Devilman Mico Acid Purple ver.

So this is a character from Devilman. One day I’ll watch the shows and read the manga so I know all about these characters… what I do know is this one is symbiotic with a demon, which is the purple part, and it is called Tollg. 

So here she is, straight out of the box:


Pretty decent for this kind of figure, lacking if you’re not into this older style of action figure. She does have a hat that I dismissed at first, but after putting it on, she does look pretty nifty with it:


There will be no back shots at this stage… as she has a bare butt. 

She also comes with an “experimental chamber” you can put her in:


Which I think looks pretty cool :D. Then again, I’m a weirdo. I also love the blue colour. And, hey, the experiments aren’t bad too!

Here’s a closeup of the details on top:


And here’s the back:


Not much to see, barring the battery compartment. I do have the cover – it was elsewhere when I was taking photos. Two AA batteries just fit in there. Took a fair bit of effort to get them in properly, so that the flap will shut – the feature can work if the battery is slightly out, but the cover wouldn’t fit back on like that. Needed to use a doodad to push battery next to the spring as far back as it would go to squeeze the batteries in there. Not sure how getting them out will go… 

Now why are there no pics of the light feature? One, it’s not too impressive to look at – it’s two LEDs, one at the top, one at the bottom. Though the main reason I didn’t try to photograph it, is the LEDs are only on when you hold down the button at the front. Part of me is tempted to mod it so there’s a sliding switch at the back, but I’d have to take it apart to see the feasibility. Also there’s the temptation to wait – if I have a place near a power source, I could potentially wire it into a lighting system. 

The remainder of my photos are NSFW, so here’s my conclusions. The articulation on this figure is largely pointless – it’s not very interesting, and the paintwork means moving her arms makes her look funny, though this is hidden by the symbiotic Tollg, when she’s wearing it. The hat looked kinda crap in the box, but looks better on, which was nice. The chamber is a solid addition, though mine had some mild scuffing, despite the outer box being sealed. Naked, she has the orangiest nipples, but she’s erm, accurate in other places. All in all, I like this figure, and I think I paid a fair price for her. 

Here’s a pic of her without Tollg:


See what I mean by the super-orange nipples? Her body is anorexic, which I’m in two minds about. Also note they modelled her labia, which some castoffs don’t have, lol. 

Here’s a closeup of her upper half:


That’s some orange boobage, with some paint smear that got in between her boobs. Guess she’s had some fun with spicy sauce? It’s a complimentary colour to the purple, but I dunno. It’s just a bit too unreal. 

And here’s her back:


Some effort on the sculpting here, but seems like a “ok, that looks passable, done now” job. More accurate than a barbie, but lacking in polish, most notably her shoulderblades, the back of her knees, and those elbows seem to have boils on them. I won’t be seeing her back a lot though. 

Secondary conclusion: She can be displayed naked, but I feel she was mostly designed with Tollg in mind. I have ordered the green version, so I may display one with, one without, or both with Tollg.