Figure Spotlight – Eren Yeager

I bought this fellah at a con, but amazingly wasn’t severely gouged for it. Would’ve been cheaper via Mandarake, but not by a whole lot, once shipping would be factored in. 

So here he is, in his full glory:


One fairly noticeable paint flaw on his leg there – but he is a prize figure, so paint flaws aren’t unknown. Most of the pics I’ve seen of him have some noticeable paint flaw somewhere. In some ways, the sculpt was a bit too ambitious for the painters, and all the straps are prone to making the smallest mistake look large. 

Front-on view:


The other downside to this figure: a few angles has his arm covering his face. Though the plus sides of this figure is his gear and jacket:


Both look really nice imo, and with the simpler paint job, it came out well. 

Here’s a view of the gear from the back: 


Almost looks like a different figure from the back. The wall makes a nice little addition to the figure, and gives it a lot more than a plain base would. Was one of the things that drew me to this figure. If I were to change one thing about this figure, it would be to move his arm so it wasn’t quite as in front of his face. This figure may also find itself becoming painting practice… if I can ensure that I’ll make less of a mess, instead of more. 

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