Official vs Bootleg: FREEing Jibril (Shampoo ver.)

One more of the No Game No Life 1/12 set has been bootlegged… Let’s see how this one compares to the last disaster.


MSRP (without tax): ¥4,500
Price I paid for the official (inc shipping): ¥4,000 (£29.97)
Price I paid for the bootleg (inc shipping): $13.69 (£10.73)

The official I bought in the GSC Stay At Home sale


No real similarity with the boxes from the front! The bootleg box has a random model number at the top (how do they decide these things?) and Jibril’s name at the bottom. As well as a massive window showing the figure in the box.
The only copied element here is the top half of the figure photo, which has been moved to the bottom-left of the bootleg box.

Much more similarity here! Due to the bootleg box dimensions, the bootleggers have expanded the image so it will cover the side of the box meaning it has now become blurry and cropped. This has also had the advantage that the “S-Style” logo at the bottom is now no longer present.
At the top we have the three bullets, but they’ve copied the ones from the front of the box instead of the side. As the bootleg has a different model number chucked on it, they’ve dropped the model number box on this side too.
Lastly, the bottom pink line has been dropped, though they did include the one at the top.

For the official we have the back of the figure and the bootleg we have the front again. Can’t let that minor edit go to waste! Despite the incorrect photo, this side makes more of an effort to look like the original and includes the extra text at the bottom and the pink stripe.

The back of the box is practically a photocopy compared to the front. We have the same images, albeit expanded to fill the space, and several sections of the text copied across, notably missing out on anything that mentions FREEing or Goodsmile support.
There is also the addition of a barcode… that relates to a Cardfight!! Vanguard G A2 clear poster. Erm, another interesting pick!

Here’s where the official’s barcode hides out, whilst the bootleg box is nothin’ but white (ignoring the overprint).
This side highlights just how much bigger the bootleg box is versus the original – interesting to see such an increase in box size for such a small figure.

Interestingly, the bootleg has added a window up the top here – not sure why. Suppose it does help fill the space without it looking suspiciously blank, though it doesn’t leave much of a view of the figure. We’ve got the addition of Jibril’s name up here, but for some reason they’ve done it overlapping the lower line. For the Jibril figure photo they’ve chopped off the top of the halo instead of fully cutting it out of the original artwork.

As the official box has no windows the box is a plain brown with no liner. The bootleg has gone for a shade of salmon pink to add a background colour when viewing the figure through the box’s window.
Interestingly we seem to have the upper window of the bootleg box stuck on with some tape – this wasn’t my addition. Guess that stops it from falling off!

As with the box designs, these are not very similar. The bootleg has a traditional-style clear blister in lovely bootleg plastic, the official has a black back and a clear front, as with the rest of the figures in the S-Style line.
For the actual figure, the official’s is disassembled in the box whilst the bootleg is allegedly assembled. The official figure we can’t see too much of thanks to the large amount of plastic wrapping to keep the bits from scraping against each other, the bootleg has no such qualms and is very visible in its blister.


Unlike Shiro’s bootleg, this one comes with a replica of the official base. The bootleg base has quite patchy colouring to it and doesn’t have the central support post.

The bootleg base says “MADE IN CHINA”. The official also says it’s made in China, but also has a copyright line with both bits of text in a smaller font than the bootleg’s proclamation.
The bootleg’s cog teeth are much more triangular than the official’s, possibly indicating they made their own mould for the base, or at least modified a stolen one.

The teeth do line up between the two bases, so they must have at least a reference for what the real base was like.


This figure doesn’t precisely have accessories, so this section will cover the halo and the separate parts. For the bootleg it came “assembled”, but the head wasn’t pushed on properly, so that fell off during unboxing. Then the halo fell off, so within about 10 seconds it became about as disassembled as the original.

Top of the halo:
The print on the bootleg is a bit thin and ropey in places, but the pattern survived intact. The colours are fairly close to the original, but not an exact match.
Looking at the bootleg’s peg we can see some white stress marks in the plastic just above it.

Bottom of the halo:
The official actually has two layers of print, making the black areas of the print white underneath. Bootleg doesn’t have this, so we have the mirrored image from the top.

Official has these… just in case you couldn’t work out the assembly of the figure. She’s really straightforward to assemble, so these aren’t that necessary.
Bootleg doesn’t even need to show how she should assemble, as she comes preassembled.

Parts of the figures laid out:
Yep, same number of things here, that look roughly the same. Main difference to be noted here is the neck peg arrangement – we’ll have a closer look at this later in the blog.

Figure spin-around
The bootleg actually manages to be fairly similar to the original. The most noticeable difference for me is the hair – the front is darker on the bootleg plus it has less gradients at the back.

Figure close-ups

Head peg/hole:
The official figure has a clear peg whilst the bootleg has a hole. So this means you can’t get the bootleg Jibril to have more Jibril head for your S-Style figures, even if you can excuse its flaws (one feature of the S-Style line is the heads are somewhat interchangeable, apart from the early releases). Being a hole you could add a peg if you wanted to, though, so not entire loss if you don’t mind a bit of DIY.

Body hole/peg:
The official has a hole to accommodate its peg, whilst the bootleg has a roughly-hewn peg to accommodate its head.
Looking at her hands, it looks like the bootleg dipped her index finger in the nail polish. We’ve also got some stray pink paint from the shampoo bottle on her fingers. The bootleg’s hands also have a fair amount of excess plastic.
Looking to the shampoo bottle, the bootleg’s is more of a hot pink and the white print is not thick enough to hide the grey underneath. We’ve also got a seam running through the middle of it, extending all the way up through the attached tube.

