Wall Display

Been looking at putting a display cabinet at the top of my stairs, to house more of my figures, but then my husband suggested converting the old airing cupboard into a display, so the need for large figure display is currently lessened. So what do with the wall… put a wall display ofc!

Ordered this on Amazon, built it on the same day I got it, then my husband kindly hung it on the wall for me. 

I have a LOT of little stuff, so it was very easy to populate! The items on the second row of the display weren’t displayed anywhere yet – these are the Heroes of Might and Magic figures that were in the blind bags a number of blogs ago. 

After many trips around the various rooms in the house, I have now populated it, and freed up display areas around the house (or made the displays tidier for now…)

I did suggest getting another one to go under the TV in the bedroom, but my husband doesn’t seem keen… Ah well.