Devilman Keychain

This keychain was added to a Mandarake order, to round out up to just under the amount where I’d be liable for VAT (ah, the fun of being a European). 

So here he is, in his silver glory:

Anything that isn’t the head is sculpted OK, but the head doesn’t show up very well from the front. They went a bit too textured on the face, which makes it really indistinct from certain angles. He’s rubbery, as he’s intended to be a keychain… but he’s a bit big for that! Wingspan from tip-to-tip is 12cm, and he’s 10cm tall, from his feet to the top of his wings. 


This is the keychain piece. You’re supposed to screw this into him… somewhere. There’s no hole to do it – it’s supposed to be self-tapping, so I’m going to file this away somewhere, and am thinking of using thread to dangle him from somewhere.

And just for completeness, here’s the back:

Am happy with him, he’s bigger than I thought he’d be – I was expecting like a small, metal keychain, but he’s a bit larger and PVC, so should be easier to display. If he was smaller and metal, I’d probably consider using him as a keychain though.