Putting the bootleg’s head on her body:
The bootleg’s head doesn’t fit nicely on the peg – I needed to warm the head to get it to go most of the way onto the peg. This is why the head rolled off of the bootleg when I unboxed it – there was a vague attempt made to get the head onto the peg but the poor fit likely didn’t make it worth the packer’s time to sort it.

The official’s hair starts with a pale pinky-purple and transitions down to a darker shade at the tips. The bootleg forgoes the shading and is a very deep purple throughout, and has rough edges.
The eye prints on the bootleg have large dots for shading, instead of being a smoother transition.
The bootleg’s mouth has been painted much more roughly, with a paler shade than the official, making her mouth lack depth.
The bootleg’s head is also at a different angle, making her look on forward instead of what she’s doing, akin to the official.

Top of her head:
There is some variation in the bootleg’s purple hair paint, but not much to speak of. Both of them have distinctive seaming for the various hair parts, though some smoothing has been attempted for the official.

Halo hole:
The halo holes are similar and don’t have paint down the bottom of them, though not quite at the same angle which can be seen by the bootleg’s halo not sitting towards the front.
The hair halves of the bootleg have been painted in fairly different colours here, making her hair look like two completely different parts.

Back of the hair:
The right-hand seam looks nicer on the official, but the left on looks better on the bootleg to me…
The official’s hair colour I think is more aesthetically pleasing, and you can see the yellow transition in this photo. The bootleg doesn’t have the yellow transition, so purple is all we get here.
The stray bits of hair on the bootleg are also a lot more curled, whilst the official’s does a larger, more pleasing curve.

Left side of the hair:
The bootleg’s hair hangs more towards the back and is less spread out, so we get to see her arm tattoo from this angle.
We can also see the failed paint transition on the bootleg – the yellow is entirely missing and the green shading is very spotty.
Looking at the hair tip that joins the hair mass towards the bottom, the official’s is pointier than the bootleg’s.

Right side of the hair:
Again, the bootleg is more bunched on this side and has the poor shading. Looking at the hair tips of the bootleg, we can more clearly see the purple underside of the hair. The official also has purple undersides, but this is less visible on the official.
We also get another good look at the foreshortened curly hair strand on the bootleg here too.

Hair tips:
Here we can see the sloppiness of the curls on the bootleg, plus that 2-colour hair again.

Arm tattoo:
The bootleg’s was easier to take a photo of here, as the shampoo bottle’s “wire” goes under the hair here.
Looking at the tattoo itself, the bootleg’s is a lighter shade and isn’t printed as well, leaving it a bit thin in places.
Looking at the shampoo wire just underneath her arm, the bootleg’s seems to cut uncomfortably into her arm and part of it doesn’t join correctly, leaving it dangling out weirdly at this angle instead of encircling her arm.

Shampoo wires:
The official’s goes up over her shoulder, under her armpit, around her arm and then down.
The bootlegs.. hmm…. goes by her neck, terminates by her arm (where you can see it poking out) and then she has a pink snake from her armpit and down.

Leg tattoo:
Again, the bootleg’s tattoo is paler and not printed as thickly. It’s also been printed at the incorrect angle, heading directly down her leg instead of towards the back of her knee.

Here we can see how the bootleg’s hair is much flatter to the body than the official’s. We can also see a shine on the bootleg’s knee, thanks to the shiny finish.
Looking at the wing tips, the bootleg’s wings are flatter to the body and a bit higgledy-piggledy.

Closeup of the shampoo wire:
Here we can see the official went for some shading, even though you’re unlikely to really see this bit. The construction is a bit iffy on both here, but the official’s inner wire end is a bit better hidden than its bootleg counterpart. The bootleg’s wire going upwards has quite a noticeable seam on it from this angle.

Both the stomachs came out fine on both, in my opinon. The wire has more shading on the official, giving it more of a ‘pop’ of colour.
The wing tips of the official are aligned with the legs, the bootleg – not so much. The bootleg’s wings are off-centre, revealing more of her left leg.

Front of the wings:
The bootleg’s have less in the way of shading, making them paler than their official counterparts. They’re also shiner, which shows up from certain angles. The casting isn’t great on the bootleg wings, leaving them with more rounded feather ends.
With the left wing not over the left leg, it makes the feathers look oddly bent instead of resting on her leg, as they’re supposed to.

Side of a wing:
This angle captures the aforementioned shininess well – a bunch of glare at the top of the bootleg’s wing. Doesn’t do much to hide the joint here – the official’s is obvious if directly looking at it, but I think isn’t that noticeable unless you’re looking for it. The bootleg has more separation, making it more obviously there.
We’ve also got a moulding defect on the side of the bootleg wing, towards the purple part of her hair.
The shiny finish and lack of shading on the bootleg don’t make her wing look very real, and more like the plastic it is made out of.

The wires on the bootleg are very messy here – the one coming down doesn’t link properly behind the one that should be looping over it, and the parts aren’t the right shape making her look like she’s splitting apart just above her butt. Not to mention the seams here too…
The wings do manage to attach fine here, but the wings show the flaws present from the other sides.

I did take some shots of her without her head. I’ve decided they’re not worth annotating, but if you want a closer look at her body without her hair in the way, check out the spoiler below.


Boxed, these are easy to tell apart – the boxes are very different. Out of the box, the hair is the biggest clue, followed by the badly done shampoo wires. We also have flaws in the smaller details, like the nail polish mess.
As far as bootlegs go, it’s fairly decent, but the hair is a big deal-breaker for me. The mispositioned wings also ruin the look somewhat, once you notice they’re not quite in the right positions.