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Devilman mini-figure 4-Pack

This set I saw on YAJ first (iirc), but then found one of the Mandarake stores had it, so went and ordered it there. 

I’ll start with my favourite, the one similar to his original colours:

The first apparent downside of these figures – they don’t stand up, and no stands are provided. Not sure if Uni-Five intended for these to be unboxed…? Or maybe you’re supposed to carry these as charms? 

The sculpts for these figures are all the same – and thankfully it’s a decent sculpt. The details are somewhat obscured due to the clear plastic, but are there. We can see details of his face, and the small protrusions of his horns. I love the pose chosen – his arms crossed is a fitting pose. 


The texture on his legs looks good, and I like the way his tail curls around his leg. The wings also work well, and I do like his pose… even if he can’t stand on his own. 

So with the sculpt analysed, here are the other colours included in the set.


Probably my least favourite of the set. Bit too on the neon side. 


Looks OK, bit better than the red one.


Whilst his sculpt details are less obvious in the daytime, he does glow, and for that he’s my second favourite. 

Overall, I like this set, but is probably a set a fair few will just display in box as it has fairly eye-catching packaging:

For myself, I’ll likely get out some white-tack to help them stand, and display them amongst my collection. And maybe sneak one into an ita bag…

Gelmar – Devilman

Wandering around Yahoo! Auctions Japan for Devilman merch, I came across this Gelmar figure, and decided I’d bid on him. He didn’t come with a box, which was advantageous for me, so I could pack him with another item (which will be featured in a future blog, but not for some time). 

So here he is:

I love his blue, shiny colour and his overall design. His sculpting is also fairly detailed. 

Face close-up:

He does have a bit of a paint scratch on one tooth, but it’s not too bad. The wings on his head are detailed nicely, and I like the tentacley things sticking out from the sides. The teeth also have a couple of different coloured paints, which adds to their detail. 

Gelmar’s “slug”:

Rawrgh. He’s also painted well, in the places that were painted. Due to this part being partially rubbery, he was sticky with plasticiser, but I washed most of it off. He did smell a bit because of it too. 

And for the reason he’s rubbery:

He contains some unfortunate souls! Getting this part out isn’t too bad, but putting it back in can be a pain – it only fits in properly in one orientation, so it can take some fiddling to get it right. 

Close-ups of this part:

Looks like he’s munched up these dudes well. This part is nicely sculpted and painted. 

Top of Gelmar’s head:

Here you can see some of the shininess of the blue parts. He has a well sculpted spine, and I like the claws protruding from his shoulders.


I like the fact he has very different textures on his harms to his body – the contrast works well, and the details definitely make up for the lack of varying colours in the character design. 


I love the overall monstrous shape of his body. With his tail, he’s pretty stable, but for me, his tail does slip out easily if I move him. Loving all the small details and his clawed hands.


His back isn’t short of details in the sculpt, which is nice. Here you can see where his tail part is two segments, for the soft rubber part. The blend is handled reasonably well though. He does have some limited articulation, but other than moving his harms, none of it is really worth messing about with for me. 

Overall, I’m really happy I decided to go for this figure. I love his devilish appearance, and the blue metallic colour is attractive to me. Would recommend this figure, but he can sometimes be pricey in the aftermarket. He does have other colour variants, but I don’t think I’ll attempt to chase them down.. however I’d consider buying one if I see one come up at a reasonable price if I’m on the hunt for Devilman loot again. 

Amon – Apocalypse of Devilman

The third and final figure of this set is Amon:

Big brute! He has a pretty large presence, with his bulky chest and muscly arms. He’s also the tallest of the three. I love the big head wings and the furry texturing on his legs. His torso also has a better blend than Devilman’s, making it a less jarring transition. 


Not too much to see on the site – the hairy arm texture looks good though, and his feet have a fair amount of sculptwork going on. Love the added veins. 


Here we see more hairy texturing – and the hair seems fairly well blended on his ankle to his foot. Those elbow claws must get in the way though!


Not a big fan of the sculpting on the red parts of his back – seems kind of.. unrefined? Not quite the same level of detail as the front of the figure for me. The rest of his back looks OK though, and he has a nice end to his tail.

