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Non-genre Grab-Box (S) – other items 2

And this is the last of the stuff!

Iwako erasers

Well, there they are. They look OK, but not very interesting. Have ended up at work, and I used one of them once. Took them into work to see if anyone would want them, no takers. They can be bought pretty cheaply. 

Splatoon clips

Bright n’ shiny. Not got any consoles, so not got Splatoon. I do like the squid designs, so these have ended up on my hanging rail. 

Dragon Quest tote bag

Nice, sturdy tote bag. Not a fan of the design, but hey, decent bag. 

Rockman.EXE badge

I ended up selling this, so I hope its new owner is happy with it :). Never really played any of the Megaman games, I did get roped into helping someone build a clone though. Didn’t get very far – the other person was basically relying on me to do all the coding, so I did some then gave up, lol. And that’s how I learned of Megaman’s existence. 

Tapu Tapu Panda

Apparently this is a dude who appears on greeting cards in Japan. So I guess the UK equivalent would be the Me 2 You bear. OK looking dangler, and resides on one of my hanging rails. 

Monster Hunter moshi tape

Some decorative tape. I know of the Monster Hunter series, but never played it, so not sure I’d get to use this. Did attempt to sell it, but got no takers. Its size is annoying on the posting front, as it’s juuust a bit too tall for large letter, making it expensive to post unless I open it.

Tom and Jerry rubber stamp

I vaguely tried to sell this, but unsurprisingly got no takers. Not sure what I’m going to do with this – if I find a Tom and Jerry fan, they might end up with it, or it may eventually get chucked. 

And that’s it for this box! Hope you enjoyed reading. 

Non-genre Grab-Box (S) – other items

This post will cover half of the remainder of the items in the box. There isn’t a really good way to split these and end up with sensible-sized posts, so the splitting is arbitrary. So, uh, enjoy!

Evangelion ‘towel’


These are called “hand towels”, but they’re flannel-sized, and not the size us in the West would call a hand towel. Could possibly use it as a flannel. It’s not the highest of quality, and a bit thin in places, I like it’s Evangelion, but it’s not a design that says “Evangelion” to me, so it’ll probably live in a drawer. 

Nerv Vs Godzilla keyring


This is one of my favourite items in the box, and was one of the first things to go on my hanging rail. It’s been coated and feels like it’d survive punishment, but I don’t really want to risk using it as a keyring. 

IBM Kei Nagai sticker


Cool-looking sticker, that does have a transparent background. Not yet stuck it to anything, but reminds me of the Ethereals in WoW. Did look up the thing he’s from, but I remember it didn’t sound worth investigating further. 

MSGV: Phantom Pain


Decent-looking strap, have it hung up, but it is one of the candidates to be potentially replaced one day, as I don’t have any current interest in the MSG series. 

Japan Post


Apparently Japan Post have a gatcha series! And this is what I got in mine. Sadly, the way it’s been designed means that it’s very hard to get to sit on a figure’s head. Not exactly an item one can expect! 

Yo Kai Watch


This was some data sheets and some plastic pockets to store your Yo Kai watch faces, plus a shiny watch face. I’ve since seen a video of the Yo Kai Watch (thanks Nerd^3!), and decided I definitely don’t want one. The watch face is currently kicking around on my desk, and the pouches turned out to be useful for storing badges! 

Kirby & Waddle Do


Yep, Kirby badges. Not a lot to say about these. Never played Kirby, was kinda before my time, am one generation out, lol. Nicely made, but not really of interest to me.

Chibi ship

Yep, you read that title right:


This was in a gatcha capsule, and is a ‘chibified’ version of a real ship. The ‘instructions’ for it gave you facts about the real thing. Didn’t know you could chibify ships, shows what I know! 

Non-genre Grab Box (S)

This was a box I got some time ago, which I started preparing a blog for, but never completed. So now I have my own blog, it’s time to post it 😀

Here is an overview of what the box contained:


This blog will be about the figures and Re-Ment sets. 

