Maho Nishizumi – FREEing S-Style

Following on from yesterday, here is Maho:

She has a more interesting costume to Maho, and I prefer the colour… so she’s already winning :). 

Here she is from the side:

I think her hair works better than Maho’s though her pose is less dynamic.

Right side:

And this side of her hair is on a par with Maho’s. Looks OK from this side, but nothing particularly exciting.


The back of her swimsuit is even plainer than Maho’s, but that does make her look less “noodly”. Her pants are sculpted well, which seems a trend for these figures. 

I mildly prefer her to Maho, but these really are a pair, in design and ranking. I think they’re pretty solid entries, but won’t be among my favourites.