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Mammon – Seven Deadly Sins

This figure I got super-cheap as the owner no longer had her box, and has glued her to the base, due to the fact she had a wobbling issue. This figure is cast-off, which will be shown in this blog, hence the NSFW tag. 

She displays just fine, so the issues aren’t an issue for me:


The rest of the photos won’t feature the basket, as it’s pretty easy to knock out of her hand (… and I forgot to bring it downstairs for the first few pics I took…). 

Here’s the veggies up close:


Tis a mean-looking set of veggies! I don’t think I will eat these… 

Mammon with her full base:


This base allows her to stand at the back of a shelf and remain visible :). But you can display her as per the first pic, if she has too much height. 

Close-up of the “Mammon” side of the base:


And the other side, which tells you what sin she is:


Bit of a scratch on the base on the “GREED” heart, but it isn’t too bad. Love the horned demon o this side of the base. 

Base from the top:

Is a large thing, the two dark dots top and bottom are pegs that go into the upper base. As these are evenly spaced, you can pick which side of this base is facing forward (Greed or Mammon). 

Close-up of the part of the base she stands on:


Coins being the perfect companion to greed. The gold lines on her legs are really nicely done and sharp. 


She has a very nicely sculpted and painted face, nicely framed by her horns. I love the way her hair curls at the front, though the complexity of her hair does make her assembly a bit awkward when casting her off. The gold lines on her clothing offer a good amount of contrast and give a more sophisticated feel to the figure. The black print on her stockings is also crisp and stands out well. 


Left… or is it front? Because here you have a lot of front! Here you can see the black print better, and the shading in her stockings. They’ve also put a heart in her thong, which is a nice attention to detail. Her cast-off clothes look really good imo – some cast-off figures have the issue that the clothes look a little iffy. but here they are shaded and have hidden connectors. 


Love the little bat above her backside :). She has the wings every succubus should have, though these are detachable. Her cape nicely frames her shapely backside. 


Here you can see the sheer amount of hair she has. They’ve gone to a fair amount of trouble to sculpt all these strands, and I think it has paid off. We can see some of the underside colouring of her wing too, which is a reasonably vibrant red. Her horns are also shaded, which is evident here. 

Underside of the wings and cape:

Love the red and black contrast under here.

Close-up of the bat:

Some of the paint has gone a bit walkies on this part – little bit evident on the claw and I think the bat face a bit. Still love this little detail. 

Mammon without the wings:

She also comes with the strap part shown above, if you want a clearer view of her backside, or just don’t like your women winged. This strap forms a heart with the top of her dress, ad has a little heart-shaped ring to join the straps together. 

Close-up of the straps:

All the small details here were well thought out. 

Now for some less-dressed shots.

Casting her off:

Her head and right arm come off, which allows you to remove the clothing on her shoulders, and her top. The top is three pieces which fasten together – the two boob cups, and a part which clips to her neck. 

As her shoulder clothing piece comes off, you have a few choices in terms of dress level:

I personally think she looks best with her top off, but her shoulder piece on, which is the middle of these three shots. 

Cast-off, no wings:

If you want a view of all the assets. I think the colour is a little too strong on the nipples, but it works. 

My preferred level of cast-off:

Yeah, gotta have the wings! 

Really glad I bought this figure – she’s an excellent figure, and I could easily recommend her. Though these figures usually go for a fair amount of money, and upon owning this one, I can see why. Glad I had the opportunity to purchase this one. 

Shamsiel Shahal

Found this figure some time ago, and had it in my “to order” list. I did plan to order her in November/December, but then I spent too much and left it. Finally went for her in January. 

Here she is on her mirror base:


I rather like the mirror base – I’ll probably use it for her, but if she ends up somewhere where the mirror base doesn’t work for her, I’ll use it for some other figure. 

Here is what she looks like from the top with the mirror base:


Giving you all the angles, if she’s cast off. 

Here she is not sitting on the base:


The side joint in her outfit has a habit of being a bit loose. In regards to the paint job, the shading on her right knee is a bit odd. 

Close-up of her face:


Certainly a smiley, happy demoness! I like the way she has a tiny li’l ponytail tucked away there. 

Her left & right sides:


She looks nice from the sides, but she does have a floating hand. I may fix this at some point, but there is a chance it may fix itself. The joint for her clothing is visible in the second pic – at least it’s positioned where it doesn’t really show if you’re not casting her off. 

Her back:


I really love these transparent wings. And her tail is cute. From the back, she looks the same, cast off or not. The red nicely complements the purple and green of her outfit. 

Now to cast her off:


It took a little bit to work out how to disassemble her, and I think I made a bit of a split in her clothing :(. Fortunately it didn’t go all the way through, so I could strengthen it, if I clothe her again. She did have a couple of paint transfers on her legs, but I managed to pretty much get rid of them with an eraser. 

For casting her off, you take the legs off first, then the top will come off the neck. As far as parts removal goes, it’s only the legs and the head. 

Close-ups of her clothes:


It was the upper silver ring I damaged (assuming it wasn’t damaged before – this was a secondhand figure). Kind of amusing to see a green blob of paint – this does suggest the green paint transfer I saw was actually stray paint, rather than rubbed off. The ball and chain feel like metal, and is a nice detail. 

Here she is, reassembled and cast off:


There are some dents in her legs, where the garters “latch” onto. If you view her from certain angles, you can see these dents, but when she’s displayed, they’re not really visible. 

Here’s a close-up shot showing one of them:


Kinda wish they didn’t make dents for the garters, and just left enough room in the right spots. Probably an effort to prevent paint transfer, and keep the garters from popping out. 

Close-up of her chest:


A pair of pretty assets to finish on (the blog that is!), with some very pink nipples, lol. Her stomach is well-defined, which I like. 

Imo, both the clothed and cast off options are solid ones, so you could do either, and not feel cheated. I was a bit iffy about her when I first got her, but I’ve since warmed up to her, and think that she’s a good addition to my collection.