Figure Spotlight – Big Daddy

This was one of my first figures. I went to GAME to buy the original Bioshock, and the collector’s edition was only £5 more, so I went for it, because, hey Big Daddy figure:


The other parts of the collector’s edition are scattered to various corners of my house, and this is the only thing that is out and displayed. 

Here’s the side with his hand, where you can see some of the meh-ness of the painting:


And here’s his drill hand:


Here you can see some of the blood effect, which is spread over various places on the figure. 

And finally, the tanks:


Hm. Don’t think the paint effect they were going for really worked here. 

Not sure what the collector’s edition originally went for, but even if I was into collector’s editions at that point in time, I don’t think the figure really justifies a large increase in cost. Can’t argue with £5, you get a decently heavy figure that looks like something from the game, but the paint job isn’t the best. I think they could have dialled down on the bloodstains – I think it would be more effective to have it on the drill and maybe one other place. With it being in various spots, it kind of makes it look even less realistic to me – I’m not a massive fan of “blood” spatter on figures, as it rarely comes out well. 

All in all, not a bad start to my collecting habit.