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Coon – South Park: Fractured But Whole

Saw the collector’s edition being sold off in GAME, and I didn’t own the game, so I went for it. £25 isn’t bad for a game and a figure. I haven’t played much of the game yet – seems to have a slow start, but I have photographed the figure it came with. So let’s have a look at that:

This is Cartman as Coon, the main character in the game. This figure is pretty large. Love the bold colours, and the paint’s been kept within the lines, which helps the figure “pop”. Gotta hand it to Ubisoft, they’re cranking out some nice collectables currently. 

Close-up on that claw:

Vicious. Don’t want to be clawed with those. 


Looking the part from this side. I think they’ve transferred Cartman into three dimensions well – doesn’t feel too fat, yet fat enough. Bit of dodgy paint on this side, with the black strap heading to his ear. Ah well. 


Not much to see here tbh. 


Some well-done folds in his cape, and the coon logo. And his coon tail. They’ve even replicated the knot that holds his ear band on. On close inspection, he does have stray brown paint on the back of his right here. Hm, sloppy. 


Ooh, two years ago. Guess it was about time the game went on clearance :P. The base of his tail is flat, so he sits well, and is very stable. 

Overall, I think this is a decent collectable and glad I got it. As long as the game doesn’t suck, I reckon I got a good deal.