Though for my figure, I knew he was coming in a sun-damaged box, but apparently the base is also prone to sun damage, and that had yellowed too – the other figures did have yellowing to their boxes but not to the bases. Hence why it is a more yellow piece in the other blogs.

And for this blog, here is all three together:

They do overlap a bit too much for my liking, but definitely look impressive as a set. Glad to finally have the set, even if one is a bit yellowed. Would recommend this set if you can get them at a reasonable price, but getting hold of Devilman and Amon might be quite the challenge. Saylos seems to be fairly readily available when I was hunting this set, but the other two… not so much. 

Super-glad I can now display them together!

Devilman – Apocalypse of Devilman

Ever since I got Saylos from this set, I’ve been wanting to get the other two. And thankfully both turned up on Mandarake! 

So here is Devilman:


I love the blue-purple colouring of his body, and all the details in the body sculpt. The lower parts of his arms blend well to his arms, but below the torso… not so well. 



His face looks good, and the antennae came out well. I love the little fangs poking out of his mouth. 



Here we can see he leans forward slightly – this can be slightly annoying for balance, especially as his ankles aren’t the tightest joints. The body detailing extends to his sides, which I’m appreciating in this photo, and his hands look nice n’ spiky. 



Here we can see more of his tail, which looks like it has a lethal end. I like the way it curls down to the side of his body. He has plenty of spiky details.



The backs of his wings don’t really have any details to speak of, but the body has some sculpting. Here we can see how he is flicking his tail behind his back. 

Close-up of the wings:


Here we can see the wings are hinged – I like the fact they included this articulation, so you have a bit more in terms of posing options for him. 

Overall I rather like this figure and glad I got him. Certainly a worthy addition to the set.

As a bonus picture, here are the three bases for all of the figures:


Yes, one of them is a bit yellow, which I’ll go into in tomorrow’s blog. The skeleton effect is excellent, and does look very neat imo. Love the amount of designwork that went into these bases. Though having two foot pegs for all of the figures would’ve been nice… 

Sirene – Devilman

Bought this figure from a store that sells gachapon/trading figures loose in small bags. Post tagged NSFW, as Sirene doesn’t know what clothes are. 

So enjoy this SFW shot to start with:


Her face looks OK from the side, but we can see my bugbear with this figure in the first shot… the head wings keep falling off :(. She’s a bit of a fall-to-bits figure, which is not really shown in the photos. At some point I may use some tack or glue to stick her together, if it gets too annoying. 



She comes with a little plastic stand to help her stay upright, but it does a mediocre job. The sculpting, however, is really nice – the wings are feathery, we can see her collarbones, and her forearms and shins are detailed. The paintwork is mostly neat, but leaves a bit to be desired in the shading department. Overall, this isn’t too bad as it is a small trading figure. 



Here we can see the wings are well-textured, and her nipples well-defined. Her right arm can move around a bit, but it’s not meaningful movement – more of an artefact of assembly. 



Her boobs are decently shaped, but maybe needed a bit more of an attachment to her body. The side crease seems to go a little high. Here we can see also where her arm has come slightly off from the peg. 



Some copyright notices here… and a seamline up her body. Her body feels a bit oddly shaped from this angle to me. Her feet are nicely sculpted though. Talons could’ve done with being painted black though. 



Her hair looks nice from the back, between the wings. Her tail looks odd, but that’s more to do with character design… Her shoulder blades look too flat, on the upper parts, but it’s nice to see some shape to her back.

Overall, it’s a fairly solid trading figure, if you can get it to not fall apart. Its flaws mostly seem to reside in making a small figure to a budget, so I’m happy with it. Might have to heat her legs to sort out her stance, though. And add something to her to stop parts falling off…

Miki Makimura – Devilman – Futura 20th Century Cartoonist Collection

Today we have a mini-diorama trading figure, featuring Miki:

I like this little figure, even though her skin colour is somewhat off. She should really be a pink colour, not an odd shade of brown. I do like the choice of base though, fits in with one of the episodes of Devilman, and having the arm reaching up, Miki unawares feels solid thematically. 

