Akira Fudo

This guy is the dude who became/is Devilman. This figure portrays him as his mostly human form. Without further ado, here he is:


Mmm, nice chest! And those are some very long legs, lol. I like the fact he has some metal chain accessories. He also has some very emo makeup.

Here is his right side, showing his tattoos:


The tattoos are nicely done, and there is some nice definition in the arm. His neck looks a little on the long side though, and he’s pretty shiny due to the plastic he’s been made of and the finish chosen. Fairly typical of this kind of figure.

His left side:


No tattoos here, but some good arm definition. Bracelet is nicely done.

His back:


A fair amount of attention has been paid to his back – a lot of detail in his trousers, and his muscles are well-defined.

He also comes with the Demon Mask:


It fits on head decently well – was a bit of a squish getting it on, but there he is, with his eyes staring out.

Back of the mask:


Not a super-interesting angle, but the detail is there.

Finally, you can remove his head:


And stick on a new one:


This is his half-Devilman head, with mini-head-wings. With his head being removable, you can also remove his necklace, if you so wish.

Here is a side shot showing the wings in a bit more detail:


Both the heads are solid picks imo, but I will likely display him with this one mostly. His face is too pretty for the Demon Mask, so I’ll likely display it separately.

My collection needed more sexy males, and I find he fits the bill ;).

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