This dude is from Devliman. Saw him in the show, had to get the figure. 


Love the colouring, the spikes and the head tentacles. 

And also this base:


This base is a skeleton of Devilman. I didn’t know about these bases prior to buying this figure, and now I kind of want the rest of the set. I did look around, but it’ll be hard to get the set. Maybe one day. 

Here’s a close-up of his face:


Grrowwl. Not sure if the black wash effect really worked – it look nice in the darker areas, but a bit like dirt in other places. 

Seylos’s left:


Some nice, big well-posed clases :). Here you can see where the wash is a bit uneven, leading me to be a bit on the fence about it. 

Lastly, his back:


He has some nice head tentacles – lots o’ short ones, and the long one with the large spike. They can be moved around a bit, but they’re not actually bendy. His arm claws also look nice and menacing from this angle. 

Close-up on the tentacles:


I like the way the larger tentacle has a bunch more detail on it. Black wash looks nice on it. 

After the photoshoot, I played with the figure. He’s very poseable, and good fun to pose. The joints have a good range of motion – you can get him into some kind of sitting pose, and you can be quite expressive with him. I may choose to have him somewhere I can pick up and play with him, with his posing potential.