Meta Blog: New backdrop

From this point forward, I will be experimenting with my backdrop, after deciding I’m no longer happy with my scratched-up bit of wood. Surely I can do better! 

Here was my first attempt, with some wrapping paper:


This is a cropped photo only – usually I’d do more processing, but this shot shows most of the issues – a couple of the test figures ended up taking on a blue hue, odd things would happen with the lighting, and the shadow of me, thanks to using the window as light. 

So I switched to a blue fabric backdrop that came with an el cheapo “portable photo studio” I bought ages ago: 


Yeah, I ended up with ironing board marks on it… oops. It was very creased though, as it was stored folded in its original packet, so not ironing it wasn’t an option. Pattern is kind of pretty though… 

The “blue” issue affected a couple of figures, but far less when it did. So I’ll probably try to get hold of a more neutral coloured piece of fabric at some point. Even though this one does match with my table mats :P. Don’t really want to go with black fabric, as this won’t look so good if I’m doing a dark-coloured figure. May prepare the black backdrop as an option, though. Could go with the white one, but I’d like something that isn’t overly plain. 

So starting today, be prepared to see new backdrops now and then :). And the occasional reappearance of the plain wood backdrop, as pre-prepared posts pop out 🙂