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Demogorgon – Stranger Things

This is a figure I aimed to chase down on release, and found it at a local comic book store for a good price.

So here he is:


Love the paint on his erm, face? The body paint is also really good, and gives the figure extra depth and detail. 


The teeth are done well, and there’s some lovely blending in the red paint. Love the fact they’ve added the bony protrusions on its “leaves” as well as having he teeth ring. Wouldn’t want to get too up close and personal with that!



He has been textured well throughout, and I like the clawed hands.



The textures and colours are good on this side too. Joints blend in decently well, where they show. 


The leg joints are very square. It looks fine when he’s standing straight, but moving the legs at an angle like his left one is in this shot… looks a little odd. Again, the texturing is very good. The rest of the joints have been made to not stand out too much, so it’s just the leg joints that are an issue. 


The base has the logo on, but however you pose him, it’s going to obscure a good chunk of the logo. I like having a logo on the base, but feel it’s kind of pointless if the figure’s foot is going to cover it… still, it’s a nice touch, even if it isn’t the best execution.

Overall I really like this figure and glad I got him. Think he’s a bit prone to fally-over, but I’ll find out over time. He doesn’t seem too hard to balance, just that you will have to balance him to ensure he poses OK. If you wanted him in more of a fighting position, you may want to invest in a claw stand. Really glad I got him.