Figure Spotlight – Sin City figures

To keep the content goin’ on this blog, I’ve decided to make some entries about figures I’ve obtained prior to starting this blog. These blogs will start with the title “Figure Spotlight” and largely feature 1-3 figures. 

Today’s post will be about two Sin City figures I bought at MCM one year. These figures were made by Diamond Select.

First up, Nancy. 


This was the one of the two I really wanted, but the deal was 2 figures for a price, so I go this one and Hartigan. You may notice that the guns are still rubber-banded in place – didn’t take the rubber bands off, as I don’t think she’ll have a particularly great grip on the guns if I do. In future, I may need to take the bands off if they begin to perish. Paint job is mostly OK, but you can see some WTF going on in the crotch area. Posing this figure isn’t a whole lotta fun, and both of these have the silly thigh swivel. Stupid cut legs… 

Here she is from the side:


Mostly looking OK. Hiding the gravity-defying tassels in this photo :P. 

Aaand the back:


Yep, Diamond Select plain give up here. These figures are definitely designed to be put up against a wall. 

Now onto Hartigan:


Again, left his weapons rubber banded, so I don’t have to deal with them being dropped. I also find his thigh cut more annoying to look at than Nancy’s as it is more visible with the less busy pants. Not shown: errant blob of white paint behind his tie. 

Here he is from the side:


And the back:


His back is nicely done, but you’re not gonna wanna look at it when he’s on the stand. Kind of a shame really. 

I like the way the figures have been done in black and white to match the film, and the sculpting for the most part is OK. Nancy’s tassels are a mess though. The issues are fairly par-for-the-course for Diamond Select figures, which is why I only tend to buy them on deep discount. These two were no exception, happy for the price I paid, but I wouldn’t pay regular price for them.