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Miki Makimura – Devilman – Futura 20th Century Cartoonist Collection

Today we have a mini-diorama trading figure, featuring Miki:

I like this little figure, even though her skin colour is somewhat off. She should really be a pink colour, not an odd shade of brown. I do like the choice of base though, fits in with one of the episodes of Devilman, and having the arm reaching up, Miki unawares feels solid thematically. 

Miki front-on:

I like her expression, though I don’t think it quite works when viewed like this. Her hair is OK, but does lack detail. Her dress is nice – sculpted well with the creases, and the paintwork here is neat. Her legs going into her dress look a litle odd, but that’s to do with the fact you attach her legs to her body here. Would probably look less unnatural if the legs connected higher up, and made it look like her dress was lying on her legs, instead of floating above. 


The base is painted & sculpted well, and has some texture to it. The figure was a pain to assemble though, and definitely needed warming to get the parts together. I assembled this away from my usual location, so it was… awkward. 


I like the way Miki’s arm is resting on her hip. Here we can see how the demon arm joint is shaped to ensure the hand can only attach in the correct orientation. It will sort of attach in other orientations, but will only sit right if you have it like this. 


Here it really does look like it is grasping for Miki. Watch out! Here we can see the paint is rather messy around her slipper, but not too bad elsewhere. She doesn’t have an unsightly hair seam either, which I really like. Is a seamline running down her arm you can see here, though. 


The arm looks good from the back. I like the stripey effect, and they’ve blended the mud paint quite well, so it definitely looks like it’s rising out of the ground. 

Closeup of the arm:

Yep, definitely a fan of the paintwork on the arm. The sculpting is really nice too – we can see the tendons in the hand, and the claws are nicely done. Definitely gives off a devilish appearance. 

Overall, I really like this mini-figure. If you’re OK with Miki being kind of ashen, I’d recommend it. This one seems to be rather common, so shouldn’t be too expensive to pick up.