Official vs Bootleg: Stronger Rin Tohsaka (Type-Moon Racing)

This figure was voted for DTINDCAREA, so I hope you enjoy this blog. I’ve enjoyed your comments :).
This figure is part of a popular trio of racing figures, with a special base that unite all three.
Let’s see if this bootleg is part of a trio of abominations.


MSRP (without tax): ¥12,071
Price I paid for the official (inc shipping): ¥14,887 (£106.51)
Price I paid for the bootleg (inc shipping): $21.19 (£16.24)

The official I bought from MyKombini (who obtained it from Amazon!)


The bootleg box is a copy of the official on the front, only lacking the Type-Moon authenticity sticker. Mmm, shiny. Oh, and also lacking in print quality – the figure photo is a bit grainy and the colours washed out.
Looking at the print next to the diagonal line cuts, some are a bit off on the bootleg, but thanks to the pattern it isn’t particularly noticeable without them next to each other.

The print quality isn’t good on the sides of the bootleg box either, but all the design elements have made it. The window cuts are a close match.

Yep, more poor-quality copy.

Ditto. This really isn’t the most exciting bootleg box!

Aha, some differences! The information box has been completely reworked and just replaced with warning information and a random model number (C146 – theories of this choice in the comments!).
They’ve tried to fill up the extraneous space with similar elements to the rest of the box, but the spacing is all over the place with the red chevrons. If you look to the bottom-right you can see where they didn’t complete the grey diagonal line where the old information box ended.
A half-arsed effort, but enough to fool someone not looking for a bootleg.
My official also has a second shiny down here, and an Amazon stock control label. So I guess mine was actually preordered via Amazon XD.

Box liner:
The bootleg’s is a deeper red, and doesn’t have a premium finish. Mine’s also creased up from being folded in transport.

For this box, I’d recommend a photo of the information box – this will tell you if it is the bootleg box. The rest is very similar to the real thing, albeit lacking in authenticity stickers. So definitely be wary if there is no shiny.


The official is a much more yellowy gold than the bootleg, and has more shine to it. The paintwork on the bootleg is noticeably shoddier – the lines don’t line up properly at the top and at the bottom they’ve got bits of blobbed paint. Looking to the horse and Saber, the black doesn’t fill out the raised area.

Closeup of the horse’s legs:
Yeah, the paintwork and mould have flaws here. The black has some lumps in it, and we’ve got a ridge around one of the horse’s legs.

Closeup of the tail:
Bubbles and lines everywhere – very untidy.

The bootleg peg is more short and squat than the official’s. Lacks the nice rounding too.

Bottom of the base:
Not too much to see here. There is a copyright just visible at the top of the official’s base which isn’t present on the bootleg. The official base is more of a blue-white in colour. The peg attachment is slightly different.

Telling the bootleg and official bases apart is reasonably easy – a different colour, and poor paintwork give this one away.


In terms of accessories, this figure comes with two flags and an alternate arm.
Let’s take a look at the standing flag first:
Wow, that’s some difference in colouring – the official flag is a yellow gold whilst the bootleg is more of a white gold. Looking at the paint across the middle, the bootleg pattern feels like a rough approximation of the official one – in colour as well as shapes. We seem to have a cream paint here, instead of white.

Flip it around:
For shading, the official is more subtle than the bootleg. The pattern on the flag looks very messy on the bootleg – inconsistent edging and the cream part is sloppily painted.

Folded side of the flag:
The black paint on the body of the flag is barely visible on the bootleg – not sure where it wandered off to. Looking at the edges of the flag, the bootleg flag is rough and has a bunch of excess plastic. The cream paint is also highlighting the issues at the bottom.

An attempt was made to place the black dot on the bootleg… Instead of a dot, we have a black squiggle randomly placed on the hilt.
Looking at the edges of the hilt, we can see the bootleg isn’t cast as well, the paint isn’t as smooth and lacks shading. The gold and silver paint are at least in the right places, but the black paint on the handle is lacking at both the top and bottom.

Bottom of the flag:
Bootleg one is looking all chipped and nasty. And I haven’t even displayed the figure yet!