Mickey Mouse


This was the “star item” of the box. Alas, this was not something I was particularly interested in, and has been sold. 



A plushie pikachu. Something else I wasn’t interested in. Looks nice for what it is, but I’m not a Pokemon fan. Did try to sell it, but hasn’t sold thus far.



This is one of my favourite items from the box. Not truly familiar with the FF series, but this dude looks cool. And So. Many. Arms. It could sure give you a hand!

Baby Tiragon


As it was a preowned box, most of the random item boxes were already open, and this was one of the open ones. Out of the things on the box, this was the least ‘cool’, so wasn’t surprised to get it. It’s a decent enough figure, but probably not worth trying to sell, so it sits atop one of my detolfs. 

Mothra Larva

Here’s the large packaging it came in:


And the thing itself:


Looked better when it was obscured by the packaging. I feel kinda sorry for anyone who won this in the Ichiban Kuji! You pays your money, you gets… your poop. It’s not very detailed, and has zero paintwork, which contributes significantly to it looking like an oddly shaped poop than a larva. It now lives amongst Poundland tat, and hasn’t eaten any of it, so I don’t see it mutating into Mothra any time soon. 

Petit Sushi-Go-Round


These Re-Ment sets I didn’t initially open, but they sat around… so I opened them. All three were sealed. This one is a sushi set, and you can cut up the info sheet to put things on the screen. Not yet put anything on the screen, lol. 

Toy Story Toy Carnival


This is probably my favourite of the three, as it’s toy story. Not much to say about it, but I do like the way the milkshake is Jessie-themed.

Rilakkuma Leisure Snack


Weirdly, this one wasn’t on MFC when I looked, and I’m not big into Re-Ments, so didn’t bother adding it. Is cute, but the bits just sorta hang around on the wardrobe shelf. 

Grab Box for Boys (S) – Miscellany

And here’s the rest of the stuff. that didn’t fit into the previous categories. 

Camille Noire clear files



Don’t know anything about this franchise, but some of these clear files did make me wish I actually had paper to file. Some of sides are quite nicely designed. 

Sailor Moon cake

I bet the vast majority of the people who owned this have done so through an AmiAmi grab box! Decided to put my current age on the cake. Currently is nestled among the spare room figures. 

Black Rock Shooter fan

Initially chucked this item aside, due to it being a fan. Opened it up at the end, and was pleasantly surprised, though not currently sure where I put it… Looks like it may have been an AmiAmi item, as I saw an AmiAmi fan in another loot post with the same fan “spokes” design.

Idolm@aster “carddass” cards

Ooh, shiny! Not quite sure what I’ll do with these, but I do like shiny things. That name wouldn’t fly too well in an English-speaking country though.

Not entirely sure where I put these. One day I’ll dig ‘em out and put ‘em on something. 

Futari Wa Precure art board

At the time, I wasn’t too impressed with it, but over time the design kinda grew on me. This was the first I got in this grab box, but since got a 2nd from another grab box. I’ve put the two together, and will probably, maybe put them on my wall of random stuff at some point. 

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de badges

Might put the character badges somewhere, I like the middle one. Not got much to say about these, lol. And I still don’t, a few months down the line. 

Overall, the grab box was… OK. The ‘star’ item wasn’t something I was interested in, which brought it down somewhat, but the figures were a nice selection, and on reflection it wasn’t a bad box. 

AmiAmi Grab Box for Boys (S) – Hangables

These items fit into the ‘Hanged up’ category of MFC. Not quite as grim as it sounds – these are items like keyrings, phone charms and danglers. 

Titus Alexius

My favourite of the hanged up items I got. No familiarity with the character, but love the design, and this thing is big! The stand also makes it easy to display.

Mikasa Ackerman

I like Attack on Titan, so this was one of the first things to be added to my rails, when I added them to the study Kallax. 