Miki front-on:

I like her expression, though I don’t think it quite works when viewed like this. Her hair is OK, but does lack detail. Her dress is nice – sculpted well with the creases, and the paintwork here is neat. Her legs going into her dress look a litle odd, but that’s to do with the fact you attach her legs to her body here. Would probably look less unnatural if the legs connected higher up, and made it look like her dress was lying on her legs, instead of floating above. 


The base is painted & sculpted well, and has some texture to it. The figure was a pain to assemble though, and definitely needed warming to get the parts together. I assembled this away from my usual location, so it was… awkward. 


I like the way Miki’s arm is resting on her hip. Here we can see how the demon arm joint is shaped to ensure the hand can only attach in the correct orientation. It will sort of attach in other orientations, but will only sit right if you have it like this. 


Here it really does look like it is grasping for Miki. Watch out! Here we can see the paint is rather messy around her slipper, but not too bad elsewhere. She doesn’t have an unsightly hair seam either, which I really like. Is a seamline running down her arm you can see here, though. 


The arm looks good from the back. I like the stripey effect, and they’ve blended the mud paint quite well, so it definitely looks like it’s rising out of the ground. 

Closeup of the arm:

Yep, definitely a fan of the paintwork on the arm. The sculpting is really nice too – we can see the tendons in the hand, and the claws are nicely done. Definitely gives off a devilish appearance. 

Overall, I really like this mini-figure. If you’re OK with Miki being kind of ashen, I’d recommend it. This one seems to be rather common, so shouldn’t be too expensive to pick up. 

Ryo Asuka – Devilman – Limited Color ver

It’s time for some more Devilman! This time we’ve got Ryo Asuka:

Here he is, with his normal head. I think the greyscale scheme works well with him. and I love the silver on the black. What I love less, is he has some stray silver paint on his left arm. Also the metal is a little rusty in spots – Japan doesn’t seem particularly friendly to metal parts. 

He certainly has a sculpted body, and I think his trousers might be overly tight :P. I guess fashion wasn’t his first thought when summoning demons… but I doubt he needed clothes for long ¬¬.


Here we see him with clawed hands, and some wonderful tribal tattoo detail. I like his cuff, and the trouser wrinkles have been sculpted well, to give them the feel of being clothes. 


On this side we have a metal bracelet instead of a cuff, and a different tattoo. Out of the designs, I prefer the left one to the right one, but both have been painted well. 


His pants have been pulled tight across his backside, but the rest shows wrinkles, as appropriate. His back tattoo looks good, but I’m seeing some more stray silver on his right shoulder. A bit of a shame the paint has ended up flicked about a bit, as it shows up quite easily against his dark skin. Here we can see the buckles on his cuff, which is a nice added detail. 

Plonk, on goes the mask:

It fits on well, and here you can see one eye staring out :P. This part glows in the dark, but I didn’t take any shots of this. 

Closer look at the mask:

Same mould as the other ones in previous reviews. Lookin’ scary. 

He also has a winged head:

I like this head, and this is the one I think I’m going to display him with, then display the mask separately. 


I love the wing effect, being more of a bird wing than a skin wing. Gives a difference between him and Fudo. 


*flap flap flap*. 

Overall I really like this figure and glad I got it. I think he works well with the stark colour scheme, and the subtle differences between him and Fudo in this transitional stage work well as a pair. If I see the normal version of Ryo for a good price, I may also pick that up, as I don’t have a pair to display. 

Zanin – Devilman

Here we have Zanin from Devilman. I did end up getting the fully silver limited edition earlier in the holiday, but I prefer coloured versions, so picked this one up with little hesitation when I saw him:

I love the Devilman designs – they have a good range of colours and detailed designs. I love the shiny blue colour he has, and his wolf-insect head.

Let’s look closer at that head:

OK, I didn’t get the focus quite right…. His chest eyes have coppery irises, and blood vessel details, which make them look good without looking plain. His eyes on his main head are painted nicely too, but there is less to them, lol. The paintwork is nice, with a black wash that fits well.

Side of his head:

Ah, better photo. Here we can see they limited the black wash/painting to is hair, which works really well. His tentacles are nicely sculpted. We can also see his lower eyes also include what almost looks like an eyebrow.


