So this post was supposed to be two figures… but on arrival there was only one. Further inspection revealed I was only billed (thus far) for one figure, and the other one is “awaiting stock”. D’oh. 

So here he is:

Hm. Well. I don’t have much positive to say about this figure. Kinda wish I didn’t buy it now :(. He bends at the elbows and knees, but not at the hips or shoulders… Those joints merely wiggle in and out a bit. One of his feet also has a habit of falling off, if moved. So yeah. Here’s the back:

Nothing much to see here! Move along! 

I’ll probably keep these as they’re Rick and Morty, but if some decent quality figs come along I’ll be sorely tempted to sell these and trade up. Half-expecting these to bargain bin at some point.