Front of the silver flag:
The official flag has shading along the top and the bottom that the bootleg lacks. The colours are notably different – a lot less contrast between the silvers and the black parts are darker under the hexagons for the bootleg.
Looking at the hilt, the black paint is sloppy on the bootleg, plus the dot hasn’t been filled in.

The lack of shading and messy black paint continues around here, plus we have splotches of black and red paint. And a tiny yellow dot at the bottom-middle, if you can spot it.
The upper hilt paint looks dull and lifeless on the bootleg – no glossy paint here.

Flag-holding arm:
The first thing that’s apparent is the lack of shiny gloss on the bootleg. The bootleg’s sleeve has most of the shading of the official, but less distinct. The black paint is sloppier, but not as bad as other areas. What definitely is sloppier is the nail polish – another bootleg that’s dipped her fingers in the polish bottle. It is also not as nicer shade as the official’s polish in my opinion.
Looking at the skin, the official has more shading, but it looks kind of odd next to the bootleg. A bit too orange tan. Bootleg has plasticky shininess though.

Resting arm:
This arm has the same issues as the previous, but we’ve also got some sloppy glue near the pegs. Looking at the pegs themselves, the casting isn’t as good on the bootleg.


Let’s see what she looked like in the blister before I got her out.
The blister for the bootleg was taped up in transit to keep it as small as possible for shipping. So now it’s a distorted mess. The blister plastic is noticeably lower quality for the bootleg.
The blister layout is the same, but there isn’t any protective plastic sheets/bags for the accessories.


This figure has multiple display options, so let’s just start with a spin of Rin on her own:
In terms of sculpt, they’re pretty similar. The bootleg has a couple of notable differences in this regard – the head is leaning forward more and her feet are pointed downwards more.
There are some notable differences in the paint though – a lack of gloss on the bootleg and she has very purple hot pants. The bootleg looks more tan – her skin is darker on average, despite the official’s orange tan.

With the flags:
The bootleg doesn’t sit with the silver flag as well, with it poking off the base if you attempt to pose it the same as the official figure.
Yeah… the bootleg just doesn’t hold this flag properly at all. Her arm is at the wrong angle so it can’t grasp the top of the flag’s hilt. Also the arm that should be resting on the base very obviously doesn’t.

With both flags:
Yeah… best I can say for the bootleg is she looks like she’s drunk and falling over. All her limbs seem to have bending/attachment issues, causing her pose to be massively off.


“Action feature” the bootleg doesn’t have:
The head detaches on the official, allowing easier replacement of the arm if desired. The bootleg’s head is glued on. You can also use this to admire the lovely paint job on the official’s jacket:

Taking a close-up you can definitely notice the different angles of the head. The bootleg’s hair isn’t as nicely shaded, leaving dark shading where there should be lighter areas.
Looking at the hair, the bootleg’s hair ties are a light purple instead of dark, there seems to be a bit of stray glue and the long strands have a noticeable seam running down them.

Closer look at the face:
The bootleg’s eyes aren’t as nice of a design – the pupil lacks the proper shading, and the white shine looks like she’s put Tippex in her eye.
The bootleg’s lips are a bright pink colour, which looks a bit odd. Her ear is also shiny, showing off the cheaply done paint job. Not even entirely sure if the bootleg’s ear is actually painted…

Back of the hair:
The bootleg is definitely looking inferior back here – shiny finish, seaming and a less well blended additional strand. The finish looks particularly uneven across her scalp – can seem some mottling. The paint colours don’t gel together, cheapening the look too.

Closer look at the blending:
Mmm, yeah…

Hair tie:
The bootleg’s hair looks like it’s been jammed in here rather than arranged. We can also see the “bootleg purple” colouring on the tie itself, plus the lack of finish. The official’s is shiny and has also seemingly attracted some dust – sorry about that.

Hair tie on her left:
The bootleg isn’t as bad on this side, but it’s still not great.