Despite being articulated, there’s a limit amount of ways you can pose him without falling over. This dude doesn’t have a base. His body is an eye-catching shape, but this has the downside he won’t be cheap to get shipped boxed, as the box is huge, which is why I didn’t buy him prior to going on holiday, and planned to pick him up whilst I was there. Still diggin’ the shiny blue paint.


The hair texture on his legs is similar to his mane, and looks good. His head doesn’t have the best transtion to his neck. Still lovin’ him though.


… more eyes! He can see us from here too! The contrasting but complimentary colours look really good. I think they picked well here. Also the veins on his back are sculpted well, and painted in a shade of purple I like. There’s some shading on the green part of his back, to emphasise the ridges, which I think works well.

Overall, I’m really happy with this figure, and was glad I could pick him up. I’d recommend these Fewture figures to fans of Devilman. There is a mildly dated feel about them, but they’re still really good eye-catching figures. Just don’t expect to be able to pose them all that much. And prepare for some of them to be hefty on the postage, when they don’t fit in SAL small packet!

Akira & Miki Tribal Fusion double-pack – Devilman

Been wanting to buy this for some time, but with it being marked as SAL parcel only, I ended up waiting until I had another SAL parcel item I wanted. This turned out to be Urara, so I added this to my order.

Here they are, out of the box:


The table isn’t part of the set – this was bought at a car boot sale, around the same time as this parcel arrived, but it made the perfect place to display the book. Miki does currently lean a bit – these sets are a bit prone to the plastic bending, so it’s not a big surprise that there’s some bending for a set made around 2000. The interesting colours attracted me to this set – Miki’s shiny outfit and Devilman’s translucent red body. 

Let’s take a closer look at Devilman:


The translucent body is kind of nostalgic to me – reminds me of old kid’s toys of the late 90s/early 00′s where translucent plastic wasn’t uncommon. However, this I think is far better done that other items of that era – the sculpting is good, and the varying translucency gives it a better look. 

Also the flame pattern on the bottom of his trousers – that’s definitely of another era! 



His muscles are well-sculpted and show well, especially given the translucency. His trousers also have cuffs, showing the detail put into this figure. 



Here we can see the metal accessories have unfortunately gone a bit rusty over time. Isn’t too bad though. Tattoos on his arm and neck look good. Oh, and he’s leaning a bit too. Is a bit of a theme of these Fewture figures. 



Here we have his pants disappearing into his backside… Not sure I’m a fan of that look, but the flames on his trousers are looking rad. Neck does look a little overlong from some angles. 

Now for Miki:

Here she is, bending to her left. Her outfit is very shiny and pink. She also has copper hair to complete the gaudy look. I like the fact her nails are painted, but her hand angles are kind of awkward for posing. 

But what’s that pattern showing through the see-through skirt?

A little skull. Interesting choice of underwear there, Miki! 


Here we see her backpack, which was separate in the box. It sits OK on her shoulders, but looks  a bit odd from the side. Might be possible to reduce the issue with some heat and careful bending. The book will fit neatly in her backpack. 


Her boots are nicely painted, but it would’ve been nice to have a bit more accent painting, such as the recess in the sole. Love the little skull detail on her armband. This picture shows off the glitter in her outfit quite well.


The backpack has a nice silver accent, and has a smooth and solid opening and closing action. Here we can see some creasing in her skirt, but nothing but copyright info on her stockings. 

Alternative head and mask for Devilman:

This head can be used if you wish to equip the mask onto Devilman. 


For such a small item, this book is very nicely detailed. I do like this addition to the set, and seems a shame to store it in Miki’s backpack. It looks great on the table I bought though! 

Overall I’m happy with this set. I can see this being a polarising set, with the very distinctive look. However, I enjoyed this recolour more than some others I’ve seen, due to the distinctive and nostalgic look. Overall, I’d recommend the Fewture figures to action figure collectors, though be prepared for them to lean forward a bit – they do bend with time, and the stands only have one peg, which doesn’t help with standing the figures up. Also the limited articulation that older figures have – no ankle-rockers here. 

