Post-NORCON goodies

After visiting NORCON, I went for a wander around Norwich. 

On my winding way to a comic book shop that I had located via the use of Google Maps, I passed through several interesting shops. My first pickup came from an antiques store, but wasn’t very antique, with a copyright date of 2012:


He didn’t have a box, but he’s in good condition, and is the Marvel Select Avengers Movie Hulk. This figure manages to have a decent amount of “presence”. 

Second thing was a

Silurian Warrior

from Cash Converters:

Not much of a Dr Who fan, but I do love some of the creature designs. 

When I finally got to the comic book shop, they had a couple of the DC designer figures at a good price, and I chose to buy this one:


And turn him around….



For those who don’t like the Two Face meets Joker head, the “default” one was a much more normal head:


Side of the head:


I was also looking at a Harley Quinn, but the paint job on it was a bit suspect, so decided against it.