The bootleg’s top appears to be shinier than the jacket, whilst the official maintains the same shininess throughout.
Looking at the jacket, the lacking paintwork makes the bootleg’s jacket look somewhat deformed around the collar as there’s a lack of distinction between the parts. Towards the bottom there’s also a bunch of black paint splatter. Guess the bootleg’s been working in the pit! The silver emblem isn’t as shiny as its official counterpart, but manages to look OK.
Moving to the top, the bootleg’s paint is messy – the purple paint doesn’t follow the lines and the silver dot details under her boobs aren’t placed correctly.

Right arm join:
The official can be somewhat of a pain to assemble, but the bootleg is worse – as you can see, couldn’t quite get the arm in, which isn’t helped by the fact I can’t take her head off to apply pressure to her shoulder.
Also got some black paint splatter on this side of the bootleg.

Left arm:
Here the darkness and dullness of the bootleg’s clothes is on full show. And a lack of subtleness in the edging of the jacket arm. We’re missing one strand out the back on the bootleg (unless it has wandered off elsewhere…)

Left hand:
The bracelet is duller on the bootleg, and a slightly different shape. Here, it isn’t sitting right, showing off the join between the hand and the arm.
The bootleg’s fingers look anaemic, and the polish is not improved in close-up.

Different angle:
Here the cheapness of the bootleg bracelet really shows up. We can also see a seam on the side of the bootleg’s hand, and how it doesn’t rest correctly against the base.
There’s also some free dirt on the bootleg’s arm.

Is the bootleg trying to sensually stroke the flag or hold it…?
Again, we have more dirt on the bootleg’s arm and poorly painted nails.

Just to show it’s the figure that’s the issue:
The official figure can hold the bootleg flag just fine.

A valiant attempt was made with the bootleg’s belt, but it missed the mark. We have the pink shading replicated, but the fine silver details didn’t get painted particularly accurately. The belt loops the bootleggers decided to not match with the shorts and painted them black instead. Not sure why they didn’t stick with the purple tbh.
The bootleg’s belly button is less indented that the official, but looks OK.

Upper view:
Here we can see the belt loops didn’t even get painted all the way up to the top on the bootleg. There’s also a strange notch out of the belt here.

Side of the shorts:
Bootleg shorts are definitely less shiny than their official counterpart. We’ve got a visible seam that runs down the side of the bootleg shorts.

Yeah, definitely liking the official more here – the shading makes the shorts look odd on the bootleg. The back also has shading details on the official. The bootleg shorts also have an uneven texture plus a paintbrush hair embedded in the paint. Ooh, and some free dirt on the belt.
Looking at the bottom of the top, we can see the bootleg’s join is a bit iffy, and there’s some gapping as a result.
The bottom edge of the jacket manages to look better on the bootleg with the rounding off of the mould. So bootleg manages to have half a point?

Legs from the front:
The bootleg paint actually manages to be reasonable here – the silver zip paint manages to stay in lane. The red paint doesn’t quite get to the toe cap on one side, but isn’t too far off.
The shiny finish is missing, which is a major negative though.
The bootleg has also closed her legs a bit more, so her right foot isn’t sticking out as much.

Close-up on the toe paint:
Silver didn’t quite get to the end of one of the zips on the bootleg. Red paint is a bit sloppier on both sides.

Side of the boots:
The bootleg has managed to replicate the shading fairly close to the official. But yeah… no shine, and the boots are noticeably darker.

Tops of the boots:
The bootleggers have actually painted the zip in here – that’s a surprise. The shading is a bit off, but it’s so indistinct it isn’t causing as much issues as the hair.


As far as telling the official from the bootleg, the box makes it difficult to easily pick out the bootleg, though the official boxes should all have the Type Moon shiny. The side of the box with the safety information can act as a dead giveaway, so that’d be the side to check first.
Once out of the box though… it’s instant disappointment. Poor colour choices, lack of shiny outfit and painting mistakes. The dull colours on the base and accessories also give away the bootleg.
As far as the quality of this bootleg vs other bootlegs, it’s not bad. It’s displayable without it looking hideous, though if the buyer wanted the shiny outfit, they’d be disappointed. Some creativeness and possibly heat would be needed to get her to sit properly and look OK on the base. Straight out of the box, she doesn’t sit right and doesn’t hold her accessories properly.