Devilman Keyrings

I had some promotional credit from a proxy service that I wanted to try out, so decided to go for a cheap item. I found these Banpresto Devilman keyrings on a “Buy it now”, and decided they were a good option. 

The proxying worked fine, with no issues, so that was good. 

Firstly we have this small Devilman keyring, that was already on one of my keyring display bars:

He was the smallest of the three keyrings, and of a decent quality.

Next up, a larger version of Devilman’s movie appearance:

With the larger size, there’s a lot more detail in the sculpt and the paintwork. I prefer the expression on the other keyring though. 

Devilman in his original cartoon form:

The sculpt isn’t hugely detailed, but gets the Devilman feel across. Logo on his belt is a bit squiffy. but his face is nicely rendered. Not sure if I’ll put this one on display, but it’s nice to have it. Might as well have one figure in his original appearance :P. 

Overall I’m happy I went for these keyrings. 

Devilman Art Collection Complex

Whilst I was buying something from Suruga-ya anyway, I decided to shove something else in the order, which was also kinda needed to meet the threshold for free shipping. 

Found a set of Devilman trading figures. Opened? OK, they won’t be too big… 

The main thing that threw me was that the picture used to advertise the set was just of the figures themselves, unboxed, so I expected to receive a pile of inner bags, and not the boxes and retail box itself! Included a standard-sized card for scale. 

So let’s get onto the figures! Trust me, this preamble is a lot shorter than the process of unbagging and assembling these figures!

Figures 1 & 2 of the set:

Wow, love these two. These are probably my favourite ones in the set – I love the colours, pose and the fact that the wings are semitransparent. 

3 & 4:

These two are solid entries, at least in looks. I prefer the orangey one – the green one looks a bit like he’s now a zombie! Unfortunately the orange one was broken in the bag, and I had to glue one of his arm horns on. There is a tiny bit of articulation, but it’s not very useful. Just enough to get them balanced and standing, though you can move the heads nicely. 

5 & 6:

These figures are of Satan, but it’s not particularly obvious imo. I love the colouring, especially on the green one, but it’s far too hard to make out the details properly. Too much see-through and an overly detailed sculpt kind of turns them into a bit of a mess, sadly. They look striking at first glance, but analysing them in detail is a pain. 

7 & 9. Did these together as they’re both busts:

I love the transparent wings on the left one, and his face is… interesting. It doesn’t really scream “Devilman” to me, but it’s still nice, and has a good arse! 

The one on the right stands out in the set, and takes advantage of its larger size to deliver a much cleaner sculpt. The colours work well too, and I really like this bust. The back is rather odd though, but it does help them save material. 


Doing Google Translate on the paper that came with it, it sounds like this was based upon an illustration of Devilman coming out of the TV. So we have Devilman effectively splitting into two. I think it’s an interesting and ambitious figure, that’s sadly let down by its paint job. The Devilman looks a bit too “plasticine” too. I think if you made a larger figure of this, and gave it a more detailed paint job, it’d be a more exciting figure. 

Last, but not least, 10:

If the first ones are my favourite, this one comes in at a close second! He isn’t the best balanced of figures, so I may end up using a Glu Dot to prevent him from falling over. He can stand up, but it doesn’t take much vibrations to knock him over… which doesn’t help if your husband hoofs around. From the fact he is purple, to his transparent wings, and the included stomp effect… he’s an impressive one to look at! 

Overall, I’m very happy I got this set. There’s some very nice looking figures, and the less-good ones are still OK. With all my costs factored in, they cost about £3.70 each, which I think is good value!


It’s finally complete! This is the third of three figures in this set. I bought this from Suruga-ya, and had it shipped via Big In Japan. The process went smoothly, though I did have to wait for BiJ to reopen after New Year’s. As I heard that Suru has a tendency to use oversized packaging, I paid for the repacking service anyway, even prior to adding a second package to the “ticket”. Glad I did:

120 size means the box edges add up to 120cm. When BiJ repacked my order, it fit into SAL small packet, which means the box dimensions added up to less than 90cm (it was ~87cm iirc). Glad I paid for the repacking! 

