Grab Box for Boys (S) – Miscellany

And here’s the rest of the stuff. that didn’t fit into the previous categories. 

Camille Noire clear files



Don’t know anything about this franchise, but some of these clear files did make me wish I actually had paper to file. Some of sides are quite nicely designed. 

Sailor Moon cake

I bet the vast majority of the people who owned this have done so through an AmiAmi grab box! Decided to put my current age on the cake. Currently is nestled among the spare room figures. 

Black Rock Shooter fan

Initially chucked this item aside, due to it being a fan. Opened it up at the end, and was pleasantly surprised, though not currently sure where I put it… Looks like it may have been an AmiAmi item, as I saw an AmiAmi fan in another loot post with the same fan “spokes” design.

Idolm@aster “carddass” cards

Ooh, shiny! Not quite sure what I’ll do with these, but I do like shiny things. That name wouldn’t fly too well in an English-speaking country though.

Not entirely sure where I put these. One day I’ll dig ‘em out and put ‘em on something. 

Futari Wa Precure art board

At the time, I wasn’t too impressed with it, but over time the design kinda grew on me. This was the first I got in this grab box, but since got a 2nd from another grab box. I’ve put the two together, and will probably, maybe put them on my wall of random stuff at some point. 

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de badges

Might put the character badges somewhere, I like the middle one. Not got much to say about these, lol. And I still don’t, a few months down the line. 

Overall, the grab box was… OK. The ‘star’ item wasn’t something I was interested in, which brought it down somewhat, but the figures were a nice selection, and on reflection it wasn’t a bad box.