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Power Armor – Fallout 4

So… I actually bought a Dorb again…

And it’s this cute looking dude here:

Personally, I think this is one of the better looking Dorbz, and I’m still thinking that when he’s out of the box. The head has been done well – the finish on the helpet is good, and there is a decent amount of detail to be seen here. 


The paint is neat, there is a seamline, but that would be hard to hide on a flat surface like this. Shiny! 


I can see one stray brush mark on his helmet, but other than that, paint look good, Like the gun thing he’s holding, but this is that part where I admit to not playing Fallout 4 and subsequently not knowing anything about it. 


Nice bit of detailing back here on the helmet, and the body looks decent for its stylised fashion.


Definitely got that Dorb-y shape to him. Seams are a bit of a mess though. Well, he was put together on the wastelands, so we can’t be too hard on him :P. Would be better of the seam wasn’t so rough-hewn and misaligned though.

Overall, I think he’s good for the money I paid. I got him for £3 at B&M. I think it’d be a hard sell at over a fiver tbh. Still think he’s a decent-looking Dorbz, so would recommend if you like the style. 

Taserface – Guardians of the Galaxy – Dorbz

Needed something cheap to meet the tax-free threshold… after dithering over the sale goods I settled on this dude, despite not seeing the film (yet):

I was attracted to him as he was… purpleish. From the front he looks decent – his beard has a good sculpted texture, and his face seems to be painted decently neatly. His outfit is also a detailed pattern. 


Aaand here is where it gets messy. Bis body looks fine from the side – the print looks neat on his body. As for his head, his ears have been reduced to flat, barely-shaped pieces of plastic. And that seamline… not even a little bit of sanding? On his hair, there’s places where yellow paint have been blobbed about, and small areas where the paint is too thin. The purple paint on his hair shows some of the same issues. Looking at pics of the character via the magic of Google, these design pieces don’t fit at all… He does have bands in his hair, and the yellow seems even a bit brighter than the brightest one. And the purple bits? What? 


Smooth and seamy. Just.. blergh. Getting a feeling why this dude was on clearance now. At least the ear is actually ear-shaped here. I know he’s misshapen, but it should either be clearly so… or not. The other side looks like a mould fault rather than a sculpting thing. 


His hair does give the feel of a braided mess, which is accurate to the character, whilst being simplified to fit into the Dorbz design.


Let’s get to the bottom of the hair issues… or not. As far as I can tell, the purple bits are supposed to be bits of skin showing through his hair? Just makes him look like he’s got a poorly-painted centipede trying to make its way out of his skull… It doesn’t look good on this figure, and it doesn’t look like anything I can see from the movie. This figure would be much-improved if these pink tentacles were removed and the front bands were painted orangey yellow instead. 

All the major flaws, all at once:

Yeah. Blergh. His gun isn’t shown too well in most shots, as it’s mostly hidden. Shame, because it actually looks OK. 

Overall, can’t recommend. He looks OK from the front, from any other angle… well, a bit shit. I may use him for painting practice or something. Shame, as the body is really nice, and some minor tweaks would have him looking better from certain angles. Not sure why they didn’t sculpt his ears – whilst they are deformed in the movie, they weren’t completely flat like this.