More Domez!

So… managed to end up at Toys R Us again, and bought 3 more Domez. This time there was the added bonus of them being cheaper! 

I managed not to get any dupes:

First up, Catwoman:

I initially opened these up in the dark, so didn’t see the scratch on her head :(. This is the favourite of the 3 I opened, but I may have to do something about that mark… darnit. 


It’s… Batman. Looks OK from this angle, but the mouth makes him look a bit derpy. 

Lastly, but definitely least, Superman:

Yeah… what the heck is going on with that face?! I’m not a fan of Superman at the best of times, and this one… well. Face is super-derp and the head looks more out of proportion than the others.

Ah, that’s better. This angle actually looks OK! Back of his head doesn’t say “Superman” to me, but hey, I don’t have to look at that face any more. 

Ignoring the scratch on Catwoman’s head, I’ve got 2 that I like, one I’m mediocre about and one that might get hidden in a drawer. Not a bad pull.