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Not familiar with this anime, seen it mentioned on MFC. Initially was headed for the Drawer of Purgatory, but ended up on the hanging rail. 


These are… OK. Currently on the hanging rail, but may get “voted off” if I run outta room with quality stuff.


Not familiar with this character, but I like her design. She made it to the hanging rail 🙂 Man, that’s not a great pic I took…

Touwa Erio & Chieri Ogata

Bit of a crap photo, but I like both of these. Touwa went to the hanging rail, and Chieri hangs off the wardrobe in the bedroom. 


From a VN called Utawarerumono. Never heard of it myself. She hangs in one corner of the hanging rails, due to her size. 

And that’s it for hangables. Next will be the miscellany that came in the box

Grab Box for Boys (S) – Figures

These are the figure items that were in the box.

Asuka Langley


Probably my favourite item in the box, initially I did have this without the stand, but she does kinda need it over time, so I clipped it to her. Got more used to it, and when posed right, it doesn’t show too much. 

Sonsaku Hakufu


Only found the variant of this figure on MFC, and not a lot of pics elsewhere on the internet. Found out who she was via the copyright info on the base.

Ayase Eli


Had the fun of watching this thing wobble whilst I unboxed everything else! Not watched Love Live, so have no attachment to the character. Haven’t had any sensible offers for it, so she’s currently hiding out in a box.

Cagalli Yula Athha


Was a right arse to get on the base as the legs were bent in too much, and not the greatest paint job. She sits in one of my detolfs, and is part of a series of figures that I have now got three of, all from boxes of random. 



I like the design of this character. She sits among some other petits in one of my detolfs. 



No familiarity with this character. Getting these things onto the base is a pain! The pegs on the base don’t really do the jobs pegs are supposed to do, and she fell apart once ><. Got there in the end though.

Sheryl Nome


Prone to some of the issues of the above figure, but is a character I’m mildly more interested in.

And that’s it for figures. Tomorrow will be the hangable/keyring items. 

AmiAmi Grab Box for Boys (S)

The next set of posts are modified from a post I made to MFC… so if you’ve seen it before, that’s where it came from. 

When I ordered this box… I ended up having to wait near-on a month for it to arrive. Post was moving very slowly from Tokyo at that time. 
But arrive it did:


So, without further ado, here’s what I got.

Loot layers

With AmiAmi grab boxes, they’re put together in layers, with wrapping in between. So here’s shots of the layers. 

Loot layer 0:


The card was on top of the flaps, not seen that before.

Loot layer 1:


Loot layer 2:


Loot layer 3:


Loot layer 4:


And here’s the stuff laid out before unpacking everything:


The next few blog posts will detail the stuff that was in it. 

AmiAmi Mystery Box – WTF!

And now for the dregs! The stuff that made me wtf, for one reason or another.

Let’s start out with something normal, which I didn’t know what it was at first:

Ooh, pretty card… Was scratching my head until I turned it over, and found it had copious English on it:

It’s a phone card. Don’t think I’ll have an actual use for this, but it’s the kind of phone card you’d potentially buy and not use. Obviously its previous owner didn’t. 

There was a second magnet in the box:

I guess this came with an azone doll… bit of a random thing to throw in, but hey, guess it’d be decorating the warehouse floor if it wasn’t thrown in. Seeing as I don’t buy azone dolls, this is of little interest to me. 

Who fancies something that looks like a watch strap?

But only if you want to declare you’re a tank. Or, uh, drive an M4 Sherman:

… too much Panzermadels there. It’s plastic, and feels sorta cheap (took it out of the box briefly to see what it was like), so it’s not really a quality novelty. 

Now to the most WTF-y… a CD!

So I recognised this as being from Queen’s Blade, especially as it says it across the bottom. Spiral Chaos is a PSP game, and this was an extra. I should imagine at this point, most people, like myself, was imagining this to be a soundtrack CD. Noooo, oh no. This is the oddities post! 

