get her on the base, and the clear blue bits are actually two pieces, so it was an interesting time getting them to stay together whilst slotting them into her scarf. 

Tried to fit her in the Gnedby, but that was a no-go with her smoke/scarf(?) trails.