After dinner on the same day, my husband got bored, so we went shopping. We arrived at a small shopping complex not long before Smyths shut. In my mad dash around Smyths, I picked up two items.

The first was a zombie chicken jokey:


He has a large clear plastic bit, to ensure it stands up, which is useful:


So not so aesthetically pleasing from the side, but I don’t find this to be an issue.

And the second was a Nano Metalfigs Harley Quinn:


For its size and price, it’s not a bad little figure. If I’m in the vicinity of a Smyths again, I might see if they have any of the other characters I like, but some do look rather suspect. 

We also visited TK Maxx,and I picked up a Suicide Squad Joker figure, for a price I was willing to pay:


He looks OK, but does have a case of “wanking hand” and nothing to hold. 

Here he is from the back:


Not too much to see here, but there is detailing on his jacket. 

On the Sunday, we visited a Toys R Us, and I picked up a Domez blind bag. The figure I got was…:


Bane! My favoured ones would have been Catwoman and Joker, but Bane was a solid option. The sculpt on this is OK, but the paint job is a bit meh (see mostly his right hand…) The white mark is actually a bit of fluff on the dome, rather than a scratch. 

Here’s his backside:


Bane currently lives as a dash ornament, and seems to stay still on the anti-slip matting, despite my husband’s driving…so he’ll stay there for the time being. Despite the paint job, I may pick up some more of these or the Deadpool ones if I see them at a reasonable price. 

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