Devilman Lady

Had my eye on this figure for some time, but she wouldn’t fit in a SAL small packet, so it was a long time before I ordered her. Despite this, she was a bit bigger than I was expecting.

Here she is out of the box, with her accessory:


Can see why this figure is cheap to get hold of, but I still love the colour. 

Here is a ¾ view:


She’s not a bad figure, but she’s nothing amazing either. Definitely more on the “toy” side of things. Her hands have the annoying ability to pop out though, which is kind of annoying. 

Back view:


Not a huge lot to see here, not as plain as some figures, but a definite lessening of detail. 

She does come with a stand:


At first, I thought this was decorative scenery, hence it not featuring in the pics above. The arm doesn’t really slot into the hole on this dead creature. Might be able to get it in with some heat, but I don’t think it’s designed for you to put it in there. Shame, as you could play-act out the scene, if it did. 

Shot of the face:


Yeah, that’s one not-happy creature.You can also see the peg in the bottom left. She was a bit of a squish to get on, but a stand is very much needed to get her to balance. Was thinking of digging up one of my disc stands, but this one is so much cooler, now I know it’s a stand.

Back of the stand:


Yeah, nothing to see here, move along.

This figure seems to be fairly widely available. She’ll cost you far more in postage than her initial cost, but if you like her, she’s not too expensive to pick up. This figure is definitely not for everyone, so I’d only recommend buying if you like what you see here. Arm articulation works OK, though the hands can come off easily (they’re just a straight piece of plastic linking them, no ball), but the leg articulation is kinda pointless. The top of leg articulation just ends up looking funny due to the shape of her leg and being a cut joint, and she won’t balance well in most positions. I think this figure may have had more of a market if they went into full toy mode, and made the hands stay on, lol. I like her as a display piece, but I’m unfussy and love purple. And demons.