Double the Metatron

Been considering buying these since getting the other Eikoh prize figures. These ones tend to go for a bit more on most sites, but on Mandarake they’re around the same price as the others. Initially I was considering one of the other… in the end it was both 😛

So, first up, Dark Archangel Metatron:


Top-down-ish view:


Love the colours, and the double-wings looks really good. Assembly was smooth, the wings were clearly keyed (not that it’s hard to work out which went where), the book I had to take a bit of care to ensure I didn’t snap the pole it goes on. 

And now for Archangel Metatron:


This one was a pain in the backside to assemble, with having to balance her on three poles at once. There’s also a paint flaw on top of her lower left wing (not shown in the pics) where there’s a small dot of missing yellow paint. Bit of a shame, but displayed in the right place, it isn’t visible. 

Out of the two, I prefer the Dark version of her, but both are welcome additions to my collection. 

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