Heroes of Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

After I went to the Horror Con in Birmingham, we went for a quick jaunt through Gloucester to kill some time, whereupon I picked up this figure:

And her back:

A post to Reddit later, plus some research, I found out this figure was from a series of blind bags. 

On returning home, I found I could buy a box of ‘em for a tenner. So the logical thing? Buy an entire box!

The box also shows what you can get:

Upon opening the first, I found out why these were being flogged off cheap – these are in the UK, and the cards that come with them are in Spanish and Portuguese. I can sorta read Spanish, so I can get the gist of what each character is supposed to be, and Google Translate the rest :P. 

The instruction manual comes with two games you can play with these figures – the first is a simple vs game, where you basically battle cards. The second involves knocking characters over with the provided marbles (you get one marble with each figure). Especially because of the marble game, some of these figures are surprisingly hard to stand up, 

So what did I get from the bags? Some dupes for sure! Let’s run through the teams, in the order on the above box.

First up is the Academy, who live in the City of Wisdom:

Got 4/6 of these.

The Necropolis, who live in the City of the Undead:

5/6.. one of two near-complete teams. The axe-wielding dudes you have to warm their hands up to get the axes in there. 

Haven, from the City of Griffins and Men:

4/6. Interesting name they have for their city, lol.

Inferno, from the City of Demons:

2/6. Was reallllyy hoping for more of these guys! Though you know what I was saying about getting stuff to stand up? These are, by far, the worst offenders – they’re all leaning against the board in this shot ‘cos the buggers just wouldn’t stay put. 

Finally, Silvan, from the City of the Elves:

5/6. Got a lot of these dudes too, but less dupes than the Necropolis set. 

Do wish there were less dupes per box, but they’re obviously randomly packed. On the fence about getting more – some part of me would like a more complete set, especially because some of them that I’m missing do look cool, but on the other hand, I’m likely just to be drowning in more dupes!

Uh, anyone wanna trade some dupes?