Ena Hoshijiro [Part 2] – FuRyu

So… this was the first Ena I got. FuRyu is one of my favoured prize figure makers, so I was fairly confident for this one when I bought it. Let’s see what I think about it currently. 

First up, a shot from her main viewing angle:

Her red growth is very much in evidence on this figure. Not necessarily a bad thing. Her tentacles are nicely visible, and you actually have a tentacle choice – the one with the pen can be replaced with just a tentacle. Let’s have a closer look at that pen:

Not perfectly painted, but I really like the fact they included this tentacle piece. However, if you’re not a fan, you can always just have tentacle. 

Here is Hoshijiro from the top:

Looking very tentacly, and shading in evidence on the red parts.

Now for her back:

Here’s where all the tentacles connect in. Initially, she has no tentacles, so you have to plug them into the holes provided. This does mean you could get rid of them entirely, if you didn’t like them, and displayed her in a way that the holes aren’t visible. Why you would do that with Hoshijiro, I don’t know, but hey, there’s probably somewhere out there doing that!

One downside of the tentacles is the connections are some are not the most secure:

Here, you can see little bits of the white tack I’ve used to “glue” them in. Fortunately this has been working for me, and they now stay in. Used to be they’d fall out if she got lightly knocked, which is a problem when I’ve displayed her next to a curtain. 

I like this figure – she does look prize-figure-y, but she won’t burn a hole in your wallet. The lattice bits do look rather painted rather than part of the growth, but the part on her leg is done nicely imo. Her flesh could potentially do with some more paint details, but the red parts are nicely shaded. With the base being white, it is very “there”, but I don’t find it detracts that much. My main issues with this figure have been her tentacles falling out and her propensity to leap off her butt stand.