Odds n’ Sods: Part 1

CThis blog will be dedicated to three of six different smaller figures I’ve bought lately, that don’t really justify their own blog entry.

Bilbo Baggins

This dude came from Poundworld, and I don’t think I’d pay more than a pound for him, but had to get the figure because of silliness. So why silly? See for yourself:


It’s the ring-version of Bilbo. There is some decent moulding in there… if you can see it! And no paintwork to complain about… 

The two straps are for a bag and some water bottles. These are separate parts to the figure, so I’ve put them on best I could. 

Here’s his back:


He does have articulation, as can be seen, but not sure why they bothered making this figure. Definitely the peg-warmer of the set, though some of the figures didn’t fare much better, but I think most only got as far as the cheapy shops instead of pound store territory. 

Captain Sparklez

Bought this mostly because of the slime. Was also £1. 


He does come with a shield, but I didn’t add it to these pictures, as it’s overly large and looks terrible. The slime and slime sword are the best parts of this set for me, as I don’t follow any of the Minecraft YouTubers, though I know of them. The legs on this figure have surprisingly decent articulation – the knees and hips both move, so he’s easy to stand up. 

Backs of both figures don’t have anything to write home about:


And let’s have a close-up of the slime:



Invader Zim

This was one of the overly-expensive blind bags, but I bought it anyway. Out of the things available in the bag, this was one of my top picks, so that’s one good thing 😀


Lookin’ very Zim, but the body paint is rather sloppy. I think it would have been nicer if they included a mouth. Wasn’t like his was too small for one… 

Here’s a shot of the side:


Yeah, the join isn’t particularly hidden in his overly large, bobblehead. Might be possible to do something about it, but not checked. Here you can see how the stand goes around his body and pokes into his back. Not really a fan of the stand – I’d prefer it if he stood on the plastic plate – he looks a little odd floating there. 

Onto the back:


Sloppy paint in evidence here too. The backpack is nice, but wondering if they missed a trick making it look like the stand was something deployed from the backpack, instead of being awkwardly halfway in the bottom of it. 

Closeup of the stand:


Having the logo on there is nice, but damn, this thing’s made from cheap plastic. Horrible unevenness plagues the plastic, and the edges aren’t nicely finished. You can clip it to others in the series, but I don’t see myself doing that unless these turn up in Poundland. Especially as 5 out of the 8 figures are… Gir. I don’t mind SOME Gir, but I think replacing one of the weaker Gir designs with human-disguise Zim would’ve been a good way to go. Wouldn’t recommend these unless you really want something Invader Zim. In the UK, these are currently overpriced imo.