Odds n’ Sods: Part 2

Three more pieces of random.

Picard and Borg Queen Minimates

These figures I got from a comic book shop in Bath. 

Bought them because… Borg Queen. They’re not too bad out of the packaging, Picard looks nicer out of the packaging than I thought, with the accessories. 

Here’s a side shot, showing the phaser “clipped” to his belt:

Personally I would have preferred a back clip or something for the rifle, so he could hold the phaser and carry the rifle, as I feel Picard is more a phaser kinda guy. I should prolly re-angle that phaser though, unless I choose to switch it out with the rifle anyway… but it does leave what looks like sprue on his waist. 

Backs of the figures:

The Borg Queen’s head wires came out quite well, but the copyright info kinda spoils the look, especially a some is over the printed design too… 

I wouldn’t have bought these at full price, owing to them being stylised, but I don’t mind them being in my collection. 

Ghost Rider

This guy I bought from TK Maxx. Found him at the tills – so the annoying scrabble through the till queue merchandise was fruitful that day. It’s annoying because there can be good things hidden there, but you’ve gotta move out of the way for people ready to pay for stuff ><

Cute li’l dude :P. Hands and head are on the big side of the body, as these will work with the full-sized figures. Head looks OK, but the hands do look a bit on the odd side. 

Here he is from the back:

Yeah, not really his best angle. His fire-hair looks neat though. 

He also comes with an optional green dragon accessory:

Not familiar with this being a “thing” and I’m not entirely keen on it. It’s an OK part on its own, but I don’t think it goes with Ghost Rider. Will probably live in the box of spare parts, just in case I get a Mash ‘Em it works with. 

Side shot, if you want to see more of it:

Darth Maul

Kinda surprised I didn’t have this dude already, but he probably didn’t get the chance to bin as hard as some of the other Disney Infinity. Found this in the same TK Maxx visit as Ghost Rider. 

For some reason, both of the ones they had had small scuffings on the black parts. Not sure why, but it’s not too visible irl. His head paint has been done well though, and is very striking. 

Shot showing his saber:

Looking nice n’ lethal. 

A shot showing the back:

Again, some minor scuffing, but he looks good from this angle too. 

And just for completeness, here’s his head spikes:

Love this little Maul, despite the small flaws. A welcome addition to my collection.