So here’s Satan from the Bandai EX-F Devilman series:

This figure I found a lot less fiddly to assemble than the others – largely because there’s less parts. The clip that holds his wings to the rock was a bit fiddly to get in. It would be possible to not use the clip, but he’d probably eventually lean. Unlike the other two, I don’t think I’d display him on his own. Especially with the stone appearance, he’s a lot more bland than the others too, though the sculpt is nice. 

Facing Satan’s front:

He’s much more to look at from this angle – kind of a shame they didn’t find a way to make him face more forwards, so he’d show more from the front. The sculpting definitely shows form this angle. 

Here he is from the side:

Pointin’ at you! Looking very stern. 

His back:

The wings look nice from this angle. Does look like he’s in mid-movement. Painting of the rock is nice, but there’s a pretty visible seam there. Though you’re probably  not going to look at this angle much. So how does the set look?

Like this:

These figures go well together as a set (as they should do!). Sirene could be displayed on her own quite happily, but the front two need at least each other to look right. It’s a very nice set, and I’m looking forward to having somewhere to display them soon :). They’re nice on the dining room table, but I don’t think they want to “live” there!

Devilman Lady

Had my eye on this figure for some time, but she wouldn’t fit in a SAL small packet, so it was a long time before I ordered her. Despite this, she was a bit bigger than I was expecting.

Here she is out of the box, with her accessory:


Can see why this figure is cheap to get hold of, but I still love the colour. 

Here is a ¾ view:


She’s not a bad figure, but she’s nothing amazing either. Definitely more on the “toy” side of things. Her hands have the annoying ability to pop out though, which is kind of annoying. 

Back view:


Not a huge lot to see here, not as plain as some figures, but a definite lessening of detail. 

She does come with a stand:


At first, I thought this was decorative scenery, hence it not featuring in the pics above. The arm doesn’t really slot into the hole on this dead creature. Might be able to get it in with some heat, but I don’t think it’s designed for you to put it in there. Shame, as you could play-act out the scene, if it did. 

Shot of the face:


Yeah, that’s one not-happy creature.You can also see the peg in the bottom left. She was a bit of a squish to get on, but a stand is very much needed to get her to balance. Was thinking of digging up one of my disc stands, but this one is so much cooler, now I know it’s a stand.

Back of the stand:


Yeah, nothing to see here, move along.

This figure seems to be fairly widely available. She’ll cost you far more in postage than her initial cost, but if you like her, she’s not too expensive to pick up. This figure is definitely not for everyone, so I’d only recommend buying if you like what you see here. Arm articulation works OK, though the hands can come off easily (they’re just a straight piece of plastic linking them, no ball), but the leg articulation is kinda pointless. The top of leg articulation just ends up looking funny due to the shape of her leg and being a cut joint, and she won’t balance well in most positions. I think this figure may have had more of a market if they went into full toy mode, and made the hands stay on, lol. I like her as a display piece, but I’m unfussy and love purple. And demons. 

Welvath- Highway Star ver

Another figure from Devilman :). This time it’s Welvath:


… if you have monstrous faces for boobs, do they count as boobs? In the show, she has the ability to split her arms a number of times and make mouths from them. She’s a vicious, yet fancy, lady. She comes with three heads, by default she has this one, with her eye popping out. Here’s a shot with her head turned to the side:


She can definitely see you! Up close: 


There’s some nice paint detail in this figure, which also can be seen in this close-up. Her tattoos are crisp, and the boob-faces are detailed.

Here’s her accessories:


In the first photo, she’s wearing the boa, and these are the other two heads. I may put the one on the left on her at one point – it’s my second favourite of the heads. 

Here is a close-up of her arm:


Bitey! I love the paint on these parts. 

Here is her left side:


Quite a bit of definition in the side of her chest. In her current state, she has a habit of leaning forward – at the time of writing, I have her laying down as she leaned a bit more, and I will likely bend her legs a bit to try and balance her so she doesn’t lean so much. I may end up with a gripping stand around her middle to prevent leaning, if I can’t balance her after adjusting her. 

Right side:


I like her arm band, and the feet are in better focus than most of the other photos… Her toes are well-sculpted, and the paint job is nice. 

