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Klan Klang – Pearl ver.

Today, we have the pearl version of Klan:

As you can probably see, her hair and dress are shiny on this version, and she sports the same expression and pose. Her eyes are also green instead of blue on this one, but anime couldn’t seem to make its mind up what colour her eyes are. 

Left side:

Here you can see the shiny finish on her hair and dress. Looks nicer on the dress than the hair. The pink of her headband is more of a hot pink, and personally I prefer the colour used on the normal version. 

Right side:

This side really shows off the shine in her hair. 


Glossy! Not sure the gloss really works for her hair, but the dress is nice as being pearly. 

So after reviewing them both, which do I prefer? My vote would have to go to the normal version. I like the headband more on the original, which looks kinda faded on the special edition (I checked pics – it looks like it’s meant to be like it is), and the gloss on the hair looks kind of odd. However, as my figure collection was Klanless, I have space for both of these Klan figures :D. 

Klan Klang – Normal ver.

I was looking at this Klan figure, and saw there was two versions. Couldn’t make my mind up which I wanted, so I did the obvious thing and ordered both. Yep. 

So today we have the normal version:

I love her smiling expression, and the shade of her hair. She has a nice matte finish, which is a rarity for prize figures. Her dress also features some shading. The logo is rendered well on her hairband. 


I love the way they have her leaning forward slightly – it really adds to the pose. Her sideboob and armpit are sculpted well, and her fingers are nicely rendered. With the way they’ve done the hair on her head, it goes some way to hide the seam line.


Looks good on this side too. Love the splay of hair that’s on top of the ribbon. 


Some nice flows of hair, sculpted in a way so they don’t look plain. Her hair looks really nice from this angle, and her dress looks good. I like the bow on the back, and the fact she has some of her back revealed. 

She’s on the shorter side of things, as far as prize figures go, but she is a very nice figure. Certainly happy with her for the price I paid.