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Medieval Witchblade

This was a random buy in a comic book shop I visited on the way back from Salisbury. It turned out to be located in a shopping village I had visited before, and didn’t think much of. In Wandering Shop style, the shop is scheduled to move soon to a larger premises, so maybe it’ll move every time I go to visit…

Anyway, onto the figure!


Her shiny green armour is what attracted me to her. Moore collectibles tend to have their good points, but just don’t quite get there in terms of quality, so it’s always a bit should-I-shouldn’t-I when I buy them. This one was a should. Not entirely sure why they bothered to give her leg articulation, with her legs in the pose that they are. 

Here she is from the front, with some weapons equipped:


Her right hand really needs something in, due to that hole. Can’t really pose it so it won’t show, and it’s just too regular of a shape to look natural. It does hold a weapon well though. 

Here’s her shiny green arm:


I do rather like the armour on this side. Well=painted, and a good amount of detail.

Left side:


This side is a lot more mediocre, especially with the large seam line down it. Probably wouldn’t want this side visible when displaying it. 

Her back:


Some sculpted muscles in her back, not sure if they’re very lifelike. And some distinct copyright notices on her thighs. Not entirely sure why they gave her boots a seam line up the back… I do like her hair though. 

Here’s a side view, showing more of the spear:


I do like the weapons – the colours work well together, they’re nicely sculpted and look the part to me. 

She does come with a third weapon option:


So if that spear takes up too much room, you can go for the two shorter weapons. She doesn’t have anywhere to stow the third weapon, so you’ll end up with one in the figure parts drawer. 

Overall, I like the figure, but it’s not a favourite or anything. Her looks do appeal, but she has some meh-ness about her. If I was in the position where I had to downsize, she’d probably be a candidate, but I don’t think there’s much of a market for Witchblade figures out there, at least in the UK. 

And finally, I also bought this nether portal Minecraft hanger when I bought the medieval witchblade:


This will eventually go onto a new hanging rail, once I get one added :).