Now for her back:


Not as much paint detail back here, but not sure how much it really needs it. A well-defined backside though. Again, a nice job on the mould. 

Picture of her base:


She only has one peg, like all of the other Fewture figures. Tbh, she’d be better off with two, due to her pose. 

The box shows the default coloured version:


Personally I much prefer this alternate colour version, as purple is one of my favourite colours. I find this to be one of the more impressive figures of the set, and I’m tempted to buy some of the others… however, some of them (like this one) have large boxes, which means they’re too big for SAL small packet, so I have to go SAL postal parcel. 

I’m super-happy with this figure, and once I’ve sorted out her leanings, she’ll grace my shelves somewhere. 


This dude is from Devliman. Saw him in the show, had to get the figure. 


Love the colouring, the spikes and the head tentacles. 

And also this base:


This base is a skeleton of Devilman. I didn’t know about these bases prior to buying this figure, and now I kind of want the rest of the set. I did look around, but it’ll be hard to get the set. Maybe one day. 

Here’s a close-up of his face:


Grrowwl. Not sure if the black wash effect really worked – it look nice in the darker areas, but a bit like dirt in other places. 

Seylos’s left:


Some nice, big well-posed clases :). Here you can see where the wash is a bit uneven, leading me to be a bit on the fence about it. 

Lastly, his back:


He has some nice head tentacles – lots o’ short ones, and the long one with the large spike. They can be moved around a bit, but they’re not actually bendy. His arm claws also look nice and menacing from this angle. 

Close-up on the tentacles:


I like the way the larger tentacle has a bunch more detail on it. Black wash looks nice on it. 

After the photoshoot, I played with the figure. He’s very poseable, and good fun to pose. The joints have a good range of motion – you can get him into some kind of sitting pose, and you can be quite expressive with him. I may choose to have him somewhere I can pick up and play with him, with his posing potential. 

Akira Fudo

This guy is the dude who became/is Devilman. This figure portrays him as his mostly human form. Without further ado, here he is:


Mmm, nice chest! And those are some very long legs, lol. I like the fact he has some metal chain accessories. He also has some very emo makeup.

Here is his right side, showing his tattoos:


The tattoos are nicely done, and there is some nice definition in the arm. His neck looks a little on the long side though, and he’s pretty shiny due to the plastic he’s been made of and the finish chosen. Fairly typical of this kind of figure.

His left side:


No tattoos here, but some good arm definition. Bracelet is nicely done.

His back:


A fair amount of attention has been paid to his back – a lot of detail in his trousers, and his muscles are well-defined.

He also comes with the Demon Mask:


It fits on head decently well – was a bit of a squish getting it on, but there he is, with his eyes staring out.

Back of the mask:


Not a super-interesting angle, but the detail is there.

Finally, you can remove his head:


And stick on a new one:


This is his half-Devilman head, with mini-head-wings. With his head being removable, you can also remove his necklace, if you so wish.

Here is a side shot showing the wings in a bit more detail:


Both the heads are solid picks imo, but I will likely display him with this one mostly. His face is too pretty for the Demon Mask, so I’ll likely display it separately.

My collection needed more sexy males, and I find he fits the bill ;).

Mico – Default ver & Limited Color ver

Note: this post will feature boobs scattered throughout. If you’re at work, you’ve now been warned. 

After failing to buy the default (green) version from Mandarake, I decided to pick up the black version (limited color ver)  in my large SAHRA order. Some time later, the green version popped up on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, so I decided to go for it, via Buyee. After bidding slightly more than intended, I managed to win her, and worked out cheaper than buying her at Y! marketplace/Amazon. 

As I ordered the limited color version first, I shall talk about her first:


Was hard to get the focus correct when photographing her, due to her monochrome nature. 

Though for a monochrome figure, she reflects the light well to give her detail:


The back moulding gives you something to look at. 

Here she is without Tollg:


She has some details in black, but most of the detail is from the light reflecting off her. On her right side, she does look to have some minor scuffing on her bottom rib, but it isn’t a biggie. 

