Bought this from a comic book shop in Bath, along with another Spawn figure (coming soon!). 

She had a few parts to assemble – the “gun”, shoulder armour and leg armour, plus the sword she has in her right hand. Without the accoutrements, she’s quite a slender figure with them… well, she’s quite bulky now. But not quite Spawn bulky. 

Here’s a closer shot of her upper half & shoulder-mount… thing:

Mmm, skull boobs :P. The launcher on her shoulder can figure the spear in he beast’s mouth. 

Other side of the launcher:

Is quite a big thing, with an articulated ‘tail’. 

The back of She-Spawn

Her hair is rather like an extended soft paintbrush, but it is a nice touch I like that some of the Spawn figures have. Enough details on the back for her to feel complete as a figure. 

Despite the amount of attachments, she was surprisingly easy to balance, though there is the option not to equip everything. The shoulder cannon does leave an odd hole, but the other two parts are simply clipped on. Her one annoying part is the sword – it’s not very well shaped to her hand, so she doesn’t grip it well. It just about wedges in there, but I can see myself white-tacking this in future (or boxing it). My favourite details are her asymmetric belts and the skulls ;).