Black Widow

On Sunday I went to London… and bought one thing. 

That thing was a Black Widow figure for £6. The Disney Store had looadds of them, with variable paint jobs. Some of them painted rather poorly, though I think I picked out a decent one. Think Disney overestimated the figure’s popularity!

Opening the figure up, I don’t think it’s just a case of overproduction – this figure definitely has its drawbacks, but for the price I paid, I can live with those.

Here she is out of the box:


Looks OK, though she has gun-holding hands, but no guns ><. Not sure what that’s about tbh. 

The stand thing she comes with:


The Ant Man is a separate part. Pegs aren’t too well made for it, so it is easily knocked off.

Also… no pegs for the figure! Hence stand thing. If you do stand her on the stand, she seems wayy too large for it, hence why she’s on a disc stand above. Needed to use White Tack with it, as the Diamond Select peg hole is larger than those of NECA apparently. Mildly annoying. 

Slightly duff close-up of Ant Man:


And Black Widow on my shelf:


All in all, an OK figure, but definitely not worth full price. Might have to dig around in the drawer of bits and see if I have some guns for her. Not sure what Diamond Select were thinking when they designed her & her accessories!