As this one is effectively the least detailed of the three, I will likely display her in her tube:


I won’t be demoing the light feature again in this blog – all three of the tubes are the same, barring the paint colour. This one the plastic seems to be in a less scratched state than the purple Mico’s. 

Now onto normal-coloured Mico:


Happy to have her in her ‘original’ colours. Her Tollg has a different colour painted for its eyes. Kinda need to get to the part of the anime series that features her!

Here she is from the back:


Same as the backside of the purple version.

Without Tollg:


Even more neon than the purple version, especially her lips! Her vein colours match her Tollg. 

Here’s a ¾ view showing more of her veins:


Happy to have her, and really liking having most of the set – at least the ones I was interested in. 

With these two, the bases are inversions:


I found this mildly interesting :). 

Here are all three of the Micos I now own:


There is a fourth silver one, but I’m unlikely to buy it, mostly due to availability, and owning the limited black ver kinda covers the monochrome angle.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can switch around their Tollgs for an interesting look:


I do rather like the purple Tollg on the black Mico. 

Here are the three tubes:


The darker one belongs to the black Mico, middle one is the default one, and the blue one goes with Acid Purple Mico. 

Here are the tops of the tubes, showing the matching details:


Not decided if I’m going to display them in proximity of each other or not – will probably come down to space constraints. 

Devilman Mico Acid Purple ver.

So this is a character from Devilman. One day I’ll watch the shows and read the manga so I know all about these characters… what I do know is this one is symbiotic with a demon, which is the purple part, and it is called Tollg. 

So here she is, straight out of the box:


Pretty decent for this kind of figure, lacking if you’re not into this older style of action figure. She does have a hat that I dismissed at first, but after putting it on, she does look pretty nifty with it:


There will be no back shots at this stage… as she has a bare butt. 

She also comes with an “experimental chamber” you can put her in:


Which I think looks pretty cool :D. Then again, I’m a weirdo. I also love the blue colour. And, hey, the experiments aren’t bad too!

Here’s a closeup of the details on top:


And here’s the back:


Not much to see, barring the battery compartment. I do have the cover – it was elsewhere when I was taking photos. Two AA batteries just fit in there. Took a fair bit of effort to get them in properly, so that the flap will shut – the feature can work if the battery is slightly out, but the cover wouldn’t fit back on like that. Needed to use a doodad to push battery next to the spring as far back as it would go to squeeze the batteries in there. Not sure how getting them out will go… 

Now why are there no pics of the light feature? One, it’s not too impressive to look at – it’s two LEDs, one at the top, one at the bottom. Though the main reason I didn’t try to photograph it, is the LEDs are only on when you hold down the button at the front. Part of me is tempted to mod it so there’s a sliding switch at the back, but I’d have to take it apart to see the feasibility. Also there’s the temptation to wait – if I have a place near a power source, I could potentially wire it into a lighting system. 

The remainder of my photos are NSFW, so here’s my conclusions. The articulation on this figure is largely pointless – it’s not very interesting, and the paintwork means moving her arms makes her look funny, though this is hidden by the symbiotic Tollg, when she’s wearing it. The hat looked kinda crap in the box, but looks better on, which was nice. The chamber is a solid addition, though mine had some mild scuffing, despite the outer box being sealed. Naked, she has the orangiest nipples, but she’s erm, accurate in other places. All in all, I like this figure, and I think I paid a fair price for her. 

Here’s a pic of her without Tollg:


See what I mean by the super-orange nipples? Her body is anorexic, which I’m in two minds about. Also note they modelled her labia, which some castoffs don’t have, lol. 

Here’s a closeup of her upper half:


That’s some orange boobage, with some paint smear that got in between her boobs. Guess she’s had some fun with spicy sauce? It’s a complimentary colour to the purple, but I dunno. It’s just a bit too unreal. 

And here’s her back:


Some effort on the sculpting here, but seems like a “ok, that looks passable, done now” job. More accurate than a barbie, but lacking in polish, most notably her shoulderblades, the back of her knees, and those elbows seem to have boils on them. I won’t be seeing her back a lot though. 

Secondary conclusion: She can be displayed naked, but I feel she was mostly designed with Tollg in mind. I have ordered the green version, so I may display one with, one without, or both with Tollg.