So my research was inconclusive, with some people calling it a “vocal CD”. I thought about trying to sell it as-is, but not being sure exactly what it was, curiosity got the better of me so I opened and played it. And what is it? Just under 7 minutes of some character quotes from the game. No idea what they’re saying, though Google Translate did get some of it! However, chunks of some of the tracks aren’t words. Not sure if the characters are in pain, fighting or um. Well. It’s hard to tell the difference with Japanese women. 

Not sure what I’m going to do with this in the long run. Play it to unsuspecting people? Slip copies of the tracks into people’s music collections? Can’t imagine it has much, if any, resale value. Not surprised it ended up in a box of random tbh! And it didn’t disappoint on the random front!

And that’s yer lot!

AmiAmi Mystery Box – non-figures

So here are the things that aren’t going to be gracing shelves. 

First item visible when I opened the box was this clear file:

It’s shiny and quite colourful, so I plan to keep it and possibly use it for filing paperwork for visiting Tokyo next year. 

Along with this were some Re:Zero game cards:

They all have the same card back, which looks like this:

Not sure what I’ll do with these. Can’t read ‘em. Third one along the top reminds me of Nui, from Kill La Kill though. 

Here’s an acrylic standee from Macross Frontier:

Had to do some research to find out she was called Matsuura Nanase. Not sure if I will keep this. 

Next up is a Sailor Moon charm:

Pretty, but I don’t have any attachment to Sailor Moon. 

Here’s a magnet from Brave Witches. The character is apparently called Karibuchi Hikari:

This particular magnet wasn’t on the MFC database, but there are others in the same set. 

Here’s a Precure Shikishi board. Had one of these before, but this is a different design:

They’re pretty, so I might put them up somewhere… when I can be bothered. Got some other pics to do first!

Here are some straps, this was a double-pack, and the characters are from Idolm@ster:

And this is Kotori from Love Live!:

Finally, for this post we have a playmat, for all your card-game-playing needs:

These characters are from KanColle. 

Mystery box finale coming tomorrow!

AmiAmi Mystery Box

This is the third mystery box I’ve got from AmiAmi, and probably the last one I’ll get for awhile, as I’ve spent rather a bit too much over the year, and this one was the weakest I’ve had. A bunch of this stuff will probably find its way to eBay/Facebook buy-sell on the run up to Christmas. 

First up, the figures. This time all the figures were trading ones. Let’s start with one from a series I know, Fate:


She’s not a character I particularly have any feelings for

(Irisviel) but, hey, Fate/Zero!

Next up is a Gundam SEED Destiny blind-box character. These seem to keep popping up, and this is the third I’ve ended up with, Mayu Asuka:


As she’s the bonus extra figure, she came with a choice of two different left arms:


Here she is, clearly on the phone:


Paint quality really is quite derp on this one, so I can see why it got traded in. 

Here’s a figure I know, but didn’t take out of the bags:


She’s Ranka Lee, from Macross Frontier. Looking at this figure on MFC, there’s a part missing. Not a very inspiring figure though, so she might get sold. hence me leaving it in the bag. 

Next up, is a tiny figure I quite like. She’s apparently Shelby from Duel Maid:




She came with two different arm types. Originally she had both sword-holding hands, but she also has splayed ones. Here’s the two not equipped:


This is apparently Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!:


She’s cute, she’s catty and I like her. OK, maybe not cute.

Next up, some mecha character called Chiha:


I have a thing for mecha-ish things, so keeping this one:

Here’s her back:


Cat… mecha… human… yep, it has it all :P. Well, maybe not trousers. She seems to have forgotten those. 

This is a K-ON! character called Nakano Azusa:


She looks OK, but I’ve never watched K-ON!, and not likely to change that, so may sell her on. 

And last for the figures, Yagami Tama from something called Sasami-san@Ganbaranai


Yep. She’s a thing. Don’t have anything to say about this one. 

And that’s it for the figures. Tomorrow, the non-figure items!