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Trinity – The Matrix – N2 Toys

Another cheap pickup, due to Western figure not popular in Japan:

Always thought about buying one or two of The Matrix figures, but the quality vs price tends to be pretty bad. But hey, this one was cheap. 

Let’s start with her head – the sculpt is nice, but the paint leaves a bit to be desired. For some reason, they’ve done her glasses in a matt finish – this looks odd and makes it look like she’s wearing opaque goggles. A more shiny finish would’ve helped here. though in a modern figure, they may have actually done her glasses with a transparent plastic. Her hair looks a little derpy too. 

In isolation the clothes look nice – the finish is good, and the wrinkles help to add realism and depth. However the paint got a little sloppy at the top, making it look painted on in the upper part. And +1 for the pointless articulation – she only looks good with her arms outstretched, so the arm articulation is… kinda useless. Maybe some point if you’re setting up a specific diorama and need her pointing slightly up/down. Action-wise, you’re not going to get a lot here. Her belt paint is crisp, though.


Her hair has some good texture to it, making it look good from this angle. I feel she might want to give her clothes a bit of a tug to straighten them out, at least a little bit. Here we can see that with the arms, if you were to point them a bit too far up or down, things are gonna look a little weird. The guns themselves are sculpted nicely, with some small details in there, making them look like guns. She also holds them well, and looks like she’s shooting. 


Here we can see a nasty seam on her neck. It’s partly visible on the other side, but here, you aren’t missing it. Here we see they’ve sculpted her ears too – much better than Taserface *ahem*. Her belt loops are painted crisply too. Her body pose I feel fits with her arm pose, when aiming. 


Bit of broken leg syndrome going on there! Her hair abruptly stops, which looks a little odd. Also the paint on her top is a bit of a mess here too, which is a shame. Her ensemble still feels like PVC back here, so that’s good. Arm joints look a little blergh though, and I do feel they maybe should’ve gone all out on the frontwards aiming and forgot about articulating it, when they’ve gone for a specific arm pose. Articulating the arms does mean she can hold them flat in the box, seeing as how assembling your figures was less of a thing in the early 00′s. 

Other accessories:

I feel these are surplus to requirements, and don’t have a way of fitting with the figure. The knife is painted nicely – if she had a sheathe for this, I’d put it on her side. The machine gun, however, feels kind of misshapen, so this one is for the accessory drawer for sure.

All in all, one for the older figure fan. If you can handle pointless joints and a bit of a derp paint job on the top, then maybe this figure will interest you. I’m happy to have a Matrix figure in my collection that manages to be semidecent and look fine at a bit of a distance.