Figure Spotlight – [BOOTLEG] Amberlash

OK, pre-warning: if you don’t like bootlegs, look away now. Unfortunately at the time I got this, the “real thing” wasn’t really available, and even if you could find one it’d would’ve been waayyy beyond my budget. So I went for the bootleg, as I really had to have a succubus in my collection. 

At the time, I was fairly impressed with it, barring the painting on the left-hand-side of her panties. Having a closer look today, yeah, there’s definitely a sucky paint job going on:

The official one has gold paint, this one has… bronze paint. It’s not entirely horrible, but does lack the contrast of the original. You can also see her torso doesn’t sit right – tempted to glue that up properly, and it’ll probably help a lot with her balance… oh yeah, she likes to fall over. 

Wasn’t sure if the gap was there originally, but looking at eBay, where there’s photos of the bootleg, this seems to be a regular feature of the bootleg. 

Here’s a more front-on shot showing the escaping torso:

Let’s move to the side:

Annd stare at the diseased transition from body to wing. The painting of this part is horrible on both sides, and would definitely be one of the bits I’d look at repainting, if I do. I have one plastic model figure that I plan to repaint, and if this goes well, I may look at repainting this one to some extent. As well as sortin’ that torso. 

Finally, her back:

Hm, this pic shows the least of the paint flaws! Could almost be the real thing from this angle… 

For a bootleg, it still isn’t a bad effort. The sculpt has been preserved, and there doesn’t seem to be much noticeable degradation of the mould. The paint job is very noticeably sloppy in places, so if I decide to make a foray into garage kits, this would be definitely a figure I’d look at touching up/repainting.