Lawson Rei & Asuka C-Style

This was the other item I used to round out my Urban Mine purchase, coming up in the next blog post. This figure was sold unopened, and indeed it was. So here it is, out of the box: 

D’aww, cute! Did take a little bit of putting together, but it was worth it. If you get this, I’d strongly recommend a hairdryer for the assembly – the parts that slot together are tight, and the blue support in Asuka’s foot may be mildly misshapen – on mine it wasn’t going to go in there when cold, but a bit of thermal persuasion and it slotted in there nice and snugly. 

Here’s the back of the figures:

Looking OK from this angle, but it is mostly support, and Rei’s hair looks super-boring. 

Closeup of the characters:

There feels to be quite a thick layer of paint on them, and the colours are nice and bold. They don’t hold up to a close inspection – there is a little paint bleeding, and my Rei has a little bit of blobby paint on her belly, but from a distance, they’re quite striking. 

The price for these in the aftermarket is about what you’d expect to pay for two small figures, so if you like them, I’d say go for it, unless you’re overpaying by using a